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Assetto Corsa – Ferrari F40 Sound Mod Released

lupo7530 has released an impressive sound mod for Assetto Corsa’s Ferrari F40 road car.

lupo7530 has released a beta of his impressive sound mod for Assetto Corsa’s Ferrari F40 road car.

The sound can be checked out in the video below, alongside the download link.

[boxdownload]Download Ferrari F40 Sound Mod Here[/boxdownload]
  • Anonymous

    Thanks, this is a very good sound mod.

  • Marcos Sanz

    taken from this video? 😉

  • Roger Wallentin

    I think this is a really good attempt, and I really think we need a mod for the F40 similar to this.

    Though I think it needs a bit more tuning before its really good, you can hear the transition between samples too clearly and it sounds like its increasing revs really slowly when going from 4 to 8k RPM under full power, even in lower gears.

    I am really eagerly awaiting a really good sound mod so I can start driving this car more! Now I’m mainly driving the Z4 GT3 and the M3 E30 DTM due to their good sounds.

  • Helldriver

    Very nice!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds by the developers are better.

  • gt3rsr

    Please, don’t mix F40 and F40LM…

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    Sims going ‘next gen’ is great but it doesn’t matter if the modding stays at the same old level. I’ll never say sounds are easy, but if a sound guy can’t get the pitch of the various low/mid/high rpm samples matched, then I honestly think he/she isn’t the right person to do this work.

    There is a subjective part in audio where some people like low quality distorted source material, with which I disagree but that is subjective.

    There is also objective parts in car audio and that is the pitch of a 3000rpm engine should be half of when its running at 6000rpm.

    I can not understand that people seem to not hear the mis-matched pitch, it really puzzles me!

    Its all about fun / enjoyment and by all means people should do whatever they like and enjoy. But this sounds worse than what we could do with Sports Car GT in 1999.

    • Eric S

      Having a background in audio, I wholeheartedly agree.
      Well said Niels. Non distorted, high quality sample source materials with proper levels and finalization is key and probably a lot easier for the KS team to achieve than anyone else provided they have a competent sound guy. I am sure they do and I hope for realistic, dynamic sound come V1.

    • Roger Wallentin

      I agree a high quality distortion/clipping free sample is ideal.

      But most important for me is the feeling a sound gives me when driving. I prefer a distorted and aggressive sound over a clean one if it does not feel right.

      This TDU mod is based on “low quality” samples with some clear clipping/distortion but sounds really good to me, I would love to have that sound in AC!

      • Eric S

        I understand your point Roger, however, the original audio sample needs to be clean and level to prevent distortion. If the sound from the vehicles exhaust, motor, valve etc is dirty and sounds “distorted” or mean and nasty, that is a product of the true sound itself, not a clipped, distorted original sample. For example, the Ruf in iRacing can sound slightly distorted and tinny at times, however the sound source material, the original recordings, are distortion free and maintains proper levels during all stages of the rpm spectrum to give a very realistic sound from many different locations. Cockpit, replays, etc

      • Roger Wallentin

        Agree, like I said a clean sample is clearly the ideal start of any sound implementation. If they are really well made and the original car has an aggressive sound (which most of the high end cars have) it will sound just great in game/sim as well.

        The problem is that for sound modders its hard to come by a €100k++ rare supercar and even harder to set it up for ideal sound recording for internal/external sounds etc so clear undistorted samples are available.

        My point is, its better to have a well made mod with good transitions etc but perhaps lower quality samples (e.g. from a youtube video) than not having any mods at all.

        In the ideal world all sim cars should sound as good as the iRacing RUF cars (they probably have the best sounds in any sim so far!). The sounds in Forza motorsport on most cars are really well made too.

      • Eric S

        Makes sense. Here is to hoping AC puts as much into sound dev as physics so we don’t need sound mods for official content.

      • Roger Wallentin

        Absolutely! Having the official license they should have better access to the real cars to make some proper high quality samples!

      • Anonymous

        Nice !!

      • Guest

        I find this one from the same guy even better, but both are cleaner than this mod for AC, specially when you know that TDU engine was not meant to be modded :

    • Lúcio Marques

      Yes, fully agree, Niels.

      The other problem that most haven’t noticed (yet) is that the sound-engine in AC, which is basically the very same as in NK and FVA, is not up to par.
      Something like the 10+ year old Miles sound-engine, the version used in ISI-Motor2 platform based games, beats it so badly that it’s not even funny.
      AC’s is seriously lacking (to put it mildly), really bad, and as the popular saying goes “you can’t polish a turd”…

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        Right, I haven’t worked with NK, and only do a little bit of sound stuff in rFactor. Its actually pretty good in rFactor if you ask me, sure you need to upsample to 192khz to remove weird high pitched mixing artifacts but then it is fine.

