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Assetto Corsa – New Car Shader Previews

Kunos Simulazioni has released first previews of improved car shaders that will be coming to Assetto Corsa soon.

Kunos Simulazioni has released first previews of improved car shaders that will be coming to Assetto Corsa soon.

The previews below show the new shaders in effect on the Ferrari 458 Italia and the yet to be released Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

The next update for Assetto Corsa’s Early Access Beta is due in nine days time.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I think it’s pretty awesome that Kunos is still improving the already great graphics.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Pretty sure the next update is in 9 or 10 days, not weeks.

    • Olivier Prenten

      Am I wrong or I read somewhere there will be releasing an update every 2 weeks?

      • Jason Madigan

        that is correct Olivier, every two weeks there will be another update adding more content/features to the beta πŸ™‚

      • Marcel

        In 9days it is exactly two weeks after the last update… so you both are right πŸ˜‰

  • Alex Ventura

    Obviously improving GFX makes it more arcade. Y U NO LESS GREPHECS?!?

  • rob

    That is great news!
    I love good graphics.
    By the way, I counted 3500 new shaders in X-Motor Racing and new Nordschleife.

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    improving both graphics and physics is really NEXGEN.

    • Charles Sami Amyouni

      better than that crappy E3 presentation of FM5 whereas the retail’s graphics was degraded – “NEXGEN”? R-I-G-H-T… :v

      • kahel grahf

        Answering to yourself…nice touch.

        But yeahhhhh, they had a titan running FM5 during E3. And this time they decided to make money out of the things people seems to still buy, so obviously performance are not so great. Good for them (microsoft and sony), can’t blame them to get as much as they can, for the time it last.

  • Olivier Prenten

    GO KS GO!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yup, those guys are keeping ALL the expectations to date…when we talk about such limited team (in terms of number of persons, that is), that has to gain the respect of the comunity…at least, they totally have mine…THANKS

    • Adrian Herrera

      I am loving AC so far, but let’s not forget they are already a good 9 months behind schedule. We were originally promised a complete game by 2013 and I don’t see that happening.

      Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand and have patience for Kunos, but let’s not get carried away saying they are keeping ALL expectations to date… they are already way behind schedule.

      • Anonymous

        That’s right…and the cause for that delay is exactly the same that makes my admiration…the lack of resources!…even by ISI standards they’re small team, perhaps Reiza is of the same size and people will say that they have released already a bunch of titles, but as i said before, let’s compare what is comparable, AC is coming from a new engine, and Reiza titles (that i love) comes directly from ISI rfactor more than developed engine, so only as a bad joke, we can compare…
        They have set theire goal in a very ambitious way, trying to deliver state of the art physics engine, and state of the art graphics, among several others….ISI only recently have started to seriouslly develop graphics, pcars in the other hand has always put theire emphasis in graphics in detriment of physics…these guys are trying to get the best of the 2 worlds, and with far amount of resources, that’s why i admire what done so far….i never get carried way, i always said that one of the downsides are the far less amount of original content, but even that mey have a future solution if modding tools/platform is more user friendly than theire rivals.

        I don’t care wich is best, as long as me as final user, can enjoy them at theire best!

  • GulyΓ‘s TamΓ‘s

    I love frequent updates …

  • Caledon80 .

    I’ll not be that highly impressed with any updates until multiplayer comes along, or at least some AI to see how good a job has been done with that. Although hot lapping in AC is more fun than it is in most any sim I’ve tried it still gets tedious after a while. New shaders?…meh! πŸ™‚

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Its funny how people always complain…

    Wayback in the rF/GTR2 days people complain that there’s no realtime reflection, occlusion, motion blur, etc. Now the NEXGEN is entering – people complain that those aren’t needed.
    For pete’s sake make up your mind! I mean really, AC just began its journey a few weeks ago and it already made some huge progress. Its getting there – give it some time people, Kunos isn’t a big developer group yet so give it a chance.
    At this level its already impressive that even one of my oldest computer (C2D E7400) was able to run it running at 45 FPS solid with the World set to High and Shadow set to Med (reflection set at 3 on low) at 720p.

    Even on rFactor 2 – I couldn’t even hit that FPS even if set all to low under the same specs.

    • Caledon80 .

      AC began it’s journey around 1878, the time Netkar pro or whatever it was called before then started development. I think 1878 was about the date that Scawen initially announced S3 for LFS as well πŸ˜›

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Are there any S3 image meme’s around? There must be


  • Silvio

    People, I think that here is not the right place to have this conversation, but if anyone knows how to improve this, please, let me know: I got a 32″ TV with 1360 x 768 resolution in a position that is very near the steering wheel. So, due its resolution, size and proximity, the image appears too much jagged, specially for far objects. I set, with nVidia inspector, the transparency sparse grid to 8, and AA in game to 8 too. It has got better viewing, but it is still very rough . Does anyone knows if there is some kind of adjustment to do or any other way to fix this, apart from changing AA settings?

    • kahel grahf

      Low resolution, relatively big screen and very close…You just doing everything wrong with what you have…i mean your TV is meant to be watch from a certain distance…
      You can’t fix that with setting…AA help but it’s not even close to enough…the only thing that can fix your problem is an higher resolution screen…
      Bottom line the closer you want to be to the screen the bigger your resolution should be.
      Play an hour, maybe your eyes will get somewhat used to it.

      Ps : Do you experience the same problem with other sim or it is worst with AC?

      • Silvio

        This is a problema with the screen, not the game. I though maybe would have some trick to improve it, but that is what you say.

