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Assetto Corsa – Technology Preview Demo Available

Kunos Simulazioni has released the Technology Preview demo of their new Assetto Corsa title.

Kunos Simulazioni has released the Technology Preview demo of their new Assetto Corsa title.

The technology preview allows sim racers to try the Lotus Elise SC at the laser-scanned Magione Circuit.

Attention: The Technology Preview requires a netKar Pro activation code, netKar Pro is currently available for a reduced price of 4,99€.

Minimum PC requirements:

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Operative System
CPU: Intel Celeron
RAM: 2 Gigabytes
DirectX 11 graphics card (ex: Nvidia GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD5770) NOTE: AC graphics engine supports also DirectX 10.1 compatible graphic cards (ATI 4800 HD / Nvidia 8600 GT)

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

Once you have given the Technology Preview a try, please make sure to share your impressions in the comment area below!

[boxdownload]Download Assetto Corsa Technology Preview Demo Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Assetto Corsa Technology Preview Demo Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Assetto Corsa Technology Preview Demo Mirror 3 Here[/boxdownload]
  • bozian


  • Anonymous

    i have no money to buy old game and i dont want to pay for a demo

    • Stuart Whitehead

      This isn’t a demo! It’s nothing more than a benchmark. Wait for the proper demo which will e available to all for free at a later date.

      • Mirko

        How isn’t? It contains one track and one car just like other proper demos.

      • Stuart Whitehead

        It’s one car, one track and nearly all the features turned off. It’s released specifically to test out the engine and for bug reporting. The real demo will have more content and features. This has all be known for months.

      • Stuart Whitehead

        It’s also a reward for all those that actually bothered to support Kunos in the early days, without whom AC wouldn’t even exist. People like the OP couldn’t be bothered to support the devs in the first place, yet want his freebie now. Typical “want it all now for nothing” attitude

    • Jukka Karppinen

      You don’t have 5 euros? You must be really poor then…wait for free demo wich will be released later.

      • Anonymous

        yes im poor,but you must be rich when you pay for old game or something that is not demo

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he’s at least a millionaire ! Damn those rich people !
        If you don’t have 5€ to buy the excellent NetKar Pro, you certainly don’t have the money for the PC or the wheel to run AC.
        Unless you planned on pirating the hard work of Kunos…
        Anyways… Please, do take 2 minutes of your precious time to reflect on this 😉

      • nameless

        i’ve been reading complaints about this everywhere, ts a sad scenario unfortuantely. People throw money non-stop at yearly rehashed crap from EA, Activision , but refuse to support with a couple of dollars a small dev team that brings so much.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        So true, Kunos even dropped the price of NKP knowing that people would purchase that game solely to get their hands on this tech preview. I don’t remember the price of medal of honor: warfighter* being dropped so we could get into the battlefield beta (early).

        *Sorry EA but you were the first and only people that sprang to mind

        As a side note: Why do people whine so much over everything? Get over it, Life is too short for this type of crap.

      • Jukka Karppinen

        I actually bought nkp when it was not “old game”, at full price. I’m not rich but i want to support developers who make such great sims like this…there’s not too many around.

      • Anonymous

        there are not too many sim racers around,so this is how they treat us,or they can try to create need for speed and take from them 5 euros

      • Marco Hooghuis

        You’re not poor, you’re cheap

      • Anonymous

        you are rich and expensive

      • Mark Quigley

        It is a little “thank you” to the people who supported Nkp.
        You would be paying for Nkp and getting a little “thank you” all for yourself.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        You are cheap for not willing to spend just €5 for one of the best sims ever made that comes with a taster of Kunos’ next title.

        If that’s not worth €5 to you then I’d suggest you take your cheap head elsewhere.

      • Anonymous

        how to know that is best sim ever,to believe in your words?? or worst to spend 5 euros like that,you have problems with your brain man

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Speak for yourself…
        I never said it was the best ever, it’s just among the best when it comes to simracing. I know because I’ve owned Netkar for years and didn’t have to pay a thing for the tech demo. When you drive in Netkar you’ll notice its excellent force feedback, sophisticated car behaviour and immersive feeling. It does so much more than any mere racing game to date.
        If that’s not worth €5 I don’t know what is…

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Then don’t. It’s that simple.

    • Anonymous

      just skip a few Mcdonalds meals, eat some tinned beans for lunch, and buy it.


        Milky beans? haha

    • Anonymous

      Guess you just need to wait for the actual free demo. Can’t be cheap and impatient at the same time.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Couldn’t agree more with you Bakkster and you stated it much better than I could.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Dont listen to these ppl. Wait for the real demo of the game, it will be free, nothing wrong with that.

  • Tiago Guerreiro


  • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

    I think my boss understands if I take the rest of the day off…

    • Marcus Caton

      Your Avatar makes that comment perfect!

  • Marek Szymanski
  • Jukka Karppinen

    Guys, this is it. I’m now sold, it IS that good. Can’t wait for full version now…

    • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

      How good?? Stupid work… I wanna go home.

      • Jukka Karppinen

        Well…you know, nkp good with todays graphics/ffb/physics and some more:) You’ll see!

    • Name

      I’m disappointed. It feels like SimRaceWay. Still LFS is nr 1 of feeling.

  • Karl Bouffard

    No XP?…:(

    • Andrew McP

      DX11 ( or was it 10?) was what eventually persuaded me to switch to Win7. I imagine the full demo will have a DX9 mode, but I’m not sure whether this does. I guess their forum would be the place to ask.

      • Anonymous

        No DX9 – 10.1 min

    • pez2k .

      Yeah, disappointing. Not quite as bad as R3E silently dropping XP support between the teaser and full game, but I guess I can cross AC off my list for now.

      • Andrew Male

        Or you could just upgrade.

      • pez2k .

        I’m alright with waiting until I next buy a new PC and doing it then, nKP will do me for now.

    • Anonymous

      Oh cmon guys.. I’m not exactly one of those who adopt new systems just because they’re new but I really can’t see a SINGLE reason why anybody should use XP in 2013 except laziness to switch. All games run in win7/8 and they usually run FASTER than in XP. And if you have graphic card that only supports DX9, you’d get horrible fps anyway, all those new sims make sense only on DX10+ hardware.

      • nameless

        indeed, its odd, some peopel with hefty priced 400/500/600 nvidia cards still running xp. each on their own I guess

      • pez2k .

