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Assetto Corsa – Spa Francorchamps Confirmed

Following the good news that Assetto Corsa has been greenlit on Steam, Kunos Simulazioni has revealed that the world-famous Spa Francorchamps Circuit will join the simulation.

Following the good news that Assetto Corsa has been greenlit on Steam, Kunos Simulazioni has revealed that the world-famous Spa Francorchamps Circuit will join the simulation.

Spa is one of the most iconic circuits in the world, hosting an annual Formula One Grand Prix, a 1000km race that is part of the World Endurance Championship, a 24 Hours race among plenty of other national and international racing events.

Spa Fracorchamps won’t be part of Assetto Corsa’s stock content but will be released as part of a Premium DLC pack alongside some additional cars.

The DLC pack will be available for free for all pre-order customers of Assetto Corsa, the pre-order process is due to start soon!

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Richard

    This is cool 🙂

  • Jim. C

    Now this is good news.

  • Lemming77

    Woa, the graphics in the post banner are amazing! :O 😛

  • Roger Wallentin

    That is EXCELLENT news!!

    Two things I love about this:
    1. We get SPA which is one of my favorite tracks and it looks great!
    2. Kunos have paced themselves to not try to get everything included from day 1 (meaning day 1 will be 2014…), now we will have what is done earlier and more as it becomes available!

  • gt3rsr

    Is there something this game won’t offer? Now we’ll be able to compare the two ultimate laser-scanned Spa versions – iRacing’s one and this. I love Spa. It’s a gem among tracks.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      GT5s version stacks up really well to iracings Spa too

      • Roger Wallentin

        GT5’s tracks are quite impressive, especially the Nordschleife which must be one of if not the most accurate version in sim racing.

        GT6 will apparently feature laser scanned tracks, I just hope that means that we get a LS version of the Nordschleife as well, which if im not misstaken would be a first!

        AC will have Nordschleife as well, either official or mod. I really hope we get the official version by Kunos and that its laser scanned!! Would be one of the most amazing features of AC besides the amazing physics and tiremodel to have a 100% accurate version of the ring to benchmark those amazing cars on!

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I think AC, if laser scanned will have the first Nordschliefe that tops GT5s

        That is one area GT5 isn’t lacking, their tracks are really superb. It’s impressive because I really thought they laser scanned, especially after comparing iracing versions. I still can’t tell the difference between iracings or GT5s Spa, Motegi, or Suzuka

    • Realkman666

      How could one compare anything with iR with those physics?

  • Anonymous

    Noramally, I don’t preorder games. But this will be an exception – not just because of the free DLC, but because I know I won’t be let down 🙂

  • Skytrill

    They are supposed to make an Historical version as well later on..
    It’ll be quite a job if they scan this one as well but the bumps will make this drive a real hell/joy with the Lotus 49.

  • Anonymous

    This is brilliant news, I couldn’t wait before, but now this is announced i’m just over the moon and spa away.

  • Anonymous

    Those sexy Italians.

  • Matt Orr

    Sweet, can’t wait to compare it with the iRacing version. Should be able to tell if we are driving on a low res poly model or an actual detailed surface. Magione left me disappointed.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Wait that’s not cool. That’s like what codemasters did.

    Sure, it’s not DLC for people that preordered but it’s still technically day 1 DLC. Not cool at all. You can’t do day 1 DLC, that’s not right. Really starting to lose faith in Kunos.

    Steam is one thing but day 1 DLC? Not acceptable.

    • Anonymous

      Are you deliberately trying to be a queen?

      Regardless of the DLC release date, and certain people throwing their toys out of the pram, I’m liking the sound of it.


      Umm it’s free for pre-order. And who says it’s day 1 DLC?

      • Shadow Explorer

        If you don’t you don’t preorder you have to pay for it. so it i s DLC.
        It might be near release instead of day one, but still has the same effect.

    • Realkman666

      Who says it’s day 1?

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        If it’s a preorder bonus that will be ready when the game is out, it’s day 1. Don’t care if they don’t release the DLC right away. If the content is ready on day 1, it shouldn’t be DLC.

        DLC should be content they want to add after the game is done. It’s greedy tactics to be saving content so they can charge people for it later. They’re starting to think they can abuse customers the way Grid, Forza, and iracing do and I didn’t expect that from Kunos. It’s not right no matter how you look at it.

        It may be cheaper than iracing in the long run but that doesn’t make it ok

      • Realkman666

        No, I agree with you there, but I have a feeling a track like that takes more than a few weeks to build, so it could be a late bonus or something like that.

        If the track is finished and they do keep it out of the game just to sell it separately like Grid 2, well then that’s terrible indeed. I’m willing to give Kunos the benefit of the doubt, and besides, we don’t even know how much the game will cost to begin with. They’ve always said there would be a core package and extra stuff on the side, so maybe it ties into that philosophy.

        I even think the core was supposed to be free at some point. Wait and see!

      • Anonymous

        But nowhere in this article does it say it will be ready when the game’s out. Did you read that elsewhere?

    • Anonymous

      They have to make money somehow dont they? If this turns out to be superior to iRacing and several times cheaper then I’m a very happy guy indeed. That said, I would buy it even if it were the same cost as iR.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        It’s the principle of it. DLC should be content they didn’t have time to put into the final game, they shouldn’t be saving stuff so they can charge us money for it when it’s released.

