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Assetto Corsa – More Gameplay Videos

More and more gameplay footage of Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa simulation is becoming available.

The first batch of Radiator Spring Racing’s videos from their visit to Kunos Simulazioni has already created quite a lot of buzz and here’s more to keep the discussions fueled.

RSR have released two more videos, showing the recently-announced BMW 1 Coupe and the Tatuus FA01 open wheeler in action.

The RSR guys aren’t the only ones who got to try Assetto Corsa and brought a camera as AutoSimSport’s Jon Denton has released a short video of him trying the new simulation as well.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Anonymous

    I watched the BMW vid a thousand times only today.

    in-game 900 degree sterring wheel turning is so sexy

    • Kris Baxter

      Hmm, yeah, but I’m not entirely convinced, there was a lot of steering wheel movement going down that straight and no response from the car. Looked like it had the responsiveness of Shift1 to me.

      I’ll watch the other videos though, as maybe it looked worse than it really was.

      • Anonymous

        The guy was clearly wobbling the car to test the physics , its a good way to see what kind of feel a simulator has for basic grip of the tires and what the basic FFB effect feels like for weight transition.  

        Have you played FVA or NKP ? both are amazing it would be very unlikely for them to suddenly make a game with awful feel after making two of arguably the best simulators on the market. 

        The only issues with there old games is netcode and lack of user base , if this game fixes that then it seems like NKP will be where I will spend most my time.

  • Anonymous


    I have a feeling Assetto Corsa is going to be the best sim of 2012/2013

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Gotta say it looks very nice in motion.

  • Derek Speare

    Is that “Mr T” by chance in the background? 😉

  • Skytrill .

    This sim feels like a dream.. I hope it’ll stays on track (lame pun intended)

    Are there any chances we’ll get an offline championship mode? I haven’t gathered much infos on the planned features. NKP is still a reference to me physic-wise but I still enjoy championships in GP4 so that would be a big Plus to me 🙂

  • Diromo

    Commenting conversation behind camera in 3rd video about 800 cars – if you spend all day talking about suspension model only, this doesn’t mean you can include 5 cars with awesome handling in the game and expect to be good seller 🙂  I get the point, but you can’t write that on cover. As offten is said – “we didn’t had much time” is not argument”.

    About the game itself – very nice looking game (overall, not only graphics). Needs offline championchip & promissed modding possibility and I’m in 🙂

    • Andrea Candini

       Well, it depends who you are selling to. 😉 We already have some great cars and some great (laser scanned) tracks, plans also are to release definitely more than 5 cars with the first release.
      I do prefer to have these 10/15 cars (or whatever they’ll be) properly realized rather than 800/1000 copies of each other. 🙂 Time is definitely an argument (especially if you bring GT5 in comparison who was developed for 5/6 years), just like money: give Kunos 100 people to work on the sim and all the money Sony gave to Poliphony and I think he’ll be more than happy to increase the number of cars in AC. 😀

      • Big Ron

        I think it depends on the amount of staff a developer has and the money how much cars he can include. If Kunos Simulazioni would be a team of 100 staff with millions budget there would be probably more than 10 cars. But nevertheless it also depends on what they try to submit. If they want to show different driving characteristics, ten cars can really be enough. But trying to make a career or racing series will be different, of course.

      • rui silva

        I prefer to see it the other way round … imagine Kunos had 100 ppl and millions to play with and only had 10/15 cars ?!?!?! IMAGINE HOW GOOD THE SIM WOULD BE  0 / !!!!!!! ( aaahhhh … almost drowned in my own drool )

      • Anonymous

         Worse.  100 people messing with the physics means it’ll end up a watered down version of its original self.   
        Much like writing a movie or a TV show,  the more people who have their 2 cents in, the worse it gets. 
        Also you don’t need millions to have good physics.

        The more poeple you have, the more wages you need to pay and therefore the bigger the market you have to sell to.   Sim-racers are not the bigger market.

      • rui silva

         well  i was going by that old saying …” 2 ( or more ) heads are better then 1 ” ^^

      • Anonymous

         Here’s another..   “Too many cooks spoil the broth”

      • Guilherme Cramer

        “too many posts makes it hard to read everything, while I try to catch up”.


    • Pascal

      Better have 5cars with good physics, like arcade with 200+ cars. 

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s completely obvious what he meant and that it wasn’t a marketing comment about sales… Sales or impact on sales is an utterly irrelevant subject to bring up in context to his comment.

