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Assetto Corsa – Looking Ahead to 2016

Kunos Simulazioni has released an interesting look-ahead into 2016, giving Assetto Corsa fans an idea of what to expect of the title in the coming year.

Kunos Simulazioni has released an interesting look-ahead into 2016, giving Assetto Corsa fans an idea of what to expect of the title in the coming year.

2016 will be a major year for Assetto Corsa as the title will be making its console debut next year. Once again, Kunos Simulazioni stressed that the console version will not run a simplified physics model.

Assetto Corsa users can look forward to plenty of new content next year as Kunos Simulazioni plans to add no less than 42 new cars to Assetto Corsa. That includes the addition of Maserati as well as several new Audis, including the Audi R18 E-Tron, TT VLN 2014, TT CUP 2015, A1 S1, Sport quattro S1 E2 and TT 2015 models.

Furthermore, fans of Japanese machinery will be pleased as well as Kunos is looking to add the Toyota Celica, Supra, AE86 and TS040 Hybrid, as well as the Nissan GT-R 34 Skyline and 350Z Nismo 2015. Also on the list are Mclaren’s 570LS and P1 GTR as well as the Praga R1R.

In terms of tracks, Assetto Corsa users can look forward to a laser-scanned version of the Red Bull Ring as well as historic layouts of Silverstone and Monza.

While most of this content will likely be released as paid DLC content, Kunos is also planning to kick off the year with some free bonus cars as players can look forward to getting their hands on the Corvette C7 Stingray 2015 and Ford Mustang 2015 early into 2016.

For more information, check out the full article here.

  • stephenb

    250F, 250F 😀

  • toyvonen

    AMAZING 2016 in prospects!…THANK YOU Kunos

  • Stepreo

    Flag rules?

    • Mickael Forestier

      Pitstop useable with wheel’s buttons not with mouse anymore. … manual Pitstop limiter?

      • Manuel Riger

        thats not gamepad like for consol gamers

  • Peter Kerenyi

    Where is that american road from with the Vette and the Mustang? Seem to be interesting..

    • VirtuaIceMan

      Could it be Pikes Peak? Just wondering…

    • Johnny Penso

      I wasn’t paying attention at first and I thought it was a picture of the real cars. Certainly looks Pike’s Peakish to me.

  • Brownninja97 .

    i am extremely happy about red bull ring, they are seeming to get all the tracks i love.

  • Glen Orpheus

    AC for me keeps going from strength to strength, so glad i backed this project above others……happy new year Kunos

  • melanieuk1

    More Circuits please, Asia, America and Oceania circuits, to many cars less tracks, Kunos are the licensing masters.

    Though I hardly play AC, both Assetto Corsa and Project Cars, must have been the most success full racing simulator title of 2015 on steam, I’ve also seen a massive increase in steam users & friends playing R3E and Iracing, so good luck to all those developers

  • Leeman

    Gotta tell ya, I’m not excited by this news. Another year and still no American tracks. Extremely disappointing.

    The Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 is a hill climber. If the first American “track” ends up being Pikes Peak, I’m going to throw up.

    To make matters worse. The sim isn’t working for me at all right now. It was working fine after the last DLC. The only thing I’ve done is add a skin. Now, it won’t launch when I click the Drive/Start button.

    • Philbert

      The game works fine for me (as longs as I run borderless windowed) and if Pikes Peak is laser scanned then I’ll give you one of my garbage cans to barf in.

      • Leeman

        Yeah, I’ve heard people mention issues with trackside objects but, honestly, I haven’t really noticed them. I just think it’s criminal that they, not only don’t have any American tracks yet, but that they don’t plan to add them any time soon. I’d settle for non-laser scanned versions (Watkins Glen, Road America, Sebring, Road Atlanta, Daytona, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, etc.). After all, Zandvoort isn’t laser scanned and it’s one of my favorite tracks in AC.

      • Chris

        I can agree with that. They are not focusing on American tracks at all, and there are some great ones. Just like they diversify their cars, they need to start doing that on their tracks. Disappointed to hear them licensing the X1 track, there is a modded one that is good enough and feel they need to focus on bringing at least a couple/few American tracks in soon.

