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Assetto Corsa – New Bonus Pack Car Revealed

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new preview of the upcoming bonus DLC pack, revealing another addition to their Assetto Corsa simulation.

Kunos Simulazioni has released  a new preview of the upcoming bonus DLC pack, revealing another addition to their Assetto Corsa simulation.

As visible in the preview, the bonus pack will contain the Alfa Romeo MiTo, adding yet another road car to the simulation.

It looks like the free DLC pack will continue AC’s focus on road-going machinery as the MiTo joins the Audi Quattro Sport and the Toyota GT86 as part of the five-car pack as Assetto Corsa continues to focus a lot on road cars.

Aside from the five new cars, the pack will also introduce a new track – The Circuit Zandvoort.

  • Chris McLellan

    No arguments yet?…I think the black car in the distance may be an Audi. Anyway new content is always good, and it will come with much needed bug fixes and features.

  • Leeman

    Another Alfa. Ugh. Looking forward to Zandvoort though.

  • Sigmatc

    Any addition is welcome. And I’m Happy with this

  • MC

    I know road cars are popular, but personally I’d like to see some more modern single-seaters.

  • Glenn Frost

    Formula Ford…would be good!

  • PC49NZ

    Thank you Kunos, I’m just happy to get any new race car.

    • Ioannis

      but there are no race cars on this pack

      • Pablo Coronel


    • QUF

      Well you rather buy a car pack with street cars or receive those street cars in a free car pack, and instead get a package of more race orientated cars? Unless you don’t want the Nissan GTR street car from the bonus pack (I think will be included).

  • Andy Jones

    “Your Racing Simulator”. Racing.

    Who races an Alfa Romeo MiTo?

    • Jos

      well, theres a dedicated fiat abarth server.

      so, people do.

    • QUF

      Racing is a sport of racing anything.

      • Andy Jones

        Yes, but people don’t race road cars. Even in production-class racing the cars are race-prepped – stripped interior, roll cage etc. The closest you would get with a standard road car is a track day, where you don’t actually race. Anyway, my point is that this ‘racing’ simulator could really do with more actual racing cars. If we’re spending our time lapping on racetracks, surely we ought to be doing that in cars prepared and optimised for that specific purpose?

      • QUF

        Well they are still working on race cars, so that aspect isn’t abandoned. But for this bonus pack seems we will get mainly or just street cars, along with Zandvoort track. And for this track we already have a good selection of GT3 and 90s DTM cars.

      • Al_D

        It’s not for purist racer fans (my guess is probably yourself) I agree, but some people like racing these street cars (like myself and a few others on my league), not every car has to pull 2+ lateral G’s on the corner to be fun.

  • noroardanto

    Atlanta Motorsports Park please 😀 had so much fun with NSX on rF2 with this track. This track is awesome with street legal performance cars and AC has lots of them.

  • Pro Racer-Motorsport

    I need a 1999-2000 BMW E46 325ci Coupe. If it is ever possible to do. I will be driving one of these on the Nurburgring in September and having one in AC would be great to practice with.

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