      It was a candid opinion that If you try to include 500 cars, you are guaranteed flawed handling regardless of talent. If you try to include 5 or 10, depending on talent, you can create excellent handling and nuances. If you are going to try to build a sim, it’s blatantly the way to go.

  • Big Ron

    In the BMW-video you can see input lag at the first seconds. Makes me think about why people made so much noise when pCARS suffered from it. Seems to be not a pCARS problem.

    The gameplay videos look very nice, AC looks really promising in motion. One thing I miss a bit is suspension animation.

    • Markus Ott

       Sure fact. Because AC is a sim and pCARS is arcadey. And because Kunos is a god, input lag isn’t something that must be mentioned in AC, it will just the best sim of all times!

      Ok, ok… enough of this 🙂

      But these are very hard times for sim racers, as all their beloved believings they defended for SO many years get destroyed. First they have to accept that sims can have nice graphics like pCARS and AC. And now the driving model in AC seems to provide more stable grip and less wheel cranking. How can that be? pCARS was so baaaaaad because it is driveable, and now AC seems to go the same way. Hardcoresimracers world goes doooooooown. For me that’s quite funny how two games go to the same direction, while one gets flamed and the other one gets godlike status.

      • Ricoo

        Hypocrits not really. When you play the previous title from both company, there is no picture. nKPro is way a head of Shift series and is still way a head of pCARS in FFB.

      • Anonymous

        I guess people criticizing thinking history from both devs…

        I dont flame pCars but i think has to prove..everyone compares it with NFS etc..They do this comparison cause i think that they had enough of titles that were promising to be “THE” simulators..(doesnt mean that flaming some people who try to deliver is good,no of course).

        Now,Kunos has proved how good he is to code realistic physics,and people get excited(and me) cause we know what he is capable of.Thats why in many of my posts im suggesting for people that dont know netkar/fva to go try them and if they want then buy them to support also Kunos.Kunos wrote 20 lines of code for FFB in netkar,giving us so much info in our wheels when others were annoucing aewsome simulators.Still many sims have flaws in physics or strange ffb’s and Kunos 20 lines are there in netkar.His tyre model is top even now in 2012!Cars handle superb etc etc..

        And u expect community to get excited with pCars? Its not fair..but its not fair to flame also.
        Im not excited with pCars cause other titles proved how dificult are physics.

        Another big example is iracing.Or may i say iracing 2?(lol)Even now,today,10/5/2012,after so many updates,thousands of dollars/euros spent/supporting from members,in slow speed corners cars loose grip or strange tyre model,or even strange ffb sometimes which doesnt let u enjoy the driving or drive on limit.

        I think u got my point,but that doesnt mean that is everyone’s opinion cause ill say why,just for only 1 reason:
        not everyone is enjoying a sim with good physics etc..there are many reasons to enjoy a sim.There are “players” that may enjoy a sim for diferent reasons,and there are simmers that enjoy sims with at least good pysics.

        PS:be aware that im not saying that players are bad and simmers good or the opposite,im categorizing it cause a simmer in general enjoys the limits so usually 1st thing he sees is physics ffb.Players usually enjoy more to grab the wheel and make some laps/races etc and sometimes may not see if physics have flaws etc and so they dont mind.
        Both are welcome cause the point is everyone to enjoy the sim for his reasons.

      • Anonymous

        The people look at AC diferently because we know how much great NKpro physics were. One of, if not the best, sim physics out there. Therefore, Kunos don’t need to prove anything. As I said before, I honestly don’t think they’ll just go a major step behind and deliver an inferior physics than of NKpro. 

        SMS have Shift games, that in my very honest opinion, have terrible physics even for arcade standards. Also, their latest soon to be realesd project, TD Ferrari racing lengends (wich I was looking foward to), from footage it seems that will have the same exagerated oversteer-ridden gameplay of Shift games, wich is unfortunate because the graphics are great, just like shift games. I wish they could make an arcade physics similar to Race Driver GRID or F1 games from codemasters.

        I’m not saying that PCARS is going to suck because of other SMS work, but they’re very far behind of Kunos regarding simulation accomplishments. therefore, this is particulary is not debatable.

      • Anonymous

         How can you complain about the Ferrari game ?  It’s hardly fair to complain about it not being a simulation when it isn’t really meant to be.
        I think some sim-racers expect every contemporary racing game to be a pure sim and then criticising when it isn’t, regardless of if it’s meant to be or not.

      • Anonymous

        Huh, what? When did I complain about it not being a simulaiton? Please, read the post again.