      • noneofyourbusiness

        Well, if Pikes Peak really does end up being laser scanned, I’d be most excited honestly. Especially with high powered cars, sort of like a high speed hillclimb, and the variation in scenery from top to bottom. One can only dream of tackling the road bumps up top.

    • quf

      Remove that skin, or update its info because maybe you added an old skin which is in outdated format. Check the game resolution, and do cache integrity check on steam.

      • Leeman

        Thanks for the tip, quf. It was the resolution. I’d changed the resolution for a bezel correction. Although it recognized the new resolution automatically, it wouldn’t work until I changed to a different resolution and then changed it back to the updated one.

        I didn’t think it was the skin because I’d tried it with the new skin and it worked with no issues before. The resolution change was more recent than the skin.

        You saved me quite a headache. I was “this” close to re-installing.


  • Francesco Kasta

    Not thrilled at all about road cars and if they are gonna be paid content, I’ll leave them there.

    • quf

      There will be paid content as well as free. But with only free content you couldn’t have most of the content already released in 2015 and what’s coming in 2016. DLC sales means devs can continue working on the game, cover costs of what has been produced and licensed, and invest in new content.

      • Francesco Kasta

        That’s fairly obvious. That’s also why I purchased every single DLC, to support the devs even though I wasn’t super interested in the content (the only exception being the Nordschleife).

        I am just saying that, if the next DLC has road cars in it, I am going to skip it.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Yea. Why would we want cars that feel totally unique to eachother when we could just have more GT3 clones. Who wants variety or fun in a sim? I know I don’t


      • Francesco Kasta

        You are right, variety is a great thing and more road cars won’t certainly hurt. I am not saying I don’t welcome that, I am saying that probably I will not purchase the next DLC in this case. Even though I have the feeling I will end up getting it anyway…

        I actually like old school racing cars. To each their own.

      • quf

        The last dlc had a lot of racing content in it.
        But if you put just race cars then another group feels excluded. Though sometimes old race cars are good like they were road cars, but have that special thing.

        So is good to try to please more than one group, by offering in their DLC some diversified content. So far all 3 dlcs had content for everyone, and cars from them could be used with others from base game, and some created a new series.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Oh I LOVE old school racing cars as well and personally, I’d rather have some classic race cars or F1’s than road cars (AC currently has a good roster of road cars IMO), however, I certainly would never want a sim that was strictly racing cars so I welcome the road cars as much as anything. Plus, I buy all of AC’s and pCars DLC’s. They’re so cheap I think it would be crazy not to and they always have at least a few very desireable cars.

        Plus, in any good sim, each car will feel very unique for the most part. It’s not like an arcade racer like NFS, Forza, or the Crew where each car feels the same, in a sim they have their own characterisitcs which I think makes them much more valuable.

        I’d pay double what Kunos charges honestly. Triple what SMS charges

      • melanieuk1

        Thumbs up to buying all Assetto Corsa and Pcars DLC, and for me this now includes R3E, I truly support developers that produce HIGH quality content, that extends the life of their product.

      • Kabonfaiba

        I’ll be happy when I can take a ford transit round the ring’ and pretend I’m Sabine Schmitz.

      • Francesco Kasta

        That would be priceless.

    • Chris

      I am a fan of the road-cars myself. Each so unique, while I feel that the GT3/GT2 cars all feel generally the same (this is racing cars in general not bashing AC, when you get such a high limit of grip there is just not a ton of play room like street cars and street-car tires). That’s the #1 reason I play AC more than any other sim, I Love the road-cars, and it sets them apart from everything else (Racerooom-all race cars, iracing-all race cars etc). I will continue to support AC they have promised to be a top-notch group of guys and keep adding better content and refining their code (AI, sounds, physics etc).

      • Francesco Kasta

        That is actually a really valid point!

        My hat’s off to you sir!

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I couldn’t agree more. I love cars that have a lot of room to play on the limit. I also do love a good open wheel car or prototype but I love road cars for the feeling they have on the edge.

        I just like variety in general, that’s why I really don’t get the people who only want race cars in a sim. IMO it’s a huge problem that R3E and iracing have (although at least iracing has a few road cars, R3E basically has none at all)

  • Babis Rataplan

    Happy for that. My main simulator, it feels great with all the racing wheels.
    PS…. This New year I WISH …. A T3ooRS profile on the wheels …. LOL there are all the others but not this. 🙂

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Even if there was one, I wouldn’t recommend using it. Their presets for the other wheels aren’t any good either. It’s always better to do the settings yourself or look up some settings.