        In fact the TV is in a good distance from my eyes for a cockpit solution, not for a movie or FPS games.

        This low res is bad for eye candy but good for performance (frame per second). In fact my 24″ screen (1920 full HD) has broken and I’m waiting for it to be fixed.

      • kahel grahf

        BTW you said you put AA in-game…maybe you try to put the Anti aliasing from the driver directly…sometimes it help…

      • C4

        Yes. No idea which is best in AC, but you need high AA or render in a higher resolution and downscale (should work through driver in nVidia?)

      • Silvio

        I think that I made the best I could: 8x transparency via nvidia inspector and 8x AA inside the game (if these values are not equal the image is blurry).

        I really don’t know too much about this resources, but what I understood is that transparency AA is exactly what improves AA through the glass, like the vision we have in the windshield in the cockpit view. Of course there is no image “through” the windshield, that is just a 2D representation of something to cheat our senses πŸ™‚

        The recomendation I read somewhere is to use AA from inside the game, not from graphical driver. I really think the unique solution must be better screen resolution. I’ll buy some better TV (full HD) as soon as po$$ible…

      • C4

        I see.

        “The recomendation I read somewhere is to use AA from inside the game, not from graphical driver.”

        Depends but driver settings can sometimes cause issues, and there are also differences between the 2 vendors so if Ingame AA works properly it should be the best choice in ideal case, yes.

  • Jorge Araujo

    And another nail in the rFactor 2 coffin πŸ™

    • Silvio

      I just laughed

    • F1Racer

      Why even bother saying these things ? I don’t think true sim-racers would ever come out with something like that.

      There seem to be two factions of sim-racer these days. One of them just wants to rip into the ones that aren’t their favourite and the other would prefer all of them to be successful. I’m in the 2nd group.

      • kahel grahf

        Maybe he is genuinely sad that people won’t even bother care/bother give a try to rfactor 2 in the future because of the hype AC seems to have.
        Feels like a rational concern. Would be a shame in my point of view.

        And if he is not a ‘true sim-racers’, i guess only time, getting involve, doing mistake will help him become one.

      • F1Racer

        Yes maybe. I don’t think he was gloating over it. But I hope he’s wrong. I want rF2 to succeed because ISI has given us so much and my sim-racing hobby would be a lot more empty without them.
        For me though, and like a few other people, I’m not a fan the physics of the ISI cars in rF2 (with the exception of the Clio). I think the ‘green’ track state is too overdone for what we need.

        But that aside, we’ve seen from the mods of MAK and URD that it can be really good and rF2 has features already that AC is nowhere near to having.
        So, something for everyone there.

    • AL_D

      Damn right! If the mod support is as half as good as RF2, this game will rock the whole modding community. Hope ISI will realize soon that their lazy and arrogant behavior caused that alsmost all good modders quit modding and sqitch to other platforms like AC.

      • o0THX11380o

        The mods are all made with the FBX file format. FBX is universal in just about every 3d editing program. Its going to be game changing. I think it is one of the best decisions the devs have made so far. Just watch, when the mod tools get released, there will be thousands of mods in a very short period of time. It’s going to be epic.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Nice! Any idea on how much of a FPS hit are the new reflections going to be?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just noticed something pretty interesting. Now when we all enjoy AC in front of our screens, every update on graphics or other neat feature is more than welcome! Remember the reactions two months ago. πŸ˜€

    • Silvio

      Yes, in fact now we have something to enjoy, so any update is now a real thing to deal with, and yes, everything causes “good reactions” here πŸ™‚

  • wade

    does anyone no a gd setting for g27 wheel? im struggling setting up this game i love playing it but cant get the wheel right mainly the rotation degree, it is set to 900 in the settings which kunos has provided for the g27 but it seems 2 much i cant find the right balance, any help would be appreciated

    • johan84

      You should be set 900 degrees in Game and in Profiler but in “Global Device Settings” , because aparently Assetto Corsa DONΒ΄T TAKE a Specific Game Profile that you are setup in Profiler with .exe of the Sim ,

      Assetto Corsa ONLY take Global Devices Settings

      • wade

        ok thanks, im new to sim racing so i find it hard to set up properly

    • Anonymous

      I’m running on a G25 and I have rotation on the desktop to 900 degrees, 100% overall effects strength. spring 0%, Damper 0% and centering 1%. I also used Logitech profiles and set the brake axis to 60 for sensitivity, a dead zone of 3. In Assetto Corsa, steering 900 degrees, gain to 75%, filter 0%, Damping 0%, Kerb effects 125%, Road effects 150%, slip effects 75%, Gamma setting 1% brake gamma 3.80%. Feels great to me. I can feel all sorts of things with these settings, nothing that I wouldn’t feel irl. I am still experimenting. Hope this helps.

      • wade

        thanks man, i did not have the logitech profiler installed so i put that on and set it and seems to be working excellent now a massive difference, it can be a confusing process if u dont no wat ur doing like me haha but thanks for help

      • Anonymous

        Some say the profiler has no effect but I set it anyway. Glad to have helped.

  • Metal Machine

    Such small team working with such speed….GOogogog πŸ˜€

  • James Brown

    they are really working hard..

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    The one thing I don’t think needs improving right now is the car models. It seems like a lot of developers focus so much on the cars, and kind of forget the tracks. Not that AC’s tracks look bad, but they don’t look as good as their cars.

    AC already has the best car models ever besides Driveclub. I don’t see a need for better car models. Improve the track environments. The mountains in the background of Mugello don’t look good, start there

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