        I’ll upgrade to Win7 when I build a new PC, it’s not worth the expense on a system that only has a couple of years left in it. About the only game I need to scale down much is pCARS, on a 4-year-old machine with a Phenom II and GTX260, but I expect things to get a lot heavier when developers stop restricting themselves for the PS3 and 360.

      • nameless

        Your card was built for directx10 gaming ( I have one as well). IMO you should def. upgrade for Win 7 hence you’ll get the best out of the card – performance and quality.

      • pez2k .

        Yeah, I got this PC slightly too early for Win7, and didn’t want to go to Vista. I neither expected it to last this long nor that a new wave of DX10 sims would come along!

      • nameless

        Just stay away from windows 8!

        but get win 7 64 bits asap mate, you won’t regret it.


    • Andrew Male

      XP is 11 years old dude, seriously, you should upgrade if you’re a gamer.

  • Anonymous

    Now where did I leave that damn nkP key 🙂

  • Anonymous

    1.) Download
    2.) Wait for crack

    • Anonymous

      Just buy netKar dammit, 5 euro is definitely less than they deserve for both the TP and netKar itself, still a fantastic sim!

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Just do us a favour and crawl back under the rock you came from.

  • Anonymous

    I will ask my boss for a early leave today.

    • Big Ron

      And he will ask you for salary deduction…hehe 🙂

  • Boebsie

    It IS that good! I have just raced a couple of laps. Without any doubt the best racesim, it feels so natural. I didn’t play a racesim for more then a year, but my first laps (pro settings) went pretty well, that’s becease it feels so natural really. With most racesims you have to get used to it, AC it’s just brrroeeem brrooeeem and enjoy. PERFECT!

    • Anonymous

      If you haven’t played a sim for more than a year than how can you say it’s “without any doubt the best racesim”. That would mean you haven’t played pCARS since sub-build 100, rFactor 2, iRacing’s newer tweaks or SimRaceWay.


      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I’ve played pcars, rf2,iracing, gtr2, and IMO it is “without a doubt the best sim”. Just my opinion and you are free to have yours, but yeah, awesome stuff…

      • Anonymous

        Hey Michael, though my comment was obviously not a reply to your opinion, I would ask you the same thing. Until you play all currently playable Sims (you didn’t mention several) then you don’t have an informed opinion. Your sample size is too low, as it were.

        That being said, once you play them all, feel free to maintain your opinion. It doesn’t matter to me.

  • Noel Hibbard

    I was about to buy nKP when I though… hmm.. I bet I already own this sim (as I try to buy them all just to support any dev willing to work on our amazing hobby) and a quick search of my mailbox proves that I was right. I already have a key. 🙂

    • Noel Hibbard

      I installed it on my race rig from the office via VNC. The UI is nice… That is all I can share so far. Today is going to be a loooong day.

  • Anonymous

    Just tried this, my god this feels really, really good! Going to drive the wheels off of it for the rest of the weekend I reckon 🙂

  • Felix Schmidberger

    Its great fun to drive, graphics are very nice and the UI is pure brilliance. But is it the everyothersim-Killer that the hardcore sim racing-hippocrites want you to believe it is? Doubt it. Still admirable work, especially for such a small team – congrats to Kunos!

    • Jukka Karppinen

      Well, if rest of the game will be this good or even better, i can’t see better sim on market at the moment…just my opinion.

    • Roger

      Its not a killer, its just better!! 🙂

  • Wim

    It is what i expected it to be. A redefinition of what we have been love to do. I would be amazed if certain people would not see the brilliance of this. This is what we have been waiting for , for a long time.

    • Xosé Estrada

      There is people that will only see what they want to see 😉

    • gt3rsr

      ‘Certain’ people will never see through their hazy fanboy glasses.

      • nameless

        expect ‘certain’ people to do some butthurted nitpicking about graphics or other random babbbling for the sake of it.

      • Mark Quigley

        Are you guys commenting on something that has, from what I can see, not happened yet?
        Why am I internetting…………downloading..

      • Big Ron

        Aren´t you one of those often bashing against pCARS? What counts for fanboys counts for haters as well.

  •  XXIII 


  • Mike Cimuchowski

    As a long time NKP owner, I look forward to trying this out when I get off work!

  • Anonymous

    its almost HILARIOUS how much better this is than ANY OTHER SIMGAME EVER MADE.
    First Game ever where you can feel tyre scrub, ACTUAL Pulsing of the rubber on the road, it gives you vibrations of the tyre on the physical road surface.
    You can throw the Elise around and catch the slides and power through them – it should be even more incredible to play with a more powerful car.

    LOL its on another level to anything running gmotor – hilarious. It shouldnt even be compared.

    As for people complaining about sound – get yourself some decent speakers and a subwoofer. The sounds have bass to them, and there’s some nice wind buffetting noises as you build up speed.
    The engine sounds are adequate, they aren’t amazing, but they surpass anything in Rf2 thats for sure.
    Just get yourself some decent speakers with bass.

    I’m gona do a full video review of this, it deserves it.
    From the menu, to the graphics, to the Excellent Widgets idea, the way the car goes over kerbs – everything.
    Its been thought through properly from every angle.

    UNBELIEVABLE. And its only the beginning.

    • nameless

      the weight transfer feel is amazing. outstanding FFB

    • Jann Dircks

      I completely agree with you! It’s amazing 🙂 Can’t wait for the full game! 😀

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Netkar Pro had all of this what you mention in your post…
      I don’t think it’s that amazing. It’s very good, but not amazing.

      • Anonymous

        its true, but not to the same depth – they have added another layer of immersion and feeling and ffb to Netkar pro – so its surpassed my expectations.

      • Roger

        Netkar PRO is amazingly good and close to this physics wise. I see the main difference is how well they have modelled the road car physics with the softer suspension and more lock etc.

        The classic car in nkPRO handles really good but it bounces (raises and lowers the front of the car due to wheel angles) when you steer quickly side to side (like all other PC sims tend to do), AC does nothing like that. It just feels like a real road car does!

      • Name

        I am mad when the lotus goes oversteer more than just a little and turning the wheel nothing happen… and FFB should trying turn the wheel in otherwise direction but FFB in oversteer is sudennly death!

      • Flo

        i agree i found it very hard to tell what the back end is doing. well not “very” hard, but not too easy either 😉

      • Anonymous

        the wheel should start turning the opposite way the moment the car oversteers. You should be able to just let it go, and the wheel will spin back quickly by itself.
        try making sure youve set the wheel up properly.

      • Anonymous

        trying turning on the power of your steering wheel.

