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Assetto Corsa – Kunos Visits The Nordschleife

Kunos Simulazioni have released some photos of a recent trip to the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Kunos Simulazioni have released some photos of a recent trip to the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

While details on the visit have not been revealed, the visit was likely conducted to gather reference data for Assetto Corsa’s upcoming Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Assetto Corsa will be the second gaming title to offer a laser-scanned Nordschleife as Kunos was beaten by Turn 10 who released their Nordschleife for Forza Motorsport 5 a few weeks ago, making the Xbox One racer the first racing title to ever feature a laser-scanned version of the Green Hell.

The Nordschleife will be part of the “Dream DLC” pack that will be available for purchase once Assetto Corsa reaches version 1.0, aside from the Green Hell the pack will include ten of the community’s most wanted cars.

  • Eric S

    Awesome. Hope KS will give AC a 64 bit exe. before the Nordschleife is released as I think it will be necessary for full grid races. Safe trip boys. Enjoy the Nordschleife! Bring back the amazing laser scanned version we are all waiting for!

    • ftrracingtv

      I think they still have a lot of work to do as I get a lot of 95% Cpu message pop up when I have more cars on track

  • Touring Car Hunters™

    Cool! Just Cool!

  • dd101

    And the winners (or at least nominees) for DLC cars are….

  • Roger Wallentin

    Great to see this comming along! This is without a doubt my favorite track of all time.

    Meanwhile we have the mod version to play with which isnt bad at all!

  • Birddogg66

    Wow Nords and 10 cars? Sounds good to me

  • Matthew Arnold

    I want one of those magnetic AC badges for my fridge 🙂

  • wajdi nujeidat

    Can’t wait to drive some road cars of AC in this upcoming high quality lasers canned Ring and personally I think that AC road cars have by far the best physics and FFB .

    • F1Racer

      Compared to what ?

      • osella

        “By far the best” means compared to all sims, no?

      • F1Racer

        Not really. It could mean ‘by far the best’ of the cars in AC.
        So to me it could mean compared to the other cars in AC or compared to road cars in all other sims.
        I’m not bothered either way but was curious as to what he meant.

  • Jos

    Maybe a hotlap around nords? 😉

  • Marc Collins

    I can’t wait to get an estimate of Kunos’ person-hours of effort on their track to compare with the 13,000 from Turn 10. And then to watch the inevitable comparison video. Either Kunos is vastly more efficient and skilled, or we’ll be waiting a long time for their Ring.

  • AussieStig

    Just wondering if Kunos will have a special DLC deal for all the people that were / are early adopters / beta testers? I guess, as we are grateful for the opportunity to test and play this version after paying for the privilege. They might consider our investment in their company by offering a special 1,0 release deal? Would be nice me thinks :-).

    • Blatant Abuse

      The special we got was a discounted price for the sim.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Are you seriously already asking for a discount before we even know the cost?
      I think I recall them saying that pre-ordering the DLC will get you a 50% discount.

      I’m curious as to how much people think a laser scanned Ring and 10 cars should cost? As a reference, a track and 10 cars at iracing is around $100….I think $20-$25 would be more than fair…

    • Chris Wright

      Clearly you’re not into flight simming, because if you were you would realize that the relative cost of add ons in this hobby is comparatively miniscule.

  • HammerX

    Does anyone else think the engine sounds are weak?

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Everybody does…that is why FMOD will be implemented soon.

  • Walter

    It is ok with me if they take a long time to work on the details of this track. It will be nice to see what can be done by these very talented track creators.

  • Al P.

    In my opinion, I still think Gran turismo and AC nurburgring will be the most accurate nurburgring in sim racing. (Based on AC and GT5 Nur GP track similarities) I dont really get the hype of fm5 nord being laser scanned, for some reason I’m not convinced by it. Looks and feels flat. Maybe it was the FOV fault or the physics, bur I dont like it.

  • Eduardo Z.

    Does anyone know if the cockpit LCD displays will be improved? I love AC, but damn, the LCDs are too ugly/simple

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