      • Anonymous

        So, if they did complete it before release, but released it 2 months later, how would you know? Maybe they are able to charge a little less for the core game knowing that DLC will make up for it in the future? Of course they are about money, they are here to make it.

        Love these comments from the cheap seats…

        The world is changing, better keep up or you are going to be posting a lot of negative comments in the future… Not everyone follows your principles.

    • Timpie

      Totally agree, this isn’t what I expected from Kunos at all. Maybe he still comes back on this because there will inevitably be another delay.

      For everyone else, think about this. Instead of (after all the delays we’ve already had) doing everything they can to finish the game as quick as they can with the content they have now and get it out in the stores They are now creating content for the normal 1.0 release BUT during that same time they’re already taking time away from finishing up the 1.0 to make content for a DLC for which they’re obviously gonna ask some sort of charge for aswell…

      I hope this just becomes part of the title and he makes the preorder bonus something useless like cosmetical items or something. I don’t feel like waiting a couple of months after release before buying it like I have to do with so many games lately

    • Andrea Candini

      It looks like Project CARS development still hasn’t taught anything at all: do you still believe that the same man who works on code also works on tracks, cars and so on?
      Well, the plain answer is NO, so creating more content won’t slow AC’s development. It will only bring… more contents. Which is good.

      Also, AC is a project which will hopefully will last 4/5 years or even more: it’s pretty normal that they’ll try to earn something during these years as they don’t ask you for any annual payment.
      Do you blame them for trying to convince more people in buying their game? Well, last time I checked I noticed they weren’t a no profit organization.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        But what does that have to do with them doing day 1 DLC? I have no problem with DLC, I welcome it, but DLC should be stuff they didn’t have time to put in the full game, not content they decided to save for DLC. That’s not right

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Please link me to anything stating that this is day 1 DLC…the way I read it is Spa and a couple cars will be out some time after release….

      • Timpie

        What does the wording matter? The point is that he’s announcing DLC content without the game being released.

  • Kev

    Good news, indeed.

  • yorch sinclair

    Spa is a classic and this is awesome news but i’m getting a little tired of racing in the same tracks again and again. I really aprecciate efforts like “Blackwater lake” for Rfactor 2 or “Bryce Canyon” for Rfactor, new and exciting tracks.

    • Professional Operator

      Spa never gets old. There’s place for booth fictional and real tracks in my HDD

      • yorch sinclair

        Of course, but i would like quality fantasy tracks alongside “old” Spa, Imola, Monza, Nurburgring…

      • Realkman666

        Have you tried the compound of Bathurst and Monaco in SimRaceway? It’s crazy!

  • Shaddix

    I wonder which price the game + preorder DLC will get. If its not that high in comparison to other games (Shooter and their DLC’s) i might thinking off preorder it.

  • WaitingForAC

    I dont understand why we are vilifying Kunos, there were prior news releases where they said they dont know if this content they announced will be released in the core package or in future dlc or with updates.

    This isnt the same as buying a game at gamestop and them saying you get more game than another person on day one and it will never change just because you bought from gamestop.

    This is just a thank you for buying AC early, and you can purchase at a later time if you want.

    By this logic wasnt iRacing the same way? and pCars?

  • Olivier Prenten

    Can’t wait for the pre-order start! Thanks Kunos…from a simdriver living close to Spa… 😉

  • suttcliffe

    I like ’em fast, awesome track! I wish they had used something similar in the TP, that track was utterly slow and boring.

  • Racing jason

    This is awesome! This track has a very unique racing line…btw…hugo stiglitz plz just shut up, crying blah blah 1 day DLC blah….go and program your own sim

  • Diego Colafabio

    Really happy for Spa. I love this track, so much exciting track. Epic races on it.

  • Raphael Smith

    Here’s some clarification from Marco. It’s NOT day 1 DLC. People on here need to improve their reading comprehension skills because I see people constantly assuming and misreading news on here.

    “I would like to thank of all you for compliments, support and constructive criticisms. I would like just to add that there will not exist any DLC at Day One. We never mentioned nothing about it, it is not our policy, and just to be clear, the production of SPA Francorchamps has not started yet. So, I find some criticisms a bit unfair, at least because are based just on personal suppositions that sometime are passed of as absolute truth. Assetto Corsa will be released months before any additional content. And, the additional contents are just the prove that is our intention to continue to improve and support Assetto Corsa as long as possible. As you can imagine, the production of contents requires a lot of time, and the additional package mentioned in our last PR will also include some car models. Those package must be considered just like a gift for all those people will continue to support our efforts to give to simracing enthusiasts the best simulation we are able to deliver.
    See you on track.”

    • Realkman666

      Where is that from? I don’t see that part in the article.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Race Department forums

      • Realkman666

        I guess the problem wasn’t “reading comprehension skills”, then.

      • Raphael Smith

        Yea it is because nowhere in the virtualR post does it say that it is day 1 dlc. People just assumed that it was and got upset.

      • Raphael Smith

        Yea it is because nowhere in the virtualR post does it say that it is day 1 dlc. People just assumed that it was and got upset.

  • Anonymous

    so much for Q1 Spring release huh

    • Realkman666

      It went from Q1, to Spring, to “2013”.

      • Anonymous

        to 2014

      • Realkman666

        No! Nooo! Take that back!

  • Guest

    So much for Spring release huh

  • Olivier Prenten

    YES!!! The best track ever! Thanks Kunos!

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