        “SMS have Shift games, that in my very honest opinion, have terrible physics even for arcade standards ”

        “I wish they could make an arcade physics similar to Race Driver GRID or F1 games from codemasters. ”

        “their latest soon to be realesd project, TD Ferrari racing lengends seems to have the same exagerated oversteer-ridden gameplay of Shift games”

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough.

      • Anonymous

        you can’t compare the amount of input lag seen in the video to the amount i get in pcars, as for both titles i’m sure i will love them both on release with all the bugs ironed out!

      • Anonymous

        As it is in its current build pCARS still suffers from really bad physics when cars over steer or when there is any slip angle. 

        People will likely be more optimistic for AC over pCars as NKP and FVA represents some of the best if not the best physics with some of the cars in the game.

        NKP for me was always the most drivable of all the simulators same with FVA that’s what makes it such a grate sim , just as in real life its not hard to drive a car if you have feel and its not hard to keep a car on a track but it should be hard if not imposable to drive it perfectly and that’s what makes it addictive. to me pCars is very easy to drive , so long as you are not pushing on the limit as soon as you are testing the boundaries of grip then it all goes to shit , If they fix that then I will buy the game there is plenty of time and it would be nice to see SMS return to its roots.

      • rui silva

         well atleast you´re bitching about something other then the sims themselves, good for you !! ^^

      • gt3rsr

        AC goes in the same way as pCARS? You made my day!

    • Radek Żukowski

      How on earth can you complain about product that isn’t released to public in any form?
      People will complain about it when they experience it themself (doesn’t matter if alpha, beta or final).

      • Big Ron

        Dude, nobody complained about anything. It was an allusion to those who always complain about it. I give a shit on virtual input lag since it doesn´t disturb my driving experience. 

        I find the video footage pretty impressive.

    • General Rush Hour

      Vsync could be enabled. 

      Go and try out NKPro and FVA, then come back with what you will find. 

    • Anonymous

      NKP is probably the best simulator in terms of raw physics and feel and I haven’t noticed issues with the steering wheel in that so its unlikely to be an issue with this. 

      However the steering wheel not matching up 1-1 is an issue with most the games and can be down to many factors (fps , animation , vsynk, camcoder and tv mhz ) Personaly I race with the wheel off , I dont know why people would want an in-game wheel on , it feels far more immersive to line your real FFB wheel up with your screen , rather than drive with two wheels. 

      Guess in game wheel is good if you have a tiny screen or are playing with a joystick with more arcade games. A 42″ tv only costs £270-£350 now so If your going to spend £120-£250 on a FFB wheel and £600-£900 on a pc a large HD LCD tv is not really that much of a cost for what it offers in return.

      You should play NKP or FVA both of them are exceptional and have some cars that represent the best physics possible on a consumer computer.  Granted i-racing has some cars that are top notch and so does RF2.

      • rui silva


      • B V

        I like the handling of the F1 in FVA. On the other hand have you ever driven a F1 to be sure that the physics and handling are correct? Or is it just us PC racers wanting to believe that it mimics reality as close as possible?

        On the contrary, the 458 seems to be far from being realistic. It understeers when low speed and oversteers going highspeed. But it’s exactly the other way round. Watch races of the 458 and you can see the difference.

      • Anonymous

        Personally I don’t care so much if its “correct” its more just a case of depth and consistency I’m probably never going to drive an F1 car in my life , sure be nice to have a simulation that is in actuality and realty spot on but simulators have other issues outside of the physics meaning they will never be 1-1 with real life. 

        In the end the F1 car in FVA offers a depth consistency and feel that is unmatched by any other sim , Though there are some F1 mods in RF1 that are fine. The F1 car in FVA still has some issued and some exploitable physics characteristics that I don’t think would happen in real life. 

    • Anonymous

       Isn’t it normal to see this input lag effect when seeing a video of someone playing a sim where you see the TV screen ?
      The ‘live’ footage of the person driving will be updating quicker than the response of the monitor which has to sync to the camera taking the video.   Something like that I`d think
      And I think the result of that would explain why we see an apparent lag on the video but the driver isn’t seeing it.

      I might be wrong, maybe someone who knows better can answer that one.

  • Slaven Corluka

    I can’t believe some people would still hint that these videos look like shift 1 or 2.  Are you frikin kidding me?  I haven’t seen a single pCars video where car would twitch and loose some control and a player actually fighting for grip with steering wheel.    Please don’t be hating just because your beloved pCars are still not producing in physics department. 