      I recommend these though (I have a T300 as well)
      Force Feedback
      Gain- 100% (you might want to adjust this depending on how strong you want the FFB and how your thrust Profiler is set)
      Filter- 0%
      Minimum Force- 3%
      Kerb Effects- 100%
      Road Effects- 50%
      Slip Effects- 45%
      Enhanced Understeer Selected (a matter of preference though IMO)

      And for the thrustmaster profiler,
      Gain- 80%
      Constant- 100%
      Periodic- 100%
      Spring- 0%
      Damper- 0 %
      Center Spring- 0% w/ by the game selected

      Also, I recommend using 900 degrees of steering, not 1080 but that’s also a preference thing. To me though, too much degrees and the cars seem like they’re impossible to turn.

    • MC

      I use the T500 profile with a TX wheel, works well.

  • Pe11e

    Wait, there is already a historic version of Monza in AC?!
    We need good AI and user friendly online part of the sim!

    • quf

      The oval Monza 🙂

    • F1Racer

      I think the AI is already good. It needs to be great. Nothing that a few more tweaks here and there couldn’t solve hopefully.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I think it depends on the car too. Some cars are okay to race the AI but others are awful. pCars is that way too

      • Pe11e

        Yeah, I ditched pCARS beause of that issue. I hope that Elise and Exige AIs are good, so far no issues from my testing on Barcelona.

  • Erik

    I can understand that kunos are choosing the most wanted/popular tracks for their laser scanning projects (which are awesome), but at the same time I think it’s too bad since a lot of these circuits are already available in form of mods, some which are in such high quality that we indeed do not need a laser scanned version of them. IMO the red bull ring is one of them, the modded version of this track is so impressive to me and I feel rather disappointed that kunos will spend all this time and money to make this track when they could instead add other tracks that are missing. But at the same the scanned version might be a lot better too, I sure hope so.

    Anyway I’m still looking forward to 2016 and assetto corsa.

    • Troels Hadberg

      Yes, some modded content are great, but it’s used only by a fraction of users that actually owns AC. Once content goes official, it gets used used way way more. Goes for the current Red Bull track mod too, so it’s a welcome official track as we’ll see it used much more in public. We need any official content we can get as it means a huge playerbase will use it.

  • Alexandre Martini

    Kunos, you have already enough cars and a decent collection of tracks, although more tracks is never too much.

    But why are you focusing on everything except what matters for your game to succeed? Don’t you know that you need better multiplayer, something like iRacing does, with private quality servers? Don’t you realize that no other sim will thrive without a system like iRacing has?

    When you release a new dream pack, you know what the vast majority of people do? They download it, try the new cars and tracks, and go back to iRacing because they have the racing.

    You have quality content, great graphics, good sound, awesome physics. But you don’t have a multiplayer game yet.

    Please focus on that. Otherwise, your game will fail with the community.

    • F1Racer

      Thankfully I am not in the vast majority. I play AC very frequently and never touch iRacing. My needs and wants for AC are very different to yours.
      I guess that means you don’t speak for all of us and that this is just your opinion.

      • Dentykaffalatta

        Yeah, iRacing. BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! I ciouldn’t help myself. iRacing is a good racing GAME but hardly a racing SIMULATOR. I admit AC needs some work but it just makes me laugh whejhn I see iRacing hailed as some kind of ultimate racing SIMULATIO)N as it’s really juist a bunch of guys online rascing. I find myself even my old girl GT Legends makes me feel like I’m in a real race (Yes even with AI.) whilst iRacing? Well, just feels like what it is, online gaming, most of the rigs there are 2 pedaL flappy paddle rigs even for cars that have shifters and manual transmissions (real ones with clutches.) for fear they might lose 1/2 second in the GAME. I do like iRacing but see it how it is. I do a (AI) race in AC or even Pcars (Many here know my reluctance to even buy Pcars at the beginning!) and again, I feel like I’m in a REAL race. It’s not perfect but the thing is for ME, it feels like racing and not just in a lobby full of rednecks trying to bludgeon each other off the track. I also find the namecalling and general antics of Americans in their 40s and 50s acting like 10 year olds with ADD and tourettes QUITE entertaining. Heehee. there is really to my mind NO comparison between iRacing and ANY other sim as they’re completely different animals. iRacing is a unique entity of it’s own but it’s hardly a “simulator”.and I doubt it ever will be as it does not seem to be it’s intent. And THAT is MY opinion. Cheers everyone and enjoy what you enjoy. Simple.