      • Roger

        This is how it feels in real life! I have done countless opposite lock recoveries and if you go to quick the steering will resist.

        The Elise does not have power steering either, so it will be interesting to see if they implemented FF taking each cars steering individually into account.

    • Roger

      I agree this is truly amazing physics and even visuals are top notch to! Best sim ive ever driven!

      Sounds are “OK”, not very bad but far from great. rF2 has much better sounds on many of the cars (new Vette and most of all the Clio sounds great!)

      BUT we have heard the Lotus 49 in some preview videos and that sounded REALLY nice in AC!! But i wish they could improve the sounds on some of the cars, i hope the E30 M3 sounds better than the Elise!!

  • Me

    I wish the tires in iRacing felt this “connected” to the road. Love the drag and drop overlay windows too, all sims should have that option. Nice and tidy wheel and pedal setup. Hope the final version has ways to map more buttons to the wheel (although I may just be missing it somewhere).

    Thanks Kunos… OK it works. You can release the final now. 🙂

    • Silvio

      Both AC and IR are at same level of imersion IMO. RRE is also a great sim. I don’t see this big difference. Be sure to avoid behave like fan boy instead of experienced simracer.

      • Me

        All the gushing about how AC is the best sim in the world on this thread and you single my casual observation out as fanboydom? iRacing has me for life…I own all the content…it’s on my hard drive as long as it exists. I just wish sometimes that it were a little…”grippier”. I root for all the sims, makes it a better world for all of us. A great time to be alive.

      • Mario Strada

        I actually have a theory that the problem with the iRacing cars is that they are too grippy and therefore lose traction too suddenly.

        But I know what you are talking about. Now in the iRacing forum when I want to complain about a car I can take the AC demo and tell them: ‘I want it to drive just like that one!’

        The AC car drives to the limit and once it reaches it it’s not impossible to maintain control, while in the iRacing cars if you fo an iota over the limit it firsts oversteers and then snaps back the moment you try to correct it. IN AC you can also snap oversteer (as in RL), but you have a lot more time and control to do it.

      • Silvio

        I feel I have more control with iR than with AC. I think iR gives better recovery. In fact, AC seems more difficult to power sliding. The weight transfers too quickly when you reach the limit. For me, AC feels different, not better, not worst than iR. It is just my opinion with few laps. May I change it in the future.

      • Ronny Søberg

        Remember that the Elise is an MR car, so sliding it will be much harder(or very different than, depending on your comfort level with cars) than drifting a FR car. That’s why you get both under and oversteer in the car. Sometimes you just push out of a turn, other times the ass comes sliding, and other times you just 4 wheel slide out of the track. Very temperamental cars. It’s also a very strange car to choose for the tech preview, cause it might put some people off, especially those who might not know that the elise is an MR car.

        Looking forward to the release and getting my hands on a front engine rear wheel drive car. Get my slide on!

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Hmmm, I can save cars in iracing just fine, then again I can save cars in RFactor 1, I guess it just depends on how quick you are with the wheel, we tend to correct the wheel much slower, and much later (often too late) in sims due to the ffb, or lack of ffb of the particular game or mod, or due to individual ffb settings (I bet if you didnt rely on ffb, turned it off and used a high end non ffb ECCI wheel you will see exactly what I mean and you will be reacting and saving slides much more accurately and quicker), also there is much higher torque loads of steering and self correction in real life which really helps with being on top of the slide, also the seat of the pants feeling in real life allows you to feel slides much earlier and better than we can in sims, so technically speaking it should be harder in sims, unless something is fudged.

        iracing is very good on some cars, ppl just bash it because of the price, sometimes it can be a little snappy too much, but outside of some rare big oversteer situation it is still very very good on most cars. Dont judge an entire physics simulator only on power sliding 🙂

      • Ronny Søberg

        I think that IR’s appeal is different than AC. Granted, I’ve only played the tech preview of AC, but I’ve played a fair amount of IR, think I got to B rating in the end (although the B rating cars were just too much for me for a few different reasons). The main difference, as I see it, is that iRacing has very sketchy physics at the limits. It’s far too unpredictable, and it only gets manageable once you start getting an idea of what happens at the limits in IR, and that’s a really weird way to drive a car. They feel spectacular when you’re racing clean and nice, but if you get the slightest smidge of a drift going, all the rules of physics just go away. This got even worse with NTM imo. There’s just a disconnect between how realistic the physics are when you drive the way the developers intended you to drive, spotlessly and sloppily. Games like LFS does not do this, granted, their physics is not as real as iRacing, but you get an overall physics engine that you just understand how works. The physics feel exactly as you’d expect once the ass loses traction. I get this same feeling from AC, even in an MR car which I suuuuuuck at driving. The car just hugs the road, and when you get a slide you kinda go “yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to behave.” and then you get the contra slide and you go “yup.. that’s really how it’s supposed to feel.. and now I’m in the sand..”

        The overall physics feel of iRacing just doesn’t have that cohesiveness. That is the ONLY flaw of iRacing. And it’s not really that big of a deal, cause it’s a sim all about clean racing. Just wish there was some way of saving it once you make a mistake. Well, the NTM did bring a slightly floaty feeling to some of the iRacing cars, they might have fixed that by now. Haven’t played for about 8-9 months.

        Sorry about the wall of text..

  • nameless

    Its a great simulator. Its even better than rfactor2. If you’re looking for physics, realism, and still a very crisp, attractive visual style, look no further. This is the real deal. However, i’m still gonna race rf2 too, hence the latest builds have been great as well. I’m very happy and satisfied for these 2 titles.

  • GamerMuscle

    Its unbelievable just spent 2 hours driving an underpowered car around a bog standard track ,so many new aspects to the physics in this and small details that make it amazing !

    1) Gear box works as you would exspect when you take the piss with gear changes
    2) Can feel tire scrub properly when you under steer
    3) Hand animation pre-empts the gear change
    4) Game runs at 70-90 FPS on my 2 year old pc and looks better than other simulators that would run at 30-50fps with my spec
    5) The way tires gain and lose grip mid corner is amazing its like NKP with an extra layer of depth
    6) Back end is and car mass is communicated through FFB on braking
    7) Can properly power out of corners if you want to and use the power to get more angle again like NKP but with way more depth and complexity.
    8) In many ways its harder to drive than NKP but in a good way the difficulty just comes from higher resolution of physics and the way the tires grip + track bumps
    9) The car has far more believable bite point / the way power moves through the car to the wheels seems far deeper than other games.
    10) road texture through FFB feels fantastic
    11) road side grass all the way into the distance (This is the most important feature)
    12) In game UI and movable interface items are amazing can set things up exactly as you like.