    • Jukka Karppinen

      Probably they have never played nkp. I am and i know physics will be absolutely top quality.

      • Anonymous

         That’s a tough thing  to “know.”  In my opinion rF2 drives like crap compared to rF1. You can assume, but until you drive you simply do not know.

      • Jukka Karppinen

         Right, maybe “i believe” is better word than “i know” at this point, but i can’t see how they would possibly make bad physics after nkp and p&g (aris). But we’ll see…i don’t have rF2 so i can’t say anything about that.

      • Anonymous

         Not saying that I have any doubts they will deliver. I hate to say it, but NKP is about the only sim released in the last decade that I don’t own. From the sounds of it I’m missing out and may have to research a bit more 🙂 .

        But, like I said, I dislike rF2 to the point where I don’t even drive it-ever. Yet I still turn a lot of laps with rF1 in a variety of cars/mods. When new this or that is released for rF2, I try it, but until something feels good I’m out.

      • General Rush Hour

        That was the first time i heard that one. 

  • Anonymous

    Really nice. Physics actually looks top notch. The only thing don’t like is the sound of the tire squeal, which is similar to nkPro and I hate it.  Hopefully this game will come out ahead of the other upcoming sim titles.

    • Giovanni Scala

      I think that sounds are just placeholders at the moment 😉

      • Radiator Springs Racing Team

        As we said already on our forum, Kunos Marco and Aris said that sounds are placeholders, graphics is not optimized, there are a lot of things to be refined, and other still to be added.

        This is just a WIP version. It’s just showing what’s the current status of the development. So take it as it is.

        I can tell you that although it’s a WIP is already more than impressive!

      • Steve Ford

        This is the problem with releasing WIP videos, haters pick apart every detail and complain about it like it’s a finished product.  Developers never win in this situation.  Kunos should not have let these videos been released. He’s better off people complaining about no news than “OMG I spotted something”.

      • rui silva

         Haters will always hate, no matter how pretty the picture is, they will always find something they dont like and bitch about it … what can we do? Dismiss them and keep true to the work ^^ .

      • Steve Ford

        Very true.  Kunos tweeted that he was very happy with the impressions people had of the videos and he might release some crappy videos to bring expectations down.  lol. 

      • Anonymous

         Haha, that would be genius 🙂

      • General Rush Hour

        This “problem” though is a minority compared to us who realize the game is halfway done. 

        Atleast we don´t hear Stefano claiming it´s pre-zeta.

      • B V


      • Anonymous

        I don’t think Kunos should not have release the videos but I agree with the rest you’ve said. 
        If Kunos didn’t post the vids then the terrorists win 🙂

  • Luke Russell

    A company is only as good as their previous products. 

    Kunos = nKP and FVA.
    SMS = shift series.


    • Eric Zehnder

       You do realize that some of the SMS devs are made up of people who made GTR2, GPL, and even Richard Burns Rally, yes?

      Also, most people loved Codemasters’ DiRT 1 and hated DiRT 2.

      Past games mean nothing.

      • Matt Orr

        Yep, they have the names. Such a shame their physics are rather iffy at this point in time and thanks to the way pC is run, we still don’t really know if they will become sim or simcade. Perfect saying for this – what have you done for me lately.

        pC reminds me of what Shi(f)t wanted to be – an immersive driving experience that was “feel” rather than cold hard numbers. It’s really good (particularly in the sounds – that Zonda with my headset… OMG) but at the same time it isn’t the next hardcore sim as it stands.

        Plus, nKP was probably the best physically and FFB wise for a long while, and could even remain in the fight today for that title right now as it is.

      • Anonymous

        My uneducated guess is to stay alive SMS made a deal with the devil ( EA ) and yes their reputation with the simcrowd is damaged because of that. I still think they deserve the chance considering the progress they’re making with every build.I sincerely hope for Kunos they can just keep producing hardcore sims and stay alive.
        Ultimately it’s up to us simplayers to get as many people as we know to play and love hardcore sims so that the publishers have less of a say in how our racing games turn out.

      • Anonymous

        Past games are a good bench mark for what a studio will do , you proved that with your comment.

        as you said SMS have made shift but also back in the day they  did GTR2 and have staff from other games so from that its not unreasonable that they could make a more arcade/forza style game with pcars or they could make it into a sim. You can see past developments and specific engines and see characteristics through each product , especially when a company is using the same technology which is often what they do , even more so  if it was there original engine in the first place. Also if a developer is shooting for multi platform then the game does not need to be as spot on in the simulation to reach its sales targets. But if its PC only then the game realy has to have comparatively high quality physics to stand out over the other simulators on the market. 

