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Assetto Corsa – First Sound Mod Released

A first sound mod for the Assetto Corsa Technology Preview demo has been released.

More and more mods for the recently-released Assetto Corsa Technology Preview demo are appearing.

Here’s one for everyone who’s unhappy with the stock sound of the Lotus Elise SC road car available in the Technology Preview. You can listen to the new sounds in the video below before giving them a try yourself.

I’m unsure who created this mod, if it’s yours speak up in the comments and credit will be added to the story!

[boxdownload]Download Assetto Corsa Lotus Elise SC Sound Mod Here[/boxdownload]
  • Marcus Caton

    And so it begins……

  • Luke Russell

    Hey, Marcus. ^_^

  • Mario Strada

    They souind nice. I’ll try it. Thank you.

    I also wanted to comment on the “hands”. I have all my sims set without hands and wheel (I figured, I already have one and it’s distracting).
    But I remember well what they look like on other sims. The AC hands seem to me the most realistic I have ever seen. They move very naturally. Too bad I’ll have to turn them off as soon as that feature is available.

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    I can’t understand that some games but mostly mods have the low/mid/high samples pitched badly so they don’t blend but you hear two different engine pitches in the rpm overlap. Anyone doing that should immediately realize that sound modding is something they better leave to others! πŸ™‚

    Use of overly distorted samples, or samples where pitch changes during the sample are another no go in my opinion yet frequent in sims/mods. F1 mods where doing a constant 300km/h sounds like you’re doing 280 to 320 and then 320 to 280 are a class example.

    Sound is hard to get right. Often when it is done well, people complain that it is too bland or not loud enough. Youtube is partly to blame where popular car review sites like MotorTrend (and many others) seem to play the sound of a microphone crapping out rather than the actual engine sound, and people rave how good it sounds..

    I could rant on but its late! πŸ™‚

    • Andrew Male

      You could have just said “I don’t like distortion”

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        And unmatched pitch samples! πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      I’ve asked a Formula Mazda driver in Youtube if the sound we were listening in his Youtube video where he was driving the Star Mazda around Road America was the actual sound he was listening while driving the car and to my surprise he said yes that it was exactly the same sound. So I trust the guy over this rather simracing common knowledge.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        When I saw an F1 race live in 2004 every downshift sounded like a super loud explosion being shot out of a subwoofer, a super deep sounding explosion, like 2 peices of metal were exploding against one another, shook the ground on every downshift. 8 years of youtube later, I have yet to find one video that captures this sound. The F1 V8s sound a lot thinner in videos than they do in real life.

        You get the overall general idea of what something sounds like, but thats it. My car sounds like a boat in videos, in real life, trust me, its nothing close to a boat, and very loud.

        Listen to videos of guns being shot, they all sound like crap compared to real life, you can raise the volume of your speakers sure, but that just tricks some people into thinking it sounds good due to the sheer high volume effect. rather than the sound being properly captured and replayed.

      • Anonymous

        maybe you never found because the driver didn’t have his camera recording the sound and Fia uses sound editing that really kills the original sound and low the frequencies. Also what you hear from a spectator seat is VERY different from what you hear when driving a racing car specially at 300km/h.

    • Dani .

      That’s true, too many bad sounds in simracing with obvious fails (pitch and gear shifting). But a racecar sounds very loud, and almost distorsion in your ears. I can say they sound like in many videos, actually in reality they sound a lot harder, and with more dynamics.

      These are really good sounds:

      Video Porsche rfactor:

      Real Porsche:

      Almost the same.

      • Mar Mar

        Agree. Finally I found someone else who admits that sounds in simracing are … weird.

        But it’s not that hard to get a good sound, but distortion will always be there unless the sound sample is being recorded professionally.

        I made a Porsche GT3 sound mod in GTR2 using Murcielago sound from NFS Shift.

        Sound mod:

        Real GT3:

        I only care for high end sounds since that’s what you always hear πŸ˜€

    • Marcel Offermans

      I agree with Niels here. Besides, this is the street car version of the Elise. It would get pulled over by the police every time if it sounded like this. Granted, everybody is allowed to his own opinion but as far realism is concerned, this mod is a step in the wrong direction for me.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Ya I agree, it sounds smooth almost stock and muffled at low rpms, then
      around mid rpms all of a sudden a totally different sound set kicks in
      and its all loud and gurgley and distorted. Maybe he is trying to
      simulate a flap in the exhaust opening at a certain rpm, or when some
      form of Variable Valve Timing kicks in or something like that??? Whats
      your take??…

    • Anonymous

      What can I say that hasn’t already been said. I complete agree with Niels.

      What I will say actually, is that distortion isn’t a black sheep. It’s just that the digital distortion (or peaking) is notoriously “unpleasant” for the ears and real distortion you get from vacuum tubes, also known as overdrive, is a wonderful thing.

