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Assetto Corsa – Pre-Order Delayed

Kunos Simulazioni has delayed the pre-order start of their Assetto Corsa title.

Three weeks ago, Kunos Simulazioni revealed that the pre-order phase of their upcoming Assetto Corsa title will be starting before the end of September.

The announcement was met with much enthusiasm from the community, unfortunately Kunos’ Stefano Casillo has now confirmed on Twitter that this date won’t be met as the start of pre-ordering has been postponed.

No new date has been revealed yet, Stefano confirmed that the studio plans to release the 1.0 version of Assetto Corsa before January 2014.

All pre-order customers will receive their first DLC content pack for free, consisting of Spa Francorchamps and several car models. The DLC pack will be available 6-8 weeks after the release of the initial version.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

The title will be available in 2013, the title will feature licensed cars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW & Lotus. Assetto Corsa recently got greenlit for Steam and will be available on Valve’s popular platform as well.

  • Kiss Máté

  • Phil Oakley

    Not a problem. Happy to wait for this game. I haven’t even got a good PC to play it on yet.

    • Gulyás Tamás

      I’ve GOT good PC to play it !!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this as any thing to do with the new steamOS, planned for release any time soon.

    • Pablo Coronel

      I hate Steam!

    • Anonymous

      Almost guaranteed that it doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    – q4 2012

    – ‘spring’ 2013

    – january 2014

    – ????

    • bduddy

      -at the same time HL3 is released

      -at the same time LFS S3 is released

      -at the same time R3E becomes a good game


      Need I go on?

      • Drew Duncan

        Please do, but at this rate the S3 update will never come.

  • Gulyás Tamás


  • Mar Mar

    I’m used to waiting so much because of GT5, to a point where I’m ready to wait forever.

    First GT5 now AC … ugh

    • gt3rsr

      Well, considering we PC gamers are used to waiting for games like Daikatana (*cough*), Duke Nukem Forever (*cough**cough*) or HL2: Episode 3 (*cough**cough**cough*), it’s still early days for Assetto Corsa in fact… 😛

  • Flo

    aaaaaaaaaannnnnd it’s gone….

  • Pablo Coronel

    Here we go!!

  • Olivier Prenten

    No problem to wait a bit more! They need what they need to achieve their objectives! Go Kunos! 😉

  • Wim

    Any date is fine. It will be ready when its ready.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    I’m very happy with rf2, but I AC will be mine too and can’t wait to test it!

  • ghego

    In the meanwhile rF 🙂

  • Flo

    Something must be very wrong… since evryone who tried it, said it was the best thing they have ever driven, it can’t be the driving model. So i guess its Steam or AI. But since the last video of the pagani was captured within Steam environment that should work too. That leaves AI. Any other guesses? maybe thats the reason why we dont get to see any video of a field of cars racing each other apart from the fiat 500 (years ago ;-)) that didn’t look that great. No i forgot something. MP could suck ^^

    • Anonymous

      AI, Multiplayer issues, and I’d also guess that their career modes and features aren’t fully fleshed out. They mentioned the issues with career in the past as they’ve never done anything but drop-in and go games.

      Still, when I get frustrated by pCARS’s work-in-progress physics or iRacings ridiculous cut-track slow-down rules and crappy FFB I pop into netKar Pro for consistently the best road-feel, tire model and FFB I’ve ever felt.

      • Joe

        iRacings ridiculous cut-track slow-down rules ???? What’s ridiculous is you cutting the track….

      • Anonymous

        The cut track rules in iracing are totally inconsistent, even just on 1 track like interlagos. It seems to differ kerb to kerb track to track, and its not a case of ‘at least 1 wheel on the inside of the white line’ (which is what it should be).

        ‘whats ridiculous is you cutting the track’.
        even though thats what drivers try and do to go as fast as possible around a corner… whats ridiculous about that?

        what are you on about?

      • Joe

        i dont have a problem with a “slow down” cuz i rarely put my car in this situation. Only when i miss a corner because i brake too late. Its just normal in this situation. But other than that, i have no problem with iracing cutting rule.