    • Brandon Miller

      Most important feature is grass?!?!

      • GamerMuscle

        It was another bad joke though I do like grass in games and having small details like that close to the track helps with giving a sense of speed.

    • Christopher James


    • Nuno Pinto

      Not that good graphics, not that good optimization, not that good physics.
      Honestly, i think you guys made such a big buzz about it that the level went too high, and when you play it, its simply not that good.
      For me it’s between rFactor 2 and iRacing.
      It’s the perfect game for people who cant play rFactor 2.
      If you want the most important thing in a simulation, just play rFactor 2.
      If you want graphics and fun play Asseto Corsa.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        graphics look pretty amazing on my system, could use better optimization though, get a micro stutter a couple times a lap; still searching for the right settings. Physics are miles away better than anything out there IMO and I don’t see myself playing anything else for a while, especially after the full game comes out…..Not sure how you think rfactor2 is the most important thing in a simulation, or what that even means exactly, but to each his own…It’s a great time to be a sim racer with all the different choices we have.

      • Nuno Pinto

        I said, if you want the most important thing in a simulation(physics) play rfactor 2.
        Of course i tried the Game on max settings, it is better than any simulator, but not as amazing what you guys said.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        If you think the physics in rf2 are better than AC (or even better than NKP) we will have to agree to disagree.

      • GamerMuscle

        “It’s the perfect game for people who cant play rFactor 2.”

        I have i racing , RF2 , and the TD its easer to drive slow in AC TD but harder to drive fast , then RF2 because there is far more depth to how the tires lose and gain grip in AC.

        There is also way more depth on the limit and way more depth in AC in terms of how you can angle the car around corners , where as all the cars in RF2 tend to get locked into a optimal angle that they stick in.

        RF2 is far more bland than AC but that is hidden in some way by the constant rumble and shake of the FFB.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Patience 🙂 If and when Reiza and other great modders, have the time to really extract the potential from the RF2 physics, their former RF1 stuff will not be able to compare, RF2 physics are on a different level not just a slight improvement but a completely different level from RF1. The constant improvement ala iracing that ISI are planning is extremely encourage for the next few years as well.

        AC is going to be a dream of a sim, the elise is so good already. The videos of the beamer at monza particularily under braking look fantastic!!

      • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

        I agree that rf2 give you more “instant gratification” but there is more depth to the physics in AC. Like during understeer, in rF2 you can brake yourself out of it (?) In AC braking during understeer overloads your front tyres and sends you off the track, as in real life.

      • nameless

        if you think iracing is more realistic than AC/nkpro (one evolves from the other) there’s no point in arguing really.

        edit: I think I might have missed your point, did you implied that AC is between both games, or that only both games matter to you?

      • Nuno Pinto

        it’s the other way, rfactor 2 is the one i like the most, now asseto corsa is the 2nd best for me 😉

      • nameless

        Fair enough
        Well, I think the physics/feel of AC actually topped rf2’s (not by far, wich is not a demerit at all, rf2 is great) but I won’t argue it with you since a love both sims.

      • Tiago Guerreiro

        This one wil beat RF2!!! I´m sure of that!!!!! I´m big fan of RF2 but unfortunatly the golden days are gone for them (ISI)

      • Kendra Jacobs

        RF2 and AC are both the sims of the future. I just read that RF2 isnt even close to finished and will have all parts of its engine updated and improved throughout the years, much more like iracing than RF1, very excited for the next 1-3 years of RFactor 2’s gradual but steady improvement.

        AC is going to rock too, OBVIOUSLY!!!!

        LFS has potential, if an S3 finally comes out with developed tyre model (ffb feels ok, but tire model is currently pretty bad though, not even close to rfactor 2’s, or depending on the car iracing’s, well except if you just like to drift then you will like the weird physics of LFS) that should be very good too.

        Dont forget about Reiza, look what they did with the RF1 engine, holy smokes, fantastic.

        Too many good sims!! lol

      • Jiri K

        And now u can try Live for speed and forgot all about rfactor2 and Ac lol

    • Frans Brink

      I think sound is…. OK or rather crazy good.

  • Anonymous

    Mind the DirectX part of the installer, it has a pre-selected “Install Bing Toolbar” option. It’s pretty obvious though. First time I’ve seen that, wonder if it happens all the time now.

    • Anonymous

      yes, it does – it’s been there a good while too. Bah! Outrageous, really.

  • Anonymous

    It lives up to the hype. Amazing early preview.

    One more thing this game is so mod friendly. All the basic files can be edited with simple notepad. Skins, icons, cfg files.

    Great job Kunos cant wait for full game.

  • Anonymous

    The wait seems to be worth it, amazing feel to it all.

  • Neil Bateman

    This is fantastic, just having trouble with wheel config, cant get round the tight turn no matter how much lock i put on. I went through all the config turning wheel 90 degrees but just cant get the car round the corner.

  • Bart Stroobants

    The sound really isn’t bad, it’s just unfortunate that the Elise in real life has such a dull engine sound.

    Only the supercharger whine seems to miss in AC.

    • Juha Mikkola

      I think the whine is louder because the car in your video might be tuned with pulley set so the belt whine is louder.
      I found some videos of the Elise SC without the supercharger whine alltogether.
      Just a guess though..

  • Roma Ljubchik

    Finaly GT5 for pc)))

  • Felipe Elias

    Man, what a sim!

  • Joe Grover

    Can anyone tell me if you can and how to change the FOV? I hate it! It feels like I’m leaning out the front window looking for a motel or something.

    BTW: 3D works perfectly with this tech demo. You need to adjust convergence but other than that it’s flawless so far.

    • Flo

      your comment made me lol so hard ^^ “It feels like I’m leaning out the front window looking for a motel or something” haha great comparison.. THUMBS UP BIG TIME MATE :DDD

    • GamerMuscle

      C:Users”user name”DocumentsAssetto Corsacfg

      look for “camera_onboard.ini”

      Eddit the line that says “FOV=60” to what ever FOV you want

      save and you are done.

    • Ander Diaz Iglesias

      Go to the aplications menu (in game) at the right with the mouse, go for the triple screen setup and try changing distances.