      • F1Racer

        Can’t agree there though. iRacing is most definitely a racing simulator.
        The sim that makes me feel the most like I’m immersed in a race is rF2 yet I play AC way more.

      • Dentykaffalatta

        By the way, Happy New Year!! Cheers!

      • F1Racer

        And to you mate. Happy New Year.

      • Alexandre Martini

        Are you telling me you have more fun driving against crappy AI that don’t know how to brake, to fight for position or to share a corner side by side than to drive against real people in an online race with 30 cars at the nordschleife?


      • Dentykaffalatta

        Yup. rather than 30 people online “that don’t know how to brake, to fight for position or to share a corner side by side” on a track made apparently of ice as I find the experience to be in iRacing. But then that’s why it’s such a great hobby, we can all enjoy what we want to play. Cheers and Happy New Year to you.

      • Leynad

        iRacing is the only sim which can differ between paddle- and sequential-shifting i know of and using sequential over paddles isn´t a disadvantage. And the only sim where you can have descent online races all the time without stupid wreckers wanting to push you of the track like in AC. I think, the physics are good, but the FFB isn´t. With my Accuforce i disabled the ingame-FFB and running with full Sim Commander FFB, which is much better to feel the suspension (reminds me a bit of R3E). But that´s the problem with iRacing. You have to own some descent equipment and i reckon, that the motion simulator market wouldn´t be half as big without iRacing because only using FFB is a disadvantage.

        But only in Multiplayer with good racers you will know how good you tackle a track. It doesn´t have to be iRacing, but it´s easier to do that spontaneously if you are in the mood.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Same here. It’s just hard to play iracing IMO when AC and rF2 had SO MUCH BETTER FFB. They’re just so much more enjoyable to drive IMO

      • Alexandre Martini

        I agree AC and rF2 are much better games at the driving simulation… no doubt about that… iRacing has some work to do to get there.

        But the multiplayer aspect of the game has not been beaten by any other game. Don’t tell me you have the same quality of online experience anywhere else, because that’s lying.

        I’m far from being an iRacing fanboy… you can see me criticizing them all the time on their forums. But in this area (online competition), they are masters and no other sim is fighting with them there, where the most important feature for racing games is.

      • noroardanto

        Just refrain from generalizing the community next time 😉 Everyone has their own preferences. I don’t really care with MP, I love doing hot laps, enjoy the driving then watch the replay afterwards to admire the car design, movements and sounds. I hope every sim have the “i” button like rF so I can just let the AI doing the hot laps and me watching from track side cams.

      • quf

        Try Ctrl+C in AC. But you’ll need to restart acs.exe since you won’t be able to move the car by yourself after activating AI driving.

      • noroardanto

        Thanks quf! will try later, do you happen to know how to bring back the pcarsgold.exe? mine lost when updated to release version

      • quf

        Even if you could, that is the .exe file of the pcars version right before it was released to public. So it wouldn’t be usable with the current game version.
        At least that’s what I think that means; if you didn’t save that game version on a separate place, then you’ll need to download from somewhere else than steam.

      • MC

        So you want for free what you pay a subscription for in iRacing? Makes sense :/

      • Alexandre Martini

        where did i ask anything for free? i asked for quality multiplayer. not free.

      • MC

        So how do you expect them to fund such a system?

      • Alexandre Martini

        By subscription, just like every other massive multiplayer system.

        I trully believe AC has what it takes to succeed and become the best sim of all time.

      • quf

        You don’t start such a platform like iracing has without big funding. They didn’t create all that with monthly subscriptions. They have a big funding behind them, and afterwards they started charging subscriptions.

        But probably modding alternatives will arrive for AC in the future. Both from Minorating and And we don’t know if will be subscription based.

      • Alexandre Martini

        Well, that’s obvious.

        But you don’t start such a game as a complex simulator like AC without big funding.

