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Assetto Corsa – Monza Race Gameplay Video

mozart2612 has uploaded a great gameplay video of Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa title.

mozart2612 has uploaded a great gameplay video of Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa title.

Recorded at GamesCom, the video shows a full five-lap race at Monza in the BMW Z4 GT3, using the title’s “Pro” handling mode.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

GamesCom visitors can give Assetto Corsa a try themselves as the alpha version is playable at the Acer booth B50 in hall 10.1.

  • karthik pai

    Seems pretty solid… But the AI would need some more development I guess… Judging by the amount of movement he s giving into the steering, the track’s very bumpy or the Car’s nice and twitchy under braking… That would be nirvana…

    • cee cee

      Auto Gear for sure, but looking great. Suddenly a couple of other expected games are losing their attraction (a bit :-)). A definite buy here, even with assists it looks good ! Keep up the good work, guys !

  • Vinicius Matheus

    Are they running with VSync on? That’s a hell of a lot of steering lag.

    • Anonymous

      really? I don’t see any lag here

      • General Rush Hour

        Try hitting play next time.

      • Anonymous

        I watched the video…and I watched it again now and I still can’t see any input lag

      • Anonymous

        You’re the only one who can’t see the lag on these videos. Not sure you’re trolling

      • Anonymous

        I am not trolling. While watching what is on his screen and with keeping his wheel in sight it seems that they are synchronized in movement. Only time when it seems to me like there is little lag is when he is making quick corrections.

    • Anonymous

      People that tested AC like RSR back then when they visited Kunos HQ,they said NO steering lag! Im just mentioning cause many have this question.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      All games that are filmed with a camera always appear to have input lag, I remember reading somewhere that it has something to do with the refresh rate on the monitor not matching the camera.

      • Mike

        It does sound plausible but I don’t think a digital camera that shoots at x frame-rate would differentiate between the movement on the screen and out of the screen. If it does happen what you would probably see if some amount of ghosting or speed blur on the screen. The actual movement would match but you’ll see blurring occur on the screen if, for example, the screen’s refresh rate is higher that what’s the camera is capable of (e.g. the camera shoots at 30 fps and the screen refreshes at 60 fps). No blurring would occur if the camera matches the screen’s refresh rate or shoots higher.

        In the old day of analog camera/TV- instead of a blur, you’d see vertical lines moving up/down the TV.

      • myName

        The camera only shows what it sees. If you have steering lag the camera shows it. It is easy to get used to having steering lag if you do not know of anything better though. The camera is reliable tool for seeing if you have steering lag though.

        Just search youtube for sim racing cockpit videos. Those who have chosen decent monitors and have set up their systems well will have little or no steering lag while those on consoles and with bad monitors tend to have horrendous amounts of steering lag.

        Compare these three videos for example:

    • Mike

      Unless you’re able to run the sim at 120 fps and combine it with a lag-free monitor, you’re going to get some input lag. I don’t know if it’s even possible to achieve that type of frame-rate with newer sims like AC or pCARS because of the substantial power required to run them (especially with multiple screen setup). Turning off V-sync does help but at a trade show, if you can already achieve a decent fps, eliminating any chances of screen tear would be just as important.

      And I wonder about the Club Sport Wheel- I know the G25 has a high refresh rate (500hz or so) and supposedly so does the CSR-E (the predecessor to the CSW).

  • Yigit Yusuf Mutlu

    in the vid, am i right that the physics seems forgiving?? any assists may be ??

    • Alejandro Gorgal


      • Yigit Yusuf Mutlu

        driving over curves seem too stable to me

    • Anonymous

      In the video that shows the Nordschleife u can see some assists that exist in the sim(as options),i guess some were on to help guys that are not so familiar with sim racing etc.

    • Wally Masterson

      They “dumbed down” the physics a bit at Gamescon to make the game more accessible to the casual gamer who wandered past and wanted to try it. At some stage, the Kunos guys there were crying out for some sim racers to come and try the game!

  • Anonymous

    The big news is the Nordschleife laser scanned!

    You can see it in the menu while Kunos saying “No pictures,no pictures” lol
    Was a thread in RD if we want it in AC but noone imagined that can be in the sim,just wishes i guess…It was surprise by Kunos and was revealled in a video accidentaly 🙂
    The most cool video is this: Its a drift replay,look how car behaves,the physics,the suspension is just magic!
    Also,here more videos Yesterday some guys posted these but there were so many comments so here,enjoy them 🙂

    • Eric Zehnder

      I don’t believe it’s been confirmed that the full Nordschleife has been laser-scanned, has it?