    • furiousgibbon

      You can’t change the FOV in the ini, it didn’t make a difference for me. As Ander suggested, move the mouse all the way to the right while in the game, it brings up a nice quick menu which has a triplehead option. From there you can adjust everything, screen angle, distances etc, which will get you the FOV that you’re after. No warped side screens, we’re being spoiled!

      Triplehead performance is great as well on my ageing overclocked QX9650/ATI 5850 combo. I was actually holding off on purchasing a 7970 until I saw AC running, but now I know it will be a winner. The game looks, feels and drives spot on. TrackIR support too (hear that SMS? Still waiting).

      • Joe Grover

        Nice… Got it to work. It looks great now!

      • Chris Steingen

        Not correct !

        If you are not using a triple screen setup, the ini value is the actual FOV value. For single screen users, the TripleScreen Setup makes no sense at all when you just want to adjust your FOV.


        TripleScreen : use ingame interface
        SingeScreen : use the ini as above

      • furiousgibbon

        the question was in regards to a triple screen setup, as was my answer. I’m responding to the OP, not the whole world.

  • Ricoo

    Niccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Roma Ljubchik

    Finaly GT5 for PC))

  • Ben Lee

    Is there a chance that the audio might get “better”? I mean is this final or are they placeholders etc?

  • Jordan Meagher

    When the hell have you ever had to pay for a god dam DEMO!!!

    • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

      I got this one guys. It’s not a demo. The demo will be released later. It will be free. This is a tech demo, a beta of sorts to help Kunos get reports of issues and bugs from as many users as possible.

      • Mrslfrsl

        read the title of the thread and you’ll know why folks are aksin

  • Diego Colafabio

    Finally i tried AC.

    1440 * 900, 8x anisotropic 4x AA, shadows medium, average fps 70-75 (Q6600 2.4, 5850, 4GB Ram).

    Really nice graphics, it looks miles better than YT videos .. but no matter the graphics: I’m pleasantly surprised about the FFB of the car, specially about the behavior of the tires. Really, i feel really, really well the car. The sensations are really great, I especially love how you feel the entry of corners and through the corners, light years ahead from RF2 and pCars, and a step higher than iRacing. I feel the front tires work perfectly, and that gives you a lot of confidence, the confidence that sometimes I miss on iRacing.

    Nice, really nice. Great job Kunos Simulazioni.

    Dislikes: .. sound a little sterile (but oh well, the car is not very good for its sound); i don’t like so much the menu screen and i don’t like so much (but that’s just a personal thing) that you can fully set the level of difficulty .. I wish it was something much more connected to the car (TC level, ABS ecc..).

    • Mario Strada

      Thanks for the review. I am glad to hear your impressions about the driving model. Lately I have started thinking that the problem with iRacing, rF2 and other sims which tend to snap oversteer at the limit, may be too much grip at the tire level and not a gradual enough transition to oversteer.
      I race a mod in GTR2 where the overall grip is lowered and it’s amazing the way you can drift some cars (not in the “drift” sense but in 4 wheel racing drift).

      I have stopped driving in iRacing with certain cars because I spend more time worrying about the car losing traction catastrophically than I do about going fast or race the other cars. Some cars in rF2 have the same issue and in pCARS also there are some cars with similar behavior. However, the M3 in pCARS is almost perfect, or at least it was in the last version.

      I have to wait until tonight to try Assetto. It’s going to be a long day.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Had to make myself stop making laps just so I could put my two cents in: AMAZING!!!!!

  • Hal Ninethousand

    If anybody d/l’ed it with the torrent, they should seed it. im getting really slow speeds.

    • GamerMuscle

      Just use

      • Hal Ninethousand

        I would, but theyre working on upgrading the internet here and it keeps dropping out.

      • Hal Ninethousand

        also thank you to whoever started seeding like 2 minutes ago

  • Roger

    One word: WOW!!!!

    It does live up to the hype. This is the most realistic simulation ive ever driven. Road car simulation is excellent, I havent driven an Elise but I wouldnt be surprised if it handleded and felt exactly like this. The car balance and oversteer feels just like a light mid engined car, the traction vs power feels just right.

    Cant wait to try out some other cars, im 100% sure they will feel very distinctly different in their own way! Ferrari F40… YES PLEASE!!!! 😀

    The progressive traction loss and weight transfer is amazing, when you go just on the limit into the fast bend after the main straight and you trail brake with the rear just hanging out a few degrees while going through feels just like in real life, no other sim, even GT5 has this good road car handling!! GT5 is really good too but this is so much more detailed and subtle at the same time. FF is just great as well, it resists the return when going too much opposite lock and back just like in real life, never felt that before except in real life!

    It really looks good to!!

    Im running this in 1080P 3D in 60hz and the 3D rendering is FLAWLESS!! It looks amazing! Cant wait to be able to disable the steering wheel, adjust the FOV and seating position so it really looks and feels like im in the driver seat!

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      Oooo look at me, I’ve got a 3D TV

      *winky thing*

    • Kendra Jacobs

      F40 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well Done Kunos! Looking forward to the game coming out. Hope improvements are instore as well. Feels good, but I think you guys know what you have to improve on. Or at least the Tech.Preview lacks what the actual game will offer.

    A good start!

  • mikemav

    I cannot WAIT to try this when I get home. Perfect to come out on a Friday too. One possible issue- I have nKP installed already, which I bought a few years ago. However I searched my in-box from emails from Kunos or mentioning nKP hoping to see the old activation code and I can’t find one. Is this info shown when I fire up nKP somewhere? (Forgive me if this is obvious, I am not in front of my gaming PC now…)

    • Anonymous

      When you setup the game there an option to request your license code’ as long as your registered email works, you’ll be fine!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me getting loads of understeer? Perhapse im just not used to it yet.

    • Spookie

      I had the same issue, I found out I was braking far too late and putting all the weight at the front make your braking more smooth and the car will respond to your actions as the weight will settle before you turn.

      In short: The weight distribution has a more profound effect within AC compared to other sims.

    • Anonymous

      I believe the setup is geared towards being “beginner friendly” and thus the understeer conditions.

  • Flo

    yes i take all the hate you throw at me… i think its feels GT5-….. ish^^ (to safe me from verbal fists) NOT IN A BAD WAY 🙂 but: very understeery and very soft… i expected something stiffer.. racier. But it is a road car after all. However, from what people call “The best handling car in the world” i expected something that is more drifty.. and i have to admit, if this is as close to reality as it gets I’m not as a good drifter as rF2 classic cars and LFS made me think i am ;)… actually from start to mid corner it feels pretty much like my GOLF IV 1.9 TDI 90 HP … without power over-steer out of corner of cause.. we’ll see how race cars compare to other sims. For me its not as predictable handling as i thought it would be.