        They didn’t create the sim with the money people paid after the game was launched, right?

        I don’t see your point.

        You want to be the best? You have to have the best online platform. Or at least a good one, that will drive people towards your game and give you an opportunity to rise.

        Look at the way AC is right now. You can’t even jump start on a race or control your pit lane speed. That’s just hilarious for multiplayer racing.

        I’ll not even go further on the topic of the quality of the multiplayer experience, because that is very bad at the moment.

      • quf

        Hilarious would be people saying the game is bad because they got penalized and can’t race because they jumped the start.

        But okay, you can say that every game that doesn’t have iracing’s multiplayer system-platform is a fail and no one plays it. That’s your opinion. Go play iracing if that’s the best for YOU. Don’t obsess about how every other sim could be.

      • Johnny Penso

        Who said their goal is to be the best? Such a false premise that armchair sim racing developers pin all their hopes and dreams on. Kunos made a game because they are passionate about it and hope to be able to make a living or get rich doing it. They do the best they can with the limitations they have. If we like it we buy it, if not, we don’t. If we buy it and don’t like it, tough, caveat emptor and all that. There is no such thing as being the “best” other than at individual aspects of a game because no game is firing on all 8 cylinders and likely never will. Stop comparing games to some mythical level of perfection or greatness, it’s unrealistic and leads to disappointment.

      • melanieuk1

        I posted something about Minorating this morning, seems like it didn’t make it.
        I read some of the comments on Race Department, and it does seem like Minorating will be part of the next Assetto corsa update, so that’s less things for people to cry about, and compare to other titles.

      • MC

        I’m still not fully grasping this… you want AC to put all its funding into an iRacing style system (that was originally funded by Billionaire John Henry), or that a franchise the size of Forza has only just started?

        There are things such as the minorating plugin, the possibility is there, Kunos just know their limits.

      • F1Racer

        I’m not telling you anything 🙂 As for online, I’ll defer to your expertise as I very rarely go online any more. I know iRacing does do an amazing job in that area though, but it sorta has to because that’s where it’s bread and butter is. Without decent online iRacing falls.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Awesome. That’s a great list of cars. Could use some more tracks but the list is getting a lot better plus there’s a lot of good mods too.

  • Kev

    42 cars lol ; how ’bout one decent one?

    • Chris

      Wow, maybe you should fine a new game bro, if not one of those 42 is decent to you. Sounds like Forza is calling your name.

    • Leeman

      Oh please. Few people have been more critical of the car list than I have but even I have no trouble finding enough good cars to race/drive in this sim.

    • Dentykaffalatta

      Like a……classic Mini Cooper? YAY!!!!! lol.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      You’ve lost your mind. AC has a TON of amazing cars. If you can’t find at least 5 you love, frankly you don’t know anything about cars

    • melanieuk1

      Checked what sim you most comment on, it doesn’t have one single car, that would interest anyone.

    • Kev

      I am not commenting on the cars in the list but the size of the list. Good physics take time to get right so I’d prefer one car done well to 42 done Forza style.

      • pez2k

        So long as they have the right engine and transmission in every car they’ve already surpassed Forza (land of the V8 Viper, paddle-shifted ’64 Ford and slushbox automatic GT4 racecar).

  • Mick Mockennen

    What’s a 570LS? I think that’s a typo because Google gives me nothing.

    • Amaury Diaz


    • Hugo Stiglitz

      I hope the 570 part is also a typo. Ugliest mclaren ever. Should’ve went with the 650s


    Kunos got me at hello. I will support them as long as I have this
    hobby and as long they are around. One off the best driving games
    ever made and a great bunch off dedicated guys that have achieved
    amazing things in a wery short time. 2016 lets bring it on.

  • Chillisteak

    New content is always great for games, but the only thing I crave myself wanting from Assetto Corsa is a Multiplayer that doesn’t require me to rent a server to set up a race how I want it.
    Almost every lobby is exactly the same, new cars and new tracks only, it’s a little boring after a few races, so I find myself going back to other games pretty quick due to this.

    • Andrew Tiltman

      Not sure what you are on about, AC includes the dedicated server as well as configuration tool for setting up races. You don’t need to rent anything.

      • Chillisteak

        Really? hmmm how have I missed this? guess I’ll be loading up AC later and trying to work out how that’s done lol

      • quf

        You can open a server on your own pc.