      • General Rush Hour

        And i hope you realize that PCARS is nothing like GTR2 GPL and even RBR… 

      • B V

        As you would know 😉

      • D

         And this is all relevant to the above gameplay videos how?…

      • B V

         Maybe you should direct your question to the guys who brought up the SMS/pCARS comparison, shouldn’t you? 😉

      • D

         Sorry B V I just picked your comment to reply but it was aimed at the discussion above…

      • B V

         Don’t be sorry, it’s ok 😉

      • Big Ron

        It´s probably what GTR2, RBR and GPL were in it´s first days: a project in development.

        Comparing a sim in development with released game is a total fail.

      • Anonymous

         Thats right.  The other 3 are finished products.

      • General Rush Hour

        For a blind man that is true. For the man who can see things are a bit different. 

      • Anonymous

        The blind man is the one that doesn’t realise that a lot of things can change from pre-alpha to final.  The man who can see opens his eyes to that fact.

      • spamsac

        Eero (of RBR fame) is no longer at SMS, and hasn’t been for quite a while now. I don’t know if anyone else who used to be at Warthog now works at SMS.

    • B V

      Obvious troll and unqualified comment.
      Shift is as EA wanted it to be. SMS delivered. Today SMS is mostly the former SimBin team and made hardcore sims like GTR, GTR2 and GT Legends.

      So before posting nonsense you better not post at all.

      On topic…AC shapes up nicely so far.

      • Tomas Beha

        And again “GTR, GTR2 and GT Legends are all based on ISI’s gMotor2…”

      • Anonymous

         So what ?  Switching engines doesn’t mean you lose your skill.

      • Tomas Beha

        Correct, and I hope for the best for both pcars and AC – I’m just saying, that the Simbin titles have always been more like professional modding, using ISI’s engine.

      • Firefox


        They did their own FFB and graphical elements like sunflare.I would not call that ‘only’ professional modding.

      • B V

         You know what…most sims out there are still based on ISI’s engine…now go figure

    • General Rush Hour

      Right on the money Luke.

    • Anonymous

       For a lot of the guys at SMS, their previous products include GTR, GTR2 and GT Legends.

      Shift 1/2 is like it is because it had to appeal to mass market and they had to work around EA’s directive.
      It wasn’t geared for the purist sim racer alone so why neg on it as if it were ?

      • Tomas Beha

         GTR, GTR2 and GT Legends are all based on ISI’s gMotor2…

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        And your point is? Those games were still developed by what now is the SMS staff. The fact that it’s ISI’s engine does not mean that they didn’t do any work on the physics, content, or that they did not make any changes to the source code.

      • Tiago Lapa

        They all have the same basic feel from ISI engine.

      • Anonymous

        Liam Neeson did Star Wars and Taken.   Talent is still there.

      • Steve Ford

        ISI’s gmotor is one of the best physics engines around.  😉

      • Anonymous

        I think half the reason SMS get stick is because the marketing strategy for the shift series, Dubbing it as the most realistic thing since the beginning of time! we all knew that was BS! and it’s got them rep for being liars, who can blame the people here for having doubts? that is all!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe so.  I would say some people need to learn not to take marketing spiel so literally or seriously.
        Besides with SMS latest delivering there are no reasons for doubts as you get to try it as it’s being made. So no-one can cry foul.

  • Jukka Karppinen

    Why put pcars against AC? Both are currently w.i.p. and no one knows yet how good or bad they will be when ready. Knowing Kunos and Aristotelis work i do believe AC will be awesome but i think pcars have potential to be very good too when physics are ready. Give both of them change:)

  • Anonymous

    I love the way the women are just looking out of the window in the first Video..

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Some people cry out for more images and videos, and once they get it they begin to moan and make future predictions without apparently taking the past history into any consideration. It does happen with other games but more specifically Assetto Corsa, the two previous games are Ferrari Virtual Academy, NetKar Pro and NetKar.

    How can final judgment be passed on a w.i.p. product as seen from a cell phone recording? If you guys want to moan about anything, then pass your concerns regarding AI and online, which could be a possible point of concern… though it is highly unlikely the team will release a non-fully functional game.

  • Anonymous

    looks stunning, keep up the work! F-abarth looks great!

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