  • Anonymous

    Yea it does actually feel and SOUND like a golf TDI…;) I really thought the Elise would be more of a tossable car.

  • Humberto Roca

    Beautiful sim! perfectly done.. feels amazing but I think that the sound could be better and unfortunately I cant use the clutch now (its connected to my wheel :/) but it feels awesome!!! cant wait for the complete thing to come out.

  • Steve Shears

    Running a CSR here. I think the physics seem accurate enough from what i drove at Silverstone (well an Exige actually) but to me, its not yet up there with Rf2 or NK Pro in what the track and tyre frictions are telling you (and lacks some of the stabby FFB). You can close almost close your eyes and drive with both of those at current builds. It lacks a bit of graphical grit and dirt you’d get from racing but otherwise its very stable. The interface/App mode is great too.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      I heard logitech mode (or playstation mode) on the Fanatecs gives better ffb tha regular fanatec mode, is this true? Do you need to uninstall fanatec drivers and install logitech ones to do this?

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    First time I played something non rFactor based for an hour and enjoyed it! FPS seem stuttery at any fps, and limited to 100, there is some input lag, the menu is in the way of alt tab ‘do stuff’.. The FFB damping was mega on my Bodnar, had to turn the effect down to 15% and FFB at 10% ..

    But then it worked well, and challenged me to continue rather than causing frustration (which most sims do!). So this has promise.

    • Anonymous

      Great news. Hope you and Siim Annuk consider releasing Corvette mod for AC when full version is released.

      • Brandon Miller

        Corvette Mod?! Oh hell yes!

    • AdamVi

      Really glad to hear that Niels! In a very selfish way I guess… at some point I really hope you will consider doing something mod related in AC – either personally or with Reiza. I’ve loved everything you’ve ever been involved in with gmotor!!

    • Anonymous

      i have the same stuttery feeling on my triples, too. lowering refection and shadows helped me get to almost 60fps and that did help, but it’s not as smooth as i would like it, and i’m not turning on v-sync 🙂

  • Jason Madigan

    I like what I see and feel so far, really looking forward to seeing it in its final product phase 🙂

  • Chris Wright


    Well the major thing I have to congratulate Kunos on is the braking. Lovely to be able to finely judge braking into a corner right out of the box, without the car going into instant pirouette mode.

    The driving model, without assistance, is pretty forgiving, but that is what real cars are like, of course. As a former Elise Mark 2 owner, I could recognize many elements of driving that awesome little car in AC.

    The screenshots prior to this preview suggested we were all going to be blown away by the graphics but, on this evidence at least, I could be a lot more impressed. Even with everything turned up to 11, the cockpit dial detail is quite poor and sort of spoils the illusion of an otherwise nicely crafted interior. The circuit detail, while more than adequate and quite intricate, doesn’t overly impress either in comparison to other titles, quite honestly.

    Frame rates are excellent, but is this a consequence of the above?

    Unlike others, I didn’t find the sound to be an issue at all.

    The overriding feeling I got was being able to play GT5 on a PC. Maybe it’s the similarity of the graphics, but that was my gut reaction.

    Absolutely no question that I will be adding this to my collection at some stage. However, I would have to say that , on this evidence, rFactor2 is, by some margin, the more convincing overall package – I’m surprised I think that, but there you go.

    It should be remembered, of course, that this is not the final build, so please read all of the above in that important context.

    • Anonymous

      got to agree with you on the braking, for this car at least, we can’t say how other cars will react, but this lotus does feel really natural in that area.

      Agree with you on rf2, it’s still my favourite at this stage, and by quite a margin really.

    • Anonymous

      Great comments Chris, I agree as well with the braking! Why do gamehjave cars push or pirouette (as you said) so easily under braking. I own and raced a Spec Miata, and it was simple to drive at Barber Motorsports park… for a person knowing what to do and expect.
      Also… what you said about GT5 “Nailed It” for me…. GT5 on the PC; that is what the game feels like… at least now anyway.

    • Mario Strada

      I usually get from 80 to 150+ FPS and when I was driving AC yesterday I never went over 55 SPF. Could be my settings are too high. The dashboard looked OK to me but not the most intricate and detailed either. But since most of my driving these days is on GTR2 with pCARS only once or twice a week, even a so so dash is fantastic compared to GTR2

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm, when people calm down, i think a lot of you will see this tech demo (who can say about the rest of it)? feels a lot like some sort of next-gen iracing. It doesn’t feel like rf2 at all. I’d say rf2 is still king in physics for me, but this is good, different, and until i get used to it, i can’t say for sure how i feel about it (compared to the hype). It will take a few days for views to mature, i don’t really put much seriousness into those who have played it about an hour and announce it’s the best thing ever.

    • Chris Wright

      Agreed. There’s nothing bad about it at all. It’s going to be a great package, but it isn’t the second coming as some are suggesting.

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        This is spot on…. It will be quite a while before certain things are implemented into AC such as rain, pitstops, night racing, but when they are and when rFactor 2 is also more or less finished, sim racers are going to be in sim racing heaven.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Its not spot on, and no sim is. Not even Forumla 1 sims running aboard 900 supercomputers.

        Fanboyism at its worst.

        It feels very good though, yes.

    • F1Racer

      Yep, agreed. I need more time with AC before making an informed judgement as making one after 2 or 3 laps usually ends up with me changing my opinion a bit, later on.
      I like it, but I am not wow’ed. Nothing pops out to me as stunning but it is only the tech demo and the track isn’t too inspiring. Potential it has, for sure though.

      • Mario Strada

        For me there isn’t anything specific I can point out that makes it better than other sims, but the whole package seems more refined than anything else out there. Many times I wished I could have the physics from this game, the graphic from another, the FFB from a third one and so on. AC promises to deliver on all those fronts (hoping that either Kunos or some modder, does something with the sound).

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, I think Kunos needs an honest feed backs more than a false praises

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    My test sesion turned out to good pretty good after i tweaked the wheel settings,

    and got everything setup proper…

    running a smooth 45 – 50 fps

    running AC in,1920 x 1200 widescreen on a 5 year old pc.