      I’d be thrilled if it was but I know it’s monumentally expensive.

      • Anonymous

        Not confired officially.But all tracks will be laser scanned and its in the menu!
        If u think the speculations in RD people saying that they wanted this track,kunos saying in video “No pictures” it must be a surprise!

      • Mike

        I believe there’s already a LiDAR survey of Nurburgring available to developers. In rFPro, for example, you can buy both the higher and lower-definition build of the track. I’m sure VLN (Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring) already done a survey of the land and track using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and makes it available for a fee to anyone who wants it.

      • Anonymous

        According to a Williams F1 laser scan engineer on the iRacing forums, that is exactly how it goes. One company has the exclusive rights to sell LIDAR data.

      • Anonymous

        Seems like people are just assuming it’s laser scanned.
        I’m sure that’s one track that they would include in the game without laser scanning just because it’s such an awesome track and the scan data would be very expensive.

  • Alen Antunovic

    so, where is a rendering each screen in triple monitor mode?!

    • Anonymous

      not in version 1.0,but it will come with an update.

  • Alen Antunovic

    If so, it will be a pleasure to drive your project. Hopes to be an excellent simulation. better than pcars. For now just prefer iracing

  • Dan Minton

    The more i read the comments on this site the more it seems that people think realism is a nervous twitchy pig of a car that is hard to drive , believe me if you are driving a nicely set up race car its predictable and stable to drive , not twitchy or unpredictable. Just watch someome like Sean Edwards drive a Factory GT3 cup car round the Nord and youll know what im talking about.
    Thats where iracing goes wrong imo, all the cars are nervous, twitchy and unpredictable nothing like real race cars.

    AC is looking pretty good .

    • Brian Duddy

      Yup. Every new game is attacked (by people who have never driven a race car) as “not a sim” unless it’s harder to drive than GPL with default setups. Apparently they’ve never heard of downforce, modern suspensions, brakes that actually work, and the “aids” that many modern race and all modern street cars actually have.

    • Chris Wright

      I so agree with you. Having been fortunate to have owned some nice performance cars in the past, I’d probably not be writing this now if they performed like their sim racing counterparts. This knife edge stuff has never convinced me, GPL being the worst culprit.

    • Ken Coughlin

      Don’t agree with this. iRacing isn’t hard to drive at all, I don’t really understand where that comes from. I’m not saying AC will have arcade physics like PCARS or Shift 2, but things like getting on the gas early or taking a corner too aggresively in real life won’t turn out too well.
      Maybe there is something to be said for being inside the car and feeling what it is doing by the seat of your pants makes it slightly easier than when you are sitting at a desk but that doesn’t mean a sim should compromise for the lack of feel.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        agree with everything you say times 100000000000000

      • Anonymous

        as i said later in my post

        The key for a driving sim is to have these reaction catches and snaps but for the majority of the time for the car to be progressive even when twitching out.”

        You can clearly see when drivers are on the limmit that the car is making small twitches and the tires are losing and regaining grip in very subtle ways but the key piont is its progressive.

        Cars in iracing and RF2 all tend to have this ice tires snappy thing about them where you have to really back off to catch the car or simply go with the slide because you know from practise it will guide you around the corner the only way to have confidence in the cars in RF2 and i racing is through repetition rather than through feel.

        Try and do a rally stage in RF1 RF2 or I racing on a track you dont know and you will be walling it all over the place where as in NKP you can just drive it right away at quite some speed.

        NKP has a degree of subtlety to the way the cars lose and gain grip and communicates what the car is doing far better than allot of simulators.

        allowing you to be in control of the car to a far grater level rather than hostage to the car or driving from memory of a given track.

      • Anonymous

        The issue is not “difficulty” for example if you have good car control or know a track you can drive anything after all everyone is playing within the same rules when playing any given game ( aside from car set-up)

        But Games like i -r acing and Rf2 , RF1 tend to have overly twitchy cars that tend to force a simple reaction catch, rather than subtly catching and balancing the car.

        Real cars do have moments where you have to do a reaction catch where the driver is simply saving the car from a twitch but thats normaly rare and in specifc situations not every time the driver takes a corner or is driving close to the grip limmit.

        The key for a driving sim is to have these reaction catches and snaps but for the majority of the time for the car to be progressive even when twitching out.