        You can have any dynamic range that you want and you get logical tire load based road noise and logical progressive volume wind noise.. For a sample based system it works well. Most of the time the modders (and lack of source samples) is the problem..

  • Anonymous

    As with every sound mod I’ve seen (heard) for Assetto Corsa, it sounds far worse than the average-sounding one by the devs.

  • carson

    wtf is this? sounds awful

    • Roger Wallentin

      I tried these in in sim tonight, the interior sounds are not very good (you can hear a lot of miss matched transitions in the samples) but the exterior sounds are actually quite good!

      Exterior sounds are in fact much better than the stock ones IMO (sound much more like an F40 LM than the stock sounds)

  • Roger Wallentin

    This is what Kunos should be doing in the first place:

    • Paul Todd

      It’s a shame they go to that effort for an arcade game

      • Helldriver


      • GamerMuscle

        Because from the perspective of games as an art form all the work would be better spent on a game that is solid at the fundamental level rather than superficial levels.

        Ultimately with forza as nice as some cars sound and how well the game as a whole is presented ,fundamentally the cars handle badly. This would not mater if Forza was a pure arcade game but it markets itself as being a simulator.

        Its like COD ghosts many aspects of the game are nice but fundamentally they have messed up the mouse input and aspects of the core game play , level design and basic game performance.

        Same with battlefield 4 allot of the core fundamental game play is really broken , the game on pc is also technically very broken and buggy. But the game looks nice has nice sound.

        Allot of gamers are only interested in superficiality ether because they wont spend much time with a game or the simply don’t know better.

      • Helldriver

        I really don´t care about Forza or other console driving games. All i know is, it´s NEVER a shame to record high quality sounds and bring them into a game. It´s only a pity, that it´s not done for all our favourite games. That´s all…..

    • Eric S


    • Anonymous

      Problem is, Forzas sound didn’t end up realistic at all imho. It’s not easy. You need to be an artist, with good ears, in some way as well as a sound tech.

      • Roger Wallentin

        I think Forza 4’s sounds are overall by far the most realistic and best sounding (not always the same) ever for a title. Some other sims and mods have got a few cars really good but Forza has 100++ cars uniquely made and sounding great.

        Though I agree the 787 is far from the best sounding car in FM4, in fact its one of the worst but its still quite good.

        I think my favorite sim car sound so far is the iRacing RUF (both GT3 and Turbo sound amazing, both interior and exterior).

        HistorX and DRM mods for rFactor have some very nice sounds as well. pCars have some very good sounds for a couple of cars too, the Capri sounds MEAN!

    • F1Racer

      You fund him and I’m sure he will be happy to 🙂

      • Roger Wallentin

        I would easily pay €10 for a complete sound update for all (at least the most popular cars) with real car samples well implemented! I would actually pay more than that but I don’t think the majority of AC drivers/players would.

        My guess is that many AC subscribers would though be willing to pay €5 for a really high quality sound update if it was optional.

  • Paul Todd

    The thing about sound mods is that you can create one from sounds on video’s but it won’t ever sound better than going out and recording the F40 in real life. Problem would be if anyone did that then they would want money for the effort. For me if it was spot on I would not mind paying for a sound mod that was 100% spot on

  • Anonymous

    Goes to show (or hear lol) Yes, you can import the same F40LM youtube samples that everybody else has, into AC, but next time lupo7530, you need to put the actual hard work into “modding” them.

    I say hard work because I did the same myself with these samples to mod an rFactor F40; especially for the killer overrun sounds (p.s. where has that gone in your mod btw?) alas, I never managed to mod them to a high enough standard for public release. In short, needs serious improvement imo.

  • xisque

    Ill be glad to pay more for better/realistic sounds.

  • Trevor


  • ditec890

    I’m a little sad that AC takes the same path as rFactor, a puzzle that will be built over the years, of varying quality, with good things and bad things. In two years there will be many versions of AC as users and you will have to invest a lot of time to keep up to date with the best mods. For those who do not have much time, we need a simulator that keeps you updated with the best of each mod but selected purchased and distributed by the original developers, Kunos in this case. That is to outsource the work and then give their fans with less time a selection of the best at reasonable prices. I would pay. Pay for a professional to make a selection of the best mods and then would offer as paid upgrade.

    I can not be aware of the multitude of pages in the mods may appear to all my games.

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