    Intel e6600 dual core @ 2.40 + 2.40 GHz

    Memory ram 400 GB, ATi 4850 HD GPU 1 GB memory

    OS- Vista 64.

    make sure when you release the final, to add look ahead for driver view, it’s very hard to look into the turns not with a locked position. also for people using older wheels – Logitech Momo, or Momo force, to have the steering set to 280 for best results, FFB set to max, with no filter, no aids at all

    graphic wise, very happy, had issue with the steering wizard not working proper, but was able to set it up myself.
    still think for the moment, rF2 FFB is just slightly better, not by much,
    but i only had 1 hour at messing with it. have yet to dig into the files.
    but very impressed with the Tech Preview

  • Howard Motz

    What we need here, is one of those side by side videos, of the real vs. the Sim! My long term doubts about the future of Assetto is the small amount of content. Moding aside, because, few moder will be up to the challenge! But I’m sure the price will reflect those short comings. I suppose it will have a place in PC Sim racing.

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Pretty impressive stuff for a tech demo.
    Can’t say I’m surprised though…..

    For people complaining of understeer, just keep upping the rear tyre pressure until you’re facing the wrong way 🙂

    • Flo

      did so 🙂

  • Brandon Miller

    Pretty Awesome Stuff! Was excited all day at work to give it a spin when I got home. Does great on my 5760×1200 setup with a 6950 opposed to P.Cars and rF2.

    Had a good time in the Elise. Came back and read some more comments here on this thread, and figured.. let’s give rF2 a try for comparison. Plugged in the C6R over at Mid-Ohio and had a blast!

    I don’t see how anyone can knock rF2. It’s really holds up to the competition and is on it’s way to greatness as well. I wish it had some road cars. In the end I’m glad we have options, and excited for pCars to bring more physics/feeling/ffb to the table.

    • Chris Wright

      For me, rF2 is at the summit right now. AC looks promising, but I think the overall feature set with rF2 is going to be very hard to beat. It will be great to run both sims, as they will each have their unique merits.

  • Anonymous

    I own iRacing rF2 and sort of AC! I Love aII 3 sims!!!!

    • Anonymous

      OMG! Are you sure you’re sbkracer??????

  • mclaren777

    Played about 30-40 minutes and I’m still not enjoying it.

    Hopefully the F3 machine is significantly better than the Elise.

  • WaitingForAC

    <3 kunos simulazioni

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    ok after about 4 hours of testing, i got to say, very well done guys..
    now as to compare with rF2.. remember this is done on a low end machine.
    rF2 FFB feels better, AC looks better on my machine, just because i can use more eye candy without the big fps hit..

    rF2 shadows really kill my machines performance.
    i think the physics are slightly better in AC, more dynamic than rF2, but rF2 is still great… I guess i will need to wait until AC has a stiffer car, before comparing more.
    in AC the drifting feels a little disconnected at times, as in rF2 you have steady input all through the slide. but it’s most likely due to the car.? as for pCARS, i can’t even run it more than 25 fps on my machine at lowest settings. which sucks.

  • Joubarbe

    Played it with ~30 FPS half an hour ; changed some video settings, changed them back ; and now I can’t play at more than 10 FPS 🙁

  • Flo

    glad i found out that the elise sc has ABS in real life 😉 so i dont have to feel guilty using it. I find it quite hard to do heel and toe downshifts with abs turned off locking up a lot. So i just put abs back on

  • Anonymous

    cmon how do you come up with half of these comments when you have not even spent a decent amount of playing time EG: not 5 mins or even 1 hr…IMHO il wait till there is more to compare on. as you have a street car not a racing car to compare too in other sims.

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    well, don’t wanna troll or sth like this, but I sticked to rf2 and after trying this I am sure it was the best choice.

  • Mirko

    I have Phenom II x4 955, 8 GB of RAM and GTX 460 1 GB. Can someone tell me what framerate to expect on HD resolution?

    • Mazda Mps


    • Anonymous

      got the same config. stable 55 fps… But when a lot of gravel or smoke – it runs down to 30.

  • TestDriver01

    I have to pay to test this S _ _ T?!

    Completely wrong strategy!

    The worst in the world, this is the best thing I wish to the AssetoCorsa Team.

    I hope you fail to put this crap to the market.

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      Nerr mate, you buy NetKar Pro and get this for free.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Giving loyal customers a token of gratitude is a wrong strategy? Don’t worry, there will be a FREE DEMO when the game is released.
      And yeah, offering one of the best tire models, physics, and FFB for less than $10 in Netkar Pro is the worst thing in the world; right…….

  • Mazda Mps

    Very impressed so far. Just feels so fluent and natural. Roll on the demo.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a t500 but can’t get the FFB and steering fixt. Keeps steering hard left or right depending on direction. Invert FFB didn’t do the trick. Anyone?

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      got these from racedepartment:

      T500 Control Panel:
      Overall Strength = 100%
      Constant = 100%
      Periodic = 100%
      Spring = 0%
      Damper = 0%
      Auto centre = by the game (Recommended)

      In game settings:
      Force feedback = 45%
      Filter = 0%

  • Anonymous

    Its good, but Rf2 feels a bit better to me. Sounds need improvement as well.

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    RF2 is no longer my favorite sim!!! Even with the Elise the experience feels so much realistic comparing with every other sim!!!!!

    Graphic wise, better than RF2, bit weaker than C.A.R.S
    Physic wise, i can talk to much right now but feels so much better than the others!!!

    I will wait for modding tools to have look on modding features and integration of content to the game to decide where i will go, right now the needle is point AC!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i just had another go after a pc format.
    its just stunning frankly, even in netkar pro you couldn’t properly keep the momentum and power out of corners like you can in this.

    all my top gear tv drifting fantasies have come true with AC.
    Imagine what its going to be like with the RWD BMW’s!!

    theres a really fine art to the drifting as well, the car is a bit underpowered so you have to use the weight momentum to sustain the drift in a sequence of corners (like the last 3 corners of Magione)

    you can either choose to drive smooth and textbook, or a bit more aggressive to find that laptime, or just have some fun and perfect the controls with skidding around.

    its just the most involving game i’ve ever played. A day later and i still cannot believe it, it truely has surpassed all my expectations.

    Kunos have totally NAILED what it is like to drive a car, the experience when driving, what you feel, and how the car responds to inputs. They’ve nailed it, as well as capturing what makes driving on the edge so much fun.

    The car is so natural to drive that there’s nothing to get used to, you jump in and drive it like if you got a day with a lotus elise to play with.

    i just can’t wait to drive the more powerful BMW’s and perfect the drifting. Amazing!

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      This must be the post of an imposter. This chap isn’t belittling rFactor or anything else in this post and is in fact praising a sim.