      • Ken Coughlin

        I actually found the iRacing Skip Barber car to be one of the more difficult to control cars and I’ve probably raced that car more than any other in the service so I find it hard to accept your premise based on that.

      • Anonymous

        That might just be that you find it harder due to the amount of slide it has under its normal operation , the key thing with the skippy is that it has a depth to its movements that is lost from faster cars in iracing.

        Yet the faster cars in NKP maintain this depth , though suffer from a lack of grip in general.

    • speed1

      Agree . It seems as it is a mindset to think hard is real or more simulated . All what doesn’t look or feel like driving on ice must be wrong. Challenging yes but not stronger to drive as a real car. That can’t be, isn’t and was never right. I must lough all the time i read comment’s on how it should be to be real and a simulator. Up to this point there is no one simulation feeling right, mostly on tire behaviour. The upcoming new one’s should be better on this. People should not compare older software with the new generation because the older ones where fine for his time but not right in the feeling ( like driving on ice ) . From my point of view there is no one out with a authentic feeling. For me every upcoming new one have a chance to define the feeling new. I guess some people will never accept that something must change and is necessary to develop further to come clother to the authentic driving feeling.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that racecars are not that twitchy as they sometimes are in a sim, however I HATE the opinion that you can judge how a car behaves from watching an onboard. Thats TOTAL bullshit, you can’t know what the car really does unless you see telemetry data WITH the onboard record because it is possible that the driver is so good that he will make every car look docile, when in fact the car was dangerous and twitchy. Again, nobody can say how a car behaves just from onboard. If you ever saw that onboard with Jim Clark, it looks extremely easy to drive but the whole reason behind that was that he was extremely smooth with his input. ANY car can look docile if it’s masterfully driven, no matter how much power or wrong weight distribution or bad tyres it has.
      Just because it looks easy doesn’t mean the car isn’t super oversteery or understeery.

  • Ken Coughlin

    The side screens look badly stretched. I really don’t think they should release it until they have fixed that. There’s nothing worse than misjudging the apex because of the warped FOV on the side monitors.

    • Stuart Whitehead

      They have already said that proper 3 screen support (rendering 3 screens separately) will not be in the release version. It’s a question of priorities, and the amount of 3 screen users is such a small part of the market that it’s not something they are prioritising initially.

      • Ken Coughlin

        How much work does it actually take to do 3 screen support? Is it some huge project that takes weeks or months? If it would delay the project by a couple of weeks it’s surely worth it even for such a “minority”. It destroys racing for me.

      • Anonymous

        Why delay the project for a minority feature when it could be released in an update? The rest of us don’t want to wait for that.

      • General Rush Hour

        15% is not a minority. Why should we wait for the rest of the world?

        Might as well skip DX11 as well then because 80% don´t have DX11 cards…

      • Einar Haugan

        Well LFS, which is the only sim apart from iRacing that has proper 3-screen rendering that I know of, added it really quickly after the users expressed a wish for it. There you can even render up to 19 different screens if you wish!

        I wonder why some developers can do it while other struggle / don’t prioritize it…

      • Kendra Jacobs

        rFactor has proper 3 screen rendering aswell. Its called multi view, you select it in the config program (where you set the games resolution, refresh rate, etc). I dont believe it has the customizing options based on monitor angle, bezels, etc etc but yes rFactor 1 and 2 does have proper triple screen rendering.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        what!!!!!!!!! u serious????????? I thought GT Legends (which I still play) would be the freaking last sim Id ever have to play again that doesnt have true triple independant screen rendering. Its for this reason I still play it with a single screen on my triple setup, the stretching on the sides its retarded and looks like a different world than your centre view, wow what a disapointment.

        Im assuming they will add it in an update atleast, but ill be really shocked if they dont.

  • Anonymous

    Are those exhaust backfires I hear or something coming from that room?

  • Ahmad

    I think the physics will be ok, or more than ok, but what could fail it is poor FFB, though in that clip it looks like there was a nice amount of FFB.

  • Diego Colafabio

    It looks really good. Well done Kunos. Monza looks superb.

  • Juan Fran Orenes
    • Pascal

      Finally somebody, who push. Nice driving, it’s alpha version of car. But I don’t like camera in this video, too much jumping. I know I can change it.

      I saw other video, where you could choose from 3 options, Gamer Racer pro Driver, so in other videos, maybe it’s stable because of assistants.

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