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Assetto Corsa – First Ferrari F500 Previews

Team Radiator Springs has shown off first previews of the Ferrari F500 Formula 2 car for Assetto Corsa.

Team Radiator Springs is not just working on the Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni for Assetto Corsa, the team has also kicked off a project centered around another stunning Italian race car.

Below are first previews of the project, showing off the beautiful Ferrari F500 Formula 2. Ferrari’s take on the Formula 2 rules is a nimble race car powered by a four-cylinder engine, putting out 185hp.

You can check out plenty of previews of the car model created by Fulvio “Gek” Genova below.

  • Anonymous

    Your Kidding me right? We get this? Oh man happy happy happy!.

    • Den Burnout


  • Mario Strada

    Awesome!!!!! This deserves even more exclamation points. Once this is out, what we need is even more cars from the same grids.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    cough *Spring/Q1 2013* cough

    • Grim Jaw

      Don’t don’t.. Everyone’s on beta mode

      • Nazirull Safry Paijo

        u dont sayyyy

      • Anonymous

        Actually, nobody’s on beta.
        rF2 = notBetaItsContinuouslyDeveloping.
        pCars = prealpha
        AC = post-beta, candidate any minute?


  • Roger

    Wow, impressive model and textures!!

    Will be great to give this a go “soon”! There has not been much news on AC lately, hope they are working on finalizing v1.0 for a release very soon! 🙂

  • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

    Holy mother of…

  • Steaven Heppener

    This is more like it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenkins

    Oh my…

  • Jos

    should be a slide-show with that poly count 😛

    • Radiator Springs Racing Team

      Poly count is well under control. The most of the things you see are kept as low poly using some optimization techniques, keeping still very good quality. Just to give you an idea the front grid was originally 6k and it’s currently 0.6k. Tires as well are a good example. Originally modeled with every single tread in 3d on the tire are now completely flat, with a generated bump. I’m curious to know how many of you recognized the trick, without having me telling that 🙂

      • Anonymous

        So this is not a render but an in game screenshot from the menu?

      • Radiator Springs Racing Team

        This is a render. No tool is available yet to put a car in AC. We just have few guidelines that are enough for now to start modeling the 3d, From what we’ve seen so far, we expect the in-game result will be as good as those renders.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        “I’m curious to know how many of you recognized the trick, without having me telling that”

        Now that that you’ve told us, I don’t believe you. 😛 Looks great

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Nice pictures! I have the same brand of dials in my car, Jaeger. Peugeot if anyone wants to know.

  • Anonymous

    This looks incredicool! Will be fantastic for sure.

    I’m a little annoyed actually by all these fancy previews and renders. Everything is previews and renders! Nothing you ever see is available now. I’d actually like it if they were announced when they were ready for release. Everything I’m drooling at now is cars I’ll drive sometime in the future.

    I want something now!

  • Ben Lee


  • Kendra Jacobs

    Beautiful, im excited.

    But renders are just that, renders. In game peviews or GTFO

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