      It’s an imposter I say! 🙂


    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Gotta agree with you there,
      I went back to NKP yesterday after I tried AC and it still feels excellent. But AC somehow just feels that bit more natural. I turned about 30-40 laps in the Elise yesterday and only spun about 4 times – despite driving like a complete tool 🙂
      I felt like I didn’t need to “learn” the physics engine – and there’s very few sims where I’ve ever had that feeling.

      If you’re reading this Kunos…..please throw us a bone and give us another car!

      • Anonymous

        yeh unfortunately lots of people have been brainwashed by Gmotor, and think you need the skills of Schumacher to save any car that goes into a skid.

      • Tomas Beha

        And you have been brainwashed into thinking Schumacher is the best racedriver ever ? Just food-for-thought… 😉

      • Anonymous

        where does it say i thought he was the best?

        food for thought. (sigh)

      • Tomas Beha

        I’m simply making assumptions (too) – it sucks, right ? 🙂

        – beside it has nothing to do with the engine, it’s in the MOD – just get a proper one AND a proper setup…

      • Anonymous

        oooohh i seeeee THATS What i need to do to like gmotor games – get a proper mod and setup! Ooooooohhh why didn’t i think of that????

        Then gmotor is perfect isn’t it! yes, oh look I can control the car just like netkar pro or AC.

        Oh no wait – you can’t.

      • Tomas Beha

        ^ This guy is in love, I’ll leave him be 😀

      • Tomas Beha

        And you have been brainwashed into thinking Schumacher is the best racedriver ever ? Just food-for-thought… 😉

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Lol different story in RF2 🙂

    • Kendra Jacobs

      “even in netkar pro you couldn’t properly keep
      the momentum and power out of corners like you can in this.”

      Ughhhhh, maybe you couldnt lol. That would be down to your comfort level, skill, setup and car, not the brilliance of one physics engine over the other.

      AC is going to be sick!, but please enough with the fanboyism, geez.

  • Anonymous

    This sim is soooo gooooood !!! rF2 and iR are so far from it in matter of real feel. If some day someone will mix such physics, graphics and cars with TDU style free ride – i’ll die because of ultimate orgazm…

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      The sim is soooo good, no doubt about it but your remarks that rF2 and iRacing are so far from it blah blah blah, are daft

      • Anonymous

        I like rF and iR. I’ve got year subscriprion on iR and activly play it. It has good physics that was best as for me before AC. Maybe iR and rF2 have much more physics features, but AC are so “real feel”. And I’ts much more like the same I feel running on track days.

      • Brandon Miller

        oh man. iracing physics are the best for you before AC? Maybe i’m playing a different game? iracing has horrible physics! ever try to drift the cts-v?

      • Anonymous

        Are u serious ? How do you want to drift a CTS-V without steering lock setup…? Sorry mate, but you are far from physics question.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        You judge racecar sim physics based on how easy you can drift a gt racing car? WTF?

  • StevePMo

    I am having problems with my Act Labs Pedals ( The A-1 GT clones ) My accelerator and brake pedals are always “half on” Like I have them halfway depressed, even when my foot is not touching them. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

  • Skytrill

    After two days of playing from time to time I realize that what I enjoy
    more about AC is that you don’t have to learn how to find the advantage
    the physics might offer in this specific game. You just approach it as
    it’s the real deal and it behave that way. After several laps I’ve lost
    it, trying too hard. A grin appeared on my face, the same one I had
    when I gave a shot at LFS early 2004 in the very first corner, that I
    missed, thinking I was playing any other game. Can’t wait to try more cars in AC and I keep hoping they will add a handbrake axis feature in the future.

  • matador

    after reading the comments, no way buy netkar to test this one ! demo should be free. will stick with rfactor

    • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

      It’s not a demo. It’s sort of a closed beta available to those who have supported Kunos. A free demo will be available later.

    • jake

      rfactor is junk.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Jus tried it the last few days, its awesome!! Elise is great, I see so much potential especially with faster, stiffer, more edgy racecars. Thank you Kunos!!!

    Hard to compare to RF2, since thats what everyone seems to be doing around here lol, when they are both much more finished products with more similiar cars it’ll be easier to compare.

    Both seem to have amazing tyre models in their own ways even though both are very much unfinished. The steering may feel slightly more like a real car on AC, but at the same time RF2’s feels more alive and tells me a bit more about what the car is doing hence making up for more of the lost feelings that we loose out on by not being in a real car, but then AC’s feels more like an actual wheel does, feels more like just holding a real steering wheel connected to an actual steering column which feels slightly more familiar to most of us, which in a way is more realistic, but then in a way it isnt as it doesnt make up for the lost forces we feel in a real car that we so importantly need to feel in a sim to be able to ride the limits of grip, and feel those extra half tenths lost and gained here and there, and thats what I feel more in RF2, this extra info is what may make it feel less like a real wheel though. It just depends on you’re style and what you are looking for in the FFB. Some people want something that feels as close to what it feels like for them to hold and steer the wheel of a car, while others want some of this, but also some other ffb info to aid in giving us the information from the chassis and seat of the pants that we miss out on in sims, and that you dont get through the wheel in real life.

    If the sim is dumb down then these small feelings arent as important, but obviously AC and RF2 arent dumbed down lol.

    Basically im sold on both LOL

  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried tech demo at last. It feel most natural than any sim so far. Weight transfer is done superbly to be honest. Can’t wait for other cars and tracks, this is gonna to be a blast!

  • Paul Mullins

    a bit rude that you have to pay for a ‘preview demo’ that gives feedback to Kunos.. even more so when there is no mention of a ‘credit’ on your final purchase..

    • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

      Well it’s not really a demo. A free demo will be available later.

  • Krisztián Tóth

    Since assetto corsa realesed, ive tried to find a way to play it on triple screen!

    Yesterday i was success, because, i find out how we can play it whitout softTH, So i try to explain how!

    There are a Asetto Corsa folder in the documents, open it, you will find a folder called cfg, in that folder there are 2 files what you need, video and triple screen!

    Open the video.cfg then you will see this:


    WIDTH=4240 <——— add your triple screen resolution

    HEIGHT=1050 <———-add your triple screen resolution























    Then open the triple_screen.cfg!!!

    You will see this:


    ACTIVE=1 <—— 0 is off 1 is on so you will know what you have to do;)















    aaaand its done! Thats it thats all folks, sorry for my english i hope it helps a lot of players!;)

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