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Assetto Corsa – First Nürburgring Video

A first video of the Nürburgring Grand Prix track in Assetto Corsa has surfaced.

A few days ago, I posted first photos of the Assetto Corsa simulator in P4/5 Competizione’s lounge at the Nürburgring 24h race.

The simulator features a first version of the Nürburgring Grand Prix track, a venue not yet officially announced for the upcoming title. Now, a first video is available, showing a lap around the Eifel track in the Italian race car.

The big mystery remains whether Assetto Corsa will include the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife as well. Kunos Simulazioni’s presence during the race seemed to be a lucky charm for the team as the real P4/5 finished 12th overall despite a refueling fire on late Saturday afternoon.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Anonymous

    This does look really good !   Made the wait even more mouth-watering.

    • Big Ron

       Indeed it looks pretty promising. And seeing the wheel corrections at slides the FFB seems to be already pretty good. Will be fun to test it.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah I think we all would love even a 1 car 1 track demo 🙂

      • gt3rsr

        After the rF2 beta experience, I’d rather wait for the final version.

      • Andrew

        Roger that.  rFactor 2 beta is a huge let down.  That is alpha software, not beta.

  • Marek Szymanski

    just great , can’t wait for it . sorry p.C.A.R.S no in my fav. any more the “A.C” its the new way of sim-racing. 

    • Tiago Guerreiro

      rFactor 2 i still believe!!!!!!!

      • gt3rsr

         I believe rF2 is gonna be a great sim ultimately. But I also think AC will offer a much better out-of-the-box package. I am quite concerned about the modding though. I hope it won’t turn into an rF1-like mess.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm my brain just want to shout ” Shut up and take my money Kunos!”. By the looks the physics look just right, and even with the understeer it looks natural, especially with what they called “safe” setup for the car so exactly that happens 🙂 Not even going to mention the looks because I think we have established how good they are enough times 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m not surprised, NKpro features awesome realistic physics and considering that AC is improving upon that game, its obvious that we’re looking at a winner here.

  • Wally Masterson

    In contrast to some other new titles that look a bit too flashy and “Hollywood”, AC just looks real.

    • gt3rsr

       The graphics style reminds me of the GT5 – which is a good thing.

  • Skytrill .

    1m58s = aim left !

    • Anonymous

      Haha that’s what I was thinking 😉

  • Anonymous

    That looks like one weird Bonnet Cam… more like a Dash Cam! Why not in cockpit? 
    Not that you could tell, but I’m just saying;!    Funny how it looks the same as many pCARS videos and no one is bashing the physics…LOL

     Anyway, I’m getting them all!  AS, rF2, pCARS, and off course Simbin and anything Reiza Studios  make!

    • Anonymous

      perhaps its just me, but I don’t see any resemblance whatsoever to PCARS physics here, wich IMO is a good thing.

      • Radiator Springs Racing Team

        that’s because you haven’t tried it 🙂 It feels great on the wheel. You will see!
        few info I found somewhere else:
        – Using Fanatec technical partner simulation rig.
        – Simulated car is P4/5 Competizione of 2011 (2012 version is in development). 
        – Driving camera is placed forwards to help VIP Lounge guests that are not experienced simdrivers. 
        – Setup a bit understeery on the “safe” side. 
        – Car has ABS enabled and Traction Control (disabled in this video) as the real car. 
        – Sounds are under development as well as the rest of the software.

         it’s possible to choose any kind of driving view also using the 3 monitors settings.

      • Anonymous

        As a NKpro enthusiast, i’m completely confident that AC will be great. thanks for the info!

      • Konrad Czaczyk

         2012 P4/5? So Hybrids should be doable in AC right? Sweet, this game is getting better and better….

    • Matt Orr

       TBH, that looks like an interesting camera angle for many out there. Those guys with a more elaborate cockpit setup stand to benefit – the guys who turn off their virtual wheel as they already have one in front of them, couple of them with various telemetry programs as well. Good thinking.

  • Ken Coughlin

    Still no word on if it’s laser scanned or not?

    • Radiator Springs Racing Team

      All official tracks presented so far are laser-scanned. They had a laser scanned version of this track in Ferrari Virtual Academy already. I guess this would be an evolution of that.

  • Matt Orr

    That bounce when he launches over the curbing in the chicane.


  • Freddie Seng

    It’s only the second video I watch from this game and it already looks, feels and sounds much better than any upcoming sim I’ve seen so far. Damn, dat sound, sense of speed (triple-screen setup helps), those graphics, even with an off-screen cam.. I can’t wait. Curious to see what GTR3 will have to offer too !

  • Anonymous

    That car seems to be set up in a really bland under steer way so its hard to get an idea of the physics from the video. 

    At least you can see him applying some opposite lock without the car going crazy and staying stable.