        First you need to go to this folder and open acServerManager: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonassettocorsaserver
        Then you need to make port forwarding ports in your router, so that the dedicated server works.

        If you need help, there’s a Manual in the server manager, or ask in the Multiplayer section from ac forum.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Once you forward the ports on your router it takes less than a couple minutes to set up a lobby exactly how you want it; well, maybe five minutes if you want to assign skins to your friends and add fixed setups.

  • dd101

    I’m not a big fan of current AC state (details below), but I’m really surprised that people complain / compare (new) content over (missing) features.
    Like apple and oranges being cultivated and sold separately, 3d with construction models are not affecting improvements in physics, AI and multiplayer. KS is solid enough, and it isn’t about Stefano doing most of the work anymore.
    So, new “DreamPacks” are great _option_ for users and _only_ way to keep sim going, raising money instead of jumping to AC2 (heard of pCars2 story?). I gladly support AC features and depth development by buying (more than worth) DreamPacks, hoping that someday it will be drivable. I’m happy for people who find fun in current AC, but good graphics and won’t make the immersion (pCars or just staring at 3D-models is the best for that).

    • Szilárd Hompoth

      “hoping that someday it will be drivable”

      There may be a lot of important features that are missing from AC, but there ain’t nothing out there that’s better to drive IMO. Maybe you should look into your FFB settings?

      • dd101

        In one sentence – “Overly forgiving physics” © EmptyBox review of AC 1.4 Btw, he had to cherry-pick cars like Lotus 25 and BMW M235 to find some reasonable challenge (fun).
        Tyre transitions are weird. Both road and race tyres. Ultra agile/steering Ferrari cars understeer like pigs. Underoversteer transition and slides in general on sport tyres are so lazy, that you can enjoy McMeal during a race, instead of braking a sweat. There are way much more life in rFactor2 and several “clicks” more data in iRacing tyres.
        Although, there are drift-mode feature right from the beginning, I doubt they dumb it down for that.
        Just like pre-S1 tyres for LFS, it’s fun but feels arcadish, boring and even plain pathetic sometimes.
        No doubt AC will evolve with time. I hope they will become #1 (mass/starting) sim… kick some asses of console titles, show rF2 how it should be done and push iRacing to a faster pace of improvement.

      • IJOJOI

        I agree that the tyremodel isn’t perfect, but “overly forgiving physics” ?!
        Have you ever driven a roadcar on the limit or behond it IRL? Roadtyres have a very smooth trasition between grip/slide. You have loads of time to correct a slide, often you don’t even have to…

        iRacing’s tyres are way (!!!) worse than AC imo. There is no such thing as tyrescrubbing, which makes catching slides way to difficult. Once you loose it, you are basically gone.
        While this is realistic for some tyre types, it’s not the norm.

      • dd101

        Just watch some “green hell” footage, all types of rubber cars loosing controls and onboards where every millisecond of wrong action bring close friendship with a barrier (not in AC, apparently ).

      • IJOJOI

        but not in an “iRacingish” behavior.
        You don’t really loose speed when going sideways in iRacing, that’s my main gripe.
        In most videos it’s still a smooth transition, and not snap like it’s in iRacing currently.

      • dd101

        Slides (drift, under and most noticeably oversteers) are underpriced in most of the sims. But punishment in iR is much closer to reality, compared to AC where understeer is just a nonsense, transitions are lazy and oversteer is cheap in comparison to ideal line/max acceleration.
        Talking about GreenHell, driver got to watch that edge (line and state) very close, otherwise it will be too late. In AC everything is lazy, esp. when you lost it (race or road).

      • Niclas Løvgreen

        iRacing’s tyre model still feels like you are driving on ice. AC is one of the few sims, where you can actually drift/oversteer a car without it snaps like IJOJOI describes.

  • junk

    Related to PS4: My system is old, i can run AC without issues with low res settings, but i really want to know if the console version is in green flag state or still waiting for funds / developing or executive analysis. With the price of PS4 under the USD 300 mark it’s cheaper than build a value gaming PC. Of course PC version has advantages but i really don’t have much time to download unofficial content, i just enjoy my sims just as they were originally made.

  • Masticacci

    Can the console version use custom skins from the comunity?

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