      • Anonymous

        My only issue with the iRacing cutting code is when it applies a penalty even after you’ve lost a bunch of time. If you didn’t gain an advantage you don’t need a penalty (unless you’re doing it consistently).

      • Joe

        I understand what you said but you need to know that you are not obligated to slow down when you have already lost time. Just keep racing and the slow down message will dissapear.

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes. Other times it will black flag you even though you’ve given up 7 positions.

      • Anonymous

        When you just touch your wheels onto the dirt/grass it tells you to slow down and give back the time gained. More often than not, I gained 0.1 seconds, if that. Then, it flashes at you to slow down for about 15+ seconds!! I did that in a race recently, probably didn’t even gain because I went into the corner wrong, and was forced to go from 2nd to 10th because it just kept flashing to slow down.

        YouTube has plenty of people showing this as well. This is also absolutely not realistic. I watch a lot of racing series and at worst you’ll get a verbal warning for doing it multiple times when you’re defending. If you’re just lapping well and you do it absolutely nothing should happen. In the racing world, at worst it should give you the 1x.

        It’s ridiculous to have to give up 10+ seconds for accidentally gaining 0.1 seconds cut track.

  • Anonymous

    Not a Surprise actually; they’re still announcing new cars included in the game. I’ll be surprised they make Jan. 1, 2014. NoProblem, in the mean time I have pCARS!

  • joe pineapples

    Well whooda seen this one coming.

  • damys

    DLC SPA + “several car models ” we should expect Audi? Nissan? maserati?

    • Marcel

      No, but maybe Mercedes

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I’ll buy it when every package has been combined into 1 game and when the price is right.

    • Anonymous

      How long do you plan to live?

      • Arie Beuker, de

        🙂 Yeah good one.
        I know devs do not care about my opinion.

        I just think it is a shame that DLC is the word of today.
        Where is the old skool release system?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand the attitude of not liking DLC. You get more content – for free. ALL racing games do this now. All of them. You get a very good selection of cars and tracks. While you’re enjoying those, they fix whatever bugs come out and also develop additional tracks and cars. If you pre-order, you even get the first stuff for free! If you don’t or it’s later than the first DLC, you pay for it because game development costs a ton of money. This is not new. I’ve been playing PC video games since about 1997 and it’s remained pretty constant.

      • Arie Beuker, de

        Good point.
        Not all games have free DLC, in fact most cost.
        But something else…
        Devs tend to call something DLC, while in fact it is not. It can also be something they wanted to add from the get go, but could not because of difficulties or lack of time.
        But in that case, they should wait releasing it.

        I am not saying it is all bad, but there is definately a shift in the way games come out.
        I have also been playing games, since the early 80’s, but thing constantly change.

      • Anonymous

        You also have to realize you’re one opinion of one camp and there are different camps. If I could pay for single player only with no AI I would. I’d rather they release it and have people enjoy it. Then they could add AI, multiplayer and other features as they’re ready. But that’s just the camp I’m in.

        I think releasing a competent game and then adding DLC content is a happy medium and appears to be the way all racing sims do it now.

    • Marcel

      They have planned to update the content until 2018 😉 wish you a happy waiting time

      • Arie Beuker, de

        well 2018 is very acceptable to me.
        I hardly buy games immediately when they come out.

  • Anonymous

    “The announcement was met with much enthusiasm from the community,”

    The announcement was met with much skepticism at the time from the community.

    This should come as a surprise to no one. I will also not be surprised when they shoot for Q2 2014.

  • Marcel

    It gets hard, but i can wait until it’s done. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

  • Anonymous

    Feature creep.

    • Realkman666

      Probably the best example ever. The game looked playable late summer 2012, and it might be launched in 2014. I know they’re a small team and that they’re waiting to get it right, but hopefully the interest doesn’t die down before it’s released.

  • Jos

    no problem, I’ve got a backup pre-order 😉

  • Joe

    wow… just wow…..

  • vilivili

    I’m honestly frustrated!

  • Jim. C

    Thankfully Reiza are bringing us the goods.