      The good news is that better digital distortion modelling does exist! You can pay for standalone programs that do it in real time. However, it will eat your CPU cycles and you end up paying more, trying to make up for the lost in performance.

      It doesn’t make a lot of sense to do that when you can just buy a real vacuum tube amplifer to run from your sound card.

      Ah, but what happens when the samples have been pre-disorted… back to what Niels said, the practice of overly distorting the samples must stop.

    • Marcos Sanz

      I always call them “exorcist girl” sounds

    • Roger

      Niels, I think if you tried the real version in game and not just listen to the exterior reply part on youtube I think you would have though better of it.

      I agree the youtube version featured here on the exterior view for the mod sounds a bit “tweaked” and overdone in the aggressive version (there is also a soft version). The top sample comes in a bit abrupt, but the soft version does not do this in the same way.

      Personally I think it sounds very good and very realistic as well. I use the “soft” version which sounds much better from the exterior view. Interior sounds pretty much spot on from a car with a sports exhaust.

      Compare the actual in-game in car sounds with this:!

      • Anonymous

        yup a lot of it is just to do with people running poor speakers too.
        the sounds in AC aren’t amazing for the Lotus, but its certainly on par with any other sim game currently.

        If you want bad sounds, just look at any of the ISI cars in RF2 so far, they are appalling in comparison to the effort by Kunos for the Lotus.

        That aside – if you guys actually got a decent bass speaker, you’d realise that the sounds on the Elise are very bassy, and literally rumble through your table/pedals, if you have your woofer near by, as I do.

        This is something that the review done by insidesimracing picked up on too.

        I wouldnt be surprised if half the people complaining about the sounds (the only thing they can complain about on the tech demo) is because they are wearing headphones/using pc speakers, which are weak to the say the least.

      • Roger

        Agree on the AC sound

        Also agree on the Megane and Formula Renault sounds in rF2, they are plain bad… Though the new ISI cars like the Clio, Corvette and F2 sounds very good IMO. Better than the stock AC Elise sound, though it is not bad (though not great either).

        Since sounds are apparently so open and easy to mod in AC they will not be a problem if Kunos does not nail some of the cars, which is pure awesomeness IMO! πŸ˜€

  • Dave Smith

    Sounds like a slurpee. WTF?

  • Attilio Barbano

    hello guys, my sounds have been around the web, thanks to all for the comments.

    • Roger

      I think you have done a great job, the more examples i listen to the more realistic i think it is!

      I use the “soft” sound which doesn’t exactly sound “soft” IMO, it sounds very aggressive as well (and good!), interior is almost the same between the two but the exterior is more “natural” with the “soft” samples. 10 times more aggressive than stock AC sounds.

      With your samples I get this “excitement” about revving and the feeling of power and acceleration is greatly enhanced!

      Thanks for making this amazing simulation even more enjoyable by enhancing the only weak spot in my view!!!

  • Roger

    I think this sounds quite good, I will install it and try it out for sure!

    The fact that its so easy to mod sounds that someone made a quite good sound mod already after a few days says a lot to me! We don’t need to worry about engine sounds which was the only potential weak spot in AC so far!

    Here you can listen to an Elise with a tuner exhaust, compare it with the in car part of the preview video at the end! Its not that far off!!!

  • Attilio Barbano

    on the forum AC I put two packages, one aggressive and the other soft

  • ___ Ι₯qp ___

    It looks like AC has got the iRacing fraternity a little bit worried

    AristotelisVasilakos ‏@Aristotelis
    Interesting fact, since yesterday iRacing’s entrance in Steam, our NO votes for greenlight have gone up 50%… that’s a bit sad.


  • Rui Pereira

    how do we change the car color, in the tech preview?

    • Roger

      You need to download some color packages and copy to your AC folder, you can find them at the AC forum MOD section.

      Then you simply click the “i” icon next to the car to choose the color! πŸ™‚

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    This is some sound porn, there is some distortion I think, but what you get is a dynamic range, full power vs trailing throttle, MAN that is awesome πŸ™‚

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Wow, very good dynamic range in that vid, very little distortion, thats a very good recording, but at the same time giving the car too clean and thin of a sound, and the off throttle sounds way too tame as well (even if you crank the volume because its not a volume problem). It seems that good dynamic range and non distortion comes at the expense of thinning out the sound and the power out of the sound, ive noticed this on many, many videos. The clearer and better quality the sound, the more the pure power of the sound seems to be lost, even though the recording is of higher detail and less distortion. Its probably due to the mediocre recorders built into the cams, but im really not sure, im sure its much more technical then that.

      It would be nice if the media indsutry were as into audio technology as they are into video, that will never happen though. Audio technology in video games and recording cameras is so much behind the graphics and video technology, its too bad really.

  • Karl Heinz Kluth

    Assetto Corsa doesnΒ΄t start anymore if i delete the old sfx file and replace it with the new one. Anyone got the same?

  • kai modmate

    I agree its over the top…listen to the sound of a street version:

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