    Be really nice to have a video with a car that likes to move around more or has a more happy back end that way we can see how responsive it is to corrections or how much affect driver input has on car stability.  

    From the other video with the BMW it looks to me like the cars will be fun to drive but at the same time it looks on the face of it that it will still fail to offer spot on realism of car movement. 

    Each sim seems to get one or two aspects of the model spot on but then falls down at another aspect , for example LFS seems to have sustained drifting working well but then the piont at which tires lose grip is to soon and the cars can fly lose in a strange way , RF1 has good grip before the cars start to slide but if you get into a skid or the back end comes lose you get into weird tank slappers. 

    Mind you NKP and FVA although not perfect for me represent the best overall feel of all the current sims on the market , the only thing that let them down was multi player and the game feeling as if it was in some sort of perpetual alpha/beta. 

    • Andrew

      What real-world experience do you have to make these assertions?  Just interested.  (I agree about NKP)

  • Anonymous

    This track is also made ​​with a laser scanning? It seemed to me that an asphalt canvas turned out quite flat. In the video, with real-world races on this track, it is clear that there are bumps on the road, bumps, pits. The game is all this a little much.

    • Big Ron

       Laserscanning doesn´t automatically mean that every milimeter of bump is recreated correctly. The data which comes from laserscanning is highly detailed, but totally unuseful for the game.

      They need to remodel the track either way in a simplified mesh fitting to the engines capacities.And that also means, that they can´t include every bumps correctly.

      • Andrew

        iRacing has two circuits at once, the graphical and the physical.  The graphical is a lot simpler geometry to increase performance.

      • Big Ron

         But do you know if the physical model has the same detail level as the laser scanning data itself? I am not sure about it.

      • spamsac

        No. The scan results have resolution of about 1cm, with accuracy claimed to be in the region of 1-2mm. The physical models, however, are at a resolution of the region of 30cm, with interpolation between points.

      • Tomas Beha

        All sims have both, in the gMotor2 “world” it’s known as the .HAT -file, which is calculated from the data of the driveable polygons.

    • gt3rsr

       I don’t exactly understand what you’re talking about… I think it’s impossible to see any little bumps in this video which is made by a camcorder from a distance. Maybe if the gameplay was directly captured by some screen capture software… Of course there probably won’t be modeled every 1mm hole in the asphalt but it’s gonna be enough for 99% of simracers. Even the Oran Park in rFactor is a different league in comparison with other rF (manually modeled) tracks.

  • Markus Ott

    I am still amused about everyone who gets amazed about the physics just because he sees a video of a game but never actually drove it himself 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Again, that’s because people knows how much great NKpro was and that’s very unlikely that kunos will go a major step back on the physics department. Nobody can tell how the game plays exactly because obviously didn’t play, but considering the sim achievements from the developer its very likely to succeed..

      This subject will be discussed every single AC post, it seems. 

      As I said several times, the only ones skeptical about AC are the ones that didn’t played NK pro. For those I say, get out of PCARS and go play that game. You’ll def. look at AC other way.

  • Andrew

    Makes sense, they built this for FVA.  Does that mean we get Fiorano and Mugello?

  • Anonymous

    Great, but Nur looks flat like on consoles… Im sorry but havent almost seen any elevations .. 🙁
    Im betting on this game with physics and graphics, they need autentic and bumpy tracks too 🙂 Tats almost half of the great racing experience in my opinion.

    Keep working !

    • Anonymous

      i get the feeling the FOV was quite high in this video, you see enormous elevation changes from 70 FOV down to 30 in any game and corners appear way tighter. That’s my guess here.

      • Anonymous

        i agree that from this video i cant judge, anyway i have still only the best hopes about this game… and it still WIP so im still looking forward 🙂

    • Mike

      Like on consoles?  You should see the Nurburgring GP in GT5- not only do you see the elevations but you feel them in the FFB as well.  Here’s the version of the track in GT5 (not the best quality but enough to show the rendering of the track):

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Just to add to what Mike said: Nurburgring GP is by far the most bumpy track in forza 4.. by a long long margin. The comment also prompted me to check the elevation, and there’s plenty of that too. In fact I didn’t realize it had so much, so thanks 😉

  • Jorge Araujo

    GT5 gfx + Proper Physics = heavenly 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I agree 🙂

  • Max Pautov

    good news!

  • Kenneth Sehested Pedersen

    He should have turned left just before the last corner 😉 hopefully we will be able to do that 🙂

  • Gerald

    Nice lighting. Hopefully the modding element will add TUV, BMW, Warsteiner, Dorint, Merc signage where it is supposed to be.

    One thing… even with the overly high FOV the roller coaster still looks much too far from the main grandstands. Why use such high FOV with triple screen? Big screen LCD looks much better than this. oh well

  • Anonymous

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