  • MatzeLoCal

    I didn’t dare to predict that when the announce the pre-order. (I would have been down voted to hell 😉
    But sometimes the whole AC story reminds me to Racing Legends few years ago ( the guys at inside simracing spoke about it few shows ago).
    RL had some many great screens and so many features …. and was all vaporware.

    Please don”t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to AC but it’s so disappointing that the feed us with screens, but delay it over and over again and now the even delay the preorder.

    • WaitingForAC

      You can save the “vaporware” stuff for the iRacing forums. That was a popular one for a few months even with a fully functioning tecn preview.

      • MatzeLoCal

        The TechPreview is just a tech preview. It’s not the final game!

  • GamerMuscle

    Not sure why its an issue with some people ,no-one has given them any money kunos can do what they like.

    The moment a developer gets cash from the consumer that’s when they have a responsibility to make sure things work and patches come out in a timely fashion.

    Normally when you have a independent studio with a solid track record delays are often to the benefit of the end product improving core features fixing bugs and tightening content.

    I guess the fact that some are willing to make such a fuss over this shows how much interest there is in the game which can only be a good thing. ( assuming the end product is any good)

    • Horrace L Foster

      A wise and peace able man that you are!

  • Silvio

    tsc tsc tsc

  • Adrian Herrera

    I bought a new processor and videocard back in march in order to play Asseto Corsa when it was promised to be delivered in Q1 2013. Now my video card is almost a year old and the game doesn’t come out for another few months…

    This reminds me when I bought a PS3 to be ready to play GT5 as soon as it came out.. by the time GT5 came out I was already bored with the PS3 and had moved over to PC gaming and never actually enjoyed GT5 when I finally got it.

    • Francesco Kasta

      Patience is the virtue of the strong, my man

      • Anonymous

        No, patience is when you have something better to do… 😛

      • Francesco Kasta

        …or just “something else”…

    • GamerMuscle

      “I bought a new processor and videocard back in march in order to play Asseto Corsa ”

      Buying a video card just for one game , that’s not even out , not even up for pre order and does not have a officially confirmed date ?

      “when it was promised to be delivered in Q1 201”

      They said they wanted to have it done by then , Untill you hand over your cash to a developer then why would you expect it to be on x date ?

      “This reminds me when I bought a PS3 to be ready to play GT5 as soon as it came out..”

      Maybe there is a lesson to be learned… ?

      Go and play all the other simulators that are out try i racing out , pre order game stock car , try and set a world record lap time in NKP , try to get to the level where you can consistently come top 3 on public servers in GTR E or RF2 enter some of the competitions running in R3E , pay what you want for the humble bundle and play through that

      Its never been a better time for gaming !

      • Adrian Herrera

        I am not complaining, i am just commenting on the fact that i bought hardware in anticipation of the game and it still has a few months to come.

        BTW, I do own an active iRacing subscription, and participate in GSC2012 & rFactor Leagues. I also own all of simbins Race Series, NKpro, Ferrari Virtual Academy and Kart Racing Pro but dont play them that much anymore.. I also bought RF2 and use it every now and then. 😉

      • GamerMuscle

        Yah I’m waiting for AC as well and I only get real satisfaction from the physics models in NKP and RBR.

        But you cannot really blame a random company for you buying hardware in anticipation of there game given that games getting delayed has been going on for the last 20+years.

        Most the games I have really enjoyed playing have been delayed to some extent on pc.

        In terms of upgrading a GPU its normally best to give it 6 Months after a game comes out so that you can read bench marks for given GPU and know for sure it will run your specific game well.

        If you had paid for a pre order then Thats totally valid to be miffed when a game doesn’t come out or they mess up the launch but until you give them cash I don’t see where you are getting annoyed from.

      • Adrian Herrera

        I am not miffed. I am not blaming anyone. I am just making a comment on my luck. I was going to upgrade my pc anyway and figured a good time would be March in order to play AC on new hardware when it was supposed to be released. The same thing happened to me with GT5 and the PS3.

        I am not blaming Polyphony or Kunos, I am just saying i’ve had “bad luck” with software delays, but obviously it is not a big deal as long as it comes out sometime soon!

        Hope I made myself clear. Cheers.

