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Assetto Corsa or Project CARS 2: Who Does Laguna Seca Better?

DigiProst has put Laguna Seca side by side in Assetto Corsa & Project CARS 2, trying to figure out which PC sim does it better.

The Californian road course has recently been made available to Assetto Corsa drivers as part of the free Bonus Pack 3 DLC, allowing everyone to take a look at how it stacks up against the competition.

While Assetto Corsa’s version is based on laser-scan data, Project CARS 2’s take on the track is based on a (less accurate?) drone scanning data.

Two different approaches in track creation, which results in a more realistic looking venue? Watch below and decide!

  • Lino Carreira

    Not even debatable..very easy to make it look similar in video but then once you drive both youll see the inconsistencies in pcars 2

  • David Wright

    According to the pCARS2 forum, Laguna Seca isn’t drone scanned but made in the “traditional” way. I would guess its also based on an older track judging by the lack of the apparently fresh black tarmac “extensions” to the sides of the track on the AC version.

    As such the AC version must be taken as the reference.

  • Erik

    Looks pretty close to me. The only difference I feel when driving is that the corkscrew is steeper in pc2 compared to AC.

  • Michel Forest

    AC is better, IMO. Anyway, PC2 has been a huge letdown since its release…

    • Leynad

      Patch 3 fixed all my problems before and IMO the best patch ever. Should’ve been the release version, but AC was a construction site with 1.0 as well and still is, when i compare the menus and VR-support.

  • Leynad

    The sausage curb in corner 6 is missing in PC2, so you can shortcut the corner, which may brake the suspension IRL.
    AC-version should be more accurate and the corners after cork screw feels different, but i prefer the color-palette and contrasts of the PC2-version and IMO accurate enough to enjoy.

    I will never drive for real there and it’s so far away from my place, so i don’t mind non-laserscanned tracks like in PC2, Raceroom, AMS or mod-tracks for AC if they have good quality. With 11 US-tracks alone (including four laserscanned tracks) plus two fictional tracks PC2 wins by far. Kunos should licence some awesome mod-tracks like VIR to catch up a little, but seems EoL now…

    • MC

      It makes a difference when you jump from sim to sim. From knowing the circuit in iRacing there was no variations to learn in AC, jumping into other titles and knowing the track’s off is a big immersion breaker for me. It also makes a difference if you like watching real life videos and comparing lines etc., or to analyse car behaviour.

      • Leynad

        The line is the same and the brush tyre physics in AC the much bigger immersion killer for me.

      • MC

        Lol don’t play it then you numpty.

      • Leynad

        There’s no reason to be offensive as well as to play this understeer-simulator for me. In every movie car chase you can see that real tyres behave different.

      • MC

        There’s when you’re playing a game you don’t like. You may have noticed real cars understeer, the fact you can be 2 metres away from the apex and still make it in pCARS isn’t a sign of a more realistic tyre model. And LOL movies are known for being realistic aren’t they.

      • Leynad

        The lap times in GT3-cars are very accurate in pCars 2 and maybe watch some endurance racing. Very obvious for me that AC is not even close in terms of realism. But even iRacing, AMS, Raceroom and rF2 are kind of far away from AC-physics-concept. So AC is the best and the rest do it wrong or the opposite.

      • MC

        Yawn. If you don’t like it don’t play it, it’s really that simple.

      • Leynad

        1910 hours on Steam in AC, but pCars 2 is catching up (510), but yes: doesn’t make much sense to moan about AC anymore, because development is dead.

        What i can assure: With a weather system AC will/must gain a lot of grip that’s missing today. It’s undriveable with the app. 80% less grip you get in heavy rain.

      • MC

        Play netKar PRO and you’ll realise how wrong you’re.

      • Leynad

        netKar Pro is actually the best example how good AC could be today. This excuses why it’s not possible from the engine are IMO nonsense and netKar Pro is a good evidence, that we might see AC2 rather more early than expected.

      • MC

        nKPro sold extremely poorly, for all the rhetoric from this community about how they want hardcore physics yada yada. AC has a more advanced engine, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone (from Kunos) state otherwise, it’s just the development priorities are different (which I completely understand).

      • mario smith

        Still a great sim,, everyone should try this sim.

      • emilblixt

        For me the only game were I can just sit down and drive on instinct is RBR (on gravel) and to some extent RF2. All the rest takes some time getting used to every session. I hope that someday all sims will feel completely natural to drive.

      • Leynad

        You tried pCars 2 on gravel, snow, rain? Obviously the new king for me plus on tarmac.

      • dd101

        pCars2 is new king? King of what? There is more dynamic / live in it for sure, but it still far away from life. Have fun.

  • Silvio

    How to know what is “more realistic” if there is no real life track to compare frame to frame? Or “realistic” means something not related to reality? I didn’t understand.

  • Pvt Stash

    Real life vid you can sync up pretty easy. From 2015 though so might be different.

  • David Wright

    The start-lights in PC2 are better 🙂

  • traind

    The camber is modeled incredibly well in AC as is the curbing. PC2 is good but AC’s Laguna Seca is the new standard, eclipsing iRacing because it captures the current track features that have changed since iRacing’s scan many years ago.

    Someone mentioned color palette of PC2.. Yes it does color better than AC and it is particulalrly notable in the paint on cars. I have been to Laguna Seca and I can say that it isn’t a particularly colorful place. Think desert mountain top and you start to get the feel of it. The oceanside is beautiful just a few miles away but the track environment is pretty sparse with little natural color or contrast. Of course that doesn’t matter because the track is awesome.

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