      • Horrace L Foster

        I got you the first post, I feel the same way, its been a long time since I have been in anticipation for a sim since RF2, I found that I even want to try project cars, since I wont be plunking money down for a console, since the only game I like on them is Forza.

      • Anonymous

        Literally half of all games, hell other software as well, gets delayed. Such is the nature of it, because it’s extremely difficult to estimate how complicated the job will be as every piece of software is unique.

        Next time don’t trust release date of any game, for your own good. It only makes sense to trust when they’re talking about days and weeks because that means they have it >90% finished. However, 3 months usually means 3-9 months, that’s normal.

      • Racing jason

        i bought a triple screen hi-res monitor setup for nothing so far;)))

      • Anonymous

        10 years ago was the best time for our genre of gaming. Development is way more costly now

  • MC

    Oh well, hopefully I’ll be bored of GTA by the time this comes out =) I’d rather wait & get a good final product than something half finished released like with nKPro. By the time the final ver. had proper netcode etc. there were only a small number of people left playing.

  • Harry Tulloch

    this is a shame but not that big of a problem better to finish the game of and make it amazing that have a problem with it

    there is no “rush” to get the game out

    looks like ill have to buy f1 2013 with its “half baked historic cars concept”

  • Jim Lovingston

    AC is a small boutique sim. Most people are on rF2, iRacing and pCARS. The car in the AC Tech Preview drove like a slot car. You may like that – makes you think you are a ‘great driver’. If nKPro was so good, why is it dead? Why not just come out with nKPro2?

    • David Wright

      pCARs isn’t released yet, rF2 has hardly set the world alight and iRacing doesn’t have AI so doesn’t appeal to the large majority of sim-racers who don’t race on-line.
      nKPro is dead because it had no AI, weak netcode for an on-line only sim and very limited licensed content. It was also arguably too hardcore even for sim-racers and had an unconventional interface.

      AC addresses all these issues (or promises to do so in terms of netcode) and even adds moddability for those keen on that feature. It has far far broader appeal than nKPro, and its availability on steam will give it exposure to a far larger audience.

      • Roger Wallentin

        Well put!!

        I still drive nKPro though, so its not dead but I agree with Jim that it is not the mainstream sim (due to the reasons David listed)

        There is another factors as well, nKPro has not been updated for ages with new content or improvements. All the other current major sims listed gets frequent updates.

        Oh and btw the Lotus in the AC tech demo handles more realistically than any other simulation I’ve driven over the past 15 years on any platform. I drift fast cars IRL and the over the limit handling and feedback in AC is significantly better than anything else I’ve driven.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        your saying you know handling dynamics because you drift cars in real life? drifting is the figure skating of cars, when you can push cars through all segments of the cornering phase than talk, doing your ballerina car figure skating doesnt prove anything about racing handling, just holding long powersteer slides wow big deal, ive seen ppl hold power steer slides the first time getting the rear out, its the thing that requires the least amount of skill when taking a car to and past its limits.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        You do know that drifting is much more than throwing the tail out for one turn, right?

      • Roger Wallentin

        I agree driving a perfect line within the limit of traction is extremely hard to do for a driver, but it is not as demanding from a physics and vehicle dynamics perspective as when driving below to over the grip limit from side to side.

        In my experience after 15 years of sim racing and real fast driving is that the feedback and balance once you pass the grip limit is the hardest to get realistic in a simulation. The only sim to really get close to nailing this is AC and formerly nkPRO in my opinion. Surprisingly GT5 is the second closest for the road cars I’ve benchmarked (Corvette Z06, Ferrari F430, 458, Lambo 560-4, BMW M5 etc).

        The way the front and rear tires looses and retains grip and mainly the transition between push understeer and power oversteer and back + how steering input affects the relative position and offset between front and rear axle.

        Many sims does this quite good and I drive all major sims regularly and enjoy them. But only AC and some cars in nKpro has given me that “Deja vu” feeling that its just like in real life.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        If you think GT5 feels good, just wait til you try GT6. It makes GT5 feel like crap honestly.

        I know exactly what you’re saying though. I agree with everything you’ve said. No other sim comes close to the feel in AC

    • rbrfanatic .

      Arcade racer ALERT !

    • Anonymous

      “If nKPro was so good, why is it dead?”
      Because quality isn’t often proportional to popularity? Do you think NFS Most Wanted is better than nKP? It sold at least 100times more copies and isn’t dead so it’s better right?

    • Kendra Jacobs

      I think you are right the ac tech demo did drive a little too much like a slot car when pushing and makes you think your a great driver like you say. Just a little though. I still loved it but i think your right

  • Anonymous
  • Racing jason

    after following EVERY single post about AC the last 12 months i have now officially lost my interest in this game….my advice for kunos:
    dont spread all kind of teasers over SUCH a long period->
    the result is not high exitment…its way more frustration
    since the ever ongoing waiting time is just so typical for sim games

    • Roger Wallentin

      I don’t agree

      From my own perspective (following AC every single day for 12 months) I appreciate the frequent updates to see what is ongoing, makes it feel like I’m “part” of the project.

      Is it a pain to wait for something you want really badly? €[email protected]£$ Yes! And “Before Jan 2014” does hurt a lot. But not waiting is not an option so let’s just enjoy what is already out meanwhile and don’t look at the frequent updates if you don’t want to see them.

      From Kunos perspective ofcourse they should spread the word and market their title, they would be stupid not to. You would do the same if you where them.

      Having something to look forward to is a good thing! 🙂

    • Realkman666

      I’m deep into rF2 now and lovin’ it.

    • Avecezar

      You’ll regain your interest, because no other game can meet the hopes AC developed in you.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Agreed. They’ve been ridiculous with stupid teasers

  • rbrfanatic .

    He who waits for something good never waits too long !

    • ratsitsix


      I could easily wait another year for AC

      • rbrfanatic .

        I could wait 2 years – LOL

  • Big Ron

    Nothing wrong with delaying pre-orders or launches. But at least Kunos should choose the time and amount for teasers more carefully to not harm the mood of the people. It´s a bit annyoing to read and watch about the game about such a long period and then you still can´t buy it because they are sure and then unsure when to buy it so often.

    • Avecezar

      It’s a good sign when people’s mood is affected by such news. It means that people want the game badly and become frustrated because of the delay – which is 100% positive! I’m a little frustrated too because I want the game so much. We all want the game and we can be angry on Kunos but we will all return to them anyway because they are creating “the precious” 🙂

  • Marco Massarutto

    Time to make some clarification about the rumours related to pre-orders. We confirm we worked on this matter in the last two months. When we supposed that the entire process was almost ready to be started, our lead programmer unofficially confirmed on his personal twitter account that pre-orders would start very soon. This was supposed to be true. Sadly, in our Country the laws related to e-commerce are very complicated and inadequate for the digital distribution. At the last minute, just a couple of days before to launch the pre-order, we have been informed about some additional documentation and rules that don’t allow us to start the pre-order phase already set. This has nothing to do with Steam nor with the development of the game, it’s just burocracy. We understand you can be disappointed about it, but well, you can figure how much we are too. Anyway, if we made any mistake or lack in communication, we apologise for it. Everyone can make mistakes, we are not better than any other.

    Now we are working on a different strategy, with the aim to meet -as soon as possible – your wishes and our needs. As soon as we are able to give you more information, we’ll update you with more details, through our official channels. Meanwhile, thank you for your kind patience and support.
    Marco Massarutto
    Project&Licensing Manager
    Assetto Corsa

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Its ok Marco, gives you guys more time to perfect your physics which are already for the most part some of the best in the industry

    • ratsitsix

      You and your team has done an epic and fantastic job and I have no problems in waiting a few more months and by all means -DO NOT STRESS !

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Im glad this is getting delayed, the Pagani in the onboard video seemed to require much less lock than it should have to get corrected. For how big and nice those slides in the video were it should have required more steering lock and angle to correct and control them, seemed like an anti correction aid was on or something was disapointing compared to nkpro which was really good in that area.

    • ratsitsix

      Another expert
      I love it
      please don’t stop

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Pre-order delay? LOL This is why I’m waiting until the last minute to preorder this.

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