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Assetto Corsa – Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack Lineup Complete

Kunos Simulazioni have finalized the lineup of the upcoming Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC pack for Assetto Corsa.

Kunos Simulazioni have finalized the lineup of the upcoming Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration DLC pack for Assetto Corsa.

The six original cars that had already been confirmed are joining by a seventh that was voted by the community as, somewhat not surprising, Ferrari’s current Formula One challenger, the SF70H made the cut.

Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack Car List

* 1962 250 GTO
* 1967 330 P4
* 1967 312/67
* 1984 288 GTO
* 2004 F2004
* 2017 812 Superfast
* SF70H

The Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Pack for Assetto Corsa will be available this fall.

  • gilez

    Well an iconic vintage GT, an iconic prototype, a classic vintage F1 (GPL!), a “poster car” like the 288, the new front-engined 812 beast and two modern F1 cars, the all-conquering F2004 and this year’s really-not-bad SF70H. Good stuff. Waiting to test the 288 GTO and the 312 F1 67.

  • Paul Maguire

    Damn, the last two Ferrari F1s feels terrible to drive for some reason. Not enough testing I guess. I hope this S70 doesn’t doesn’t follow the same faith.

    • pastor_tedhaggard

      no they don’t. at all.

      • Paul Maguire

        trust me they do. f138 even has terrible ffb

      • MC

        I agree with regards to the SF-15T but I quite like the F138. I hope the current car’s closer to the latter (even though it’s another hybrid).

      • erictheking87

        Probably your observations are based on being a long time F1-driver I guess?? I mean in real life – not computer games.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    For me the SF70H is was the least desirable car of the voting poll. There are many good open wheeler mods for that spot, dunno why we need another sole f1 car. I hoped for the 512 just for the aroma of a 1970s battle.

    • Francesco Kasta

      As a classic “old school” car lover I really hoped for that 512 too!

      Still, even though I really couldn’t care less about modern F1 cars, I think the content of this DLC is quite satisfying… Everybody needs to be somewhat happy after all.

      And who knows, maybe they’ll consider releasing a second Ferrari pack in the future.

  • Piotrek Góra

    OMG next cars…gr8, but we need more tracks! Good quality tracks.

    • erictheking87

      Laguna Seca will be in AC before the end of the year. Laserscanned. As always.

      • Piotrek Góra

        Yes I know and I know how hard is to get the licence for a track, but 1 track per year is rather sad. If They can’t get the licences that maybe not official track would be nice for community, even not laserscanned. IMO They’ve got wrong proportion car/track – something 60/1 per year… sad, sad , sad!

      • noroardanto

        I wish Fiorano will come as a surprise with this DLC. It will be the best track to drive some of these most iconic Ferraris.

      • Joel White

        I so hope you’re right

  • MC

    Was hoping and voted for the 2007 F1 car, but actually think the 2000 (or whenever it was) F1 car would have been better. Those V10s were something special.

    • BucketCat

      You`re getting the F2004 which was powered by a v10…

      • MC

        …which had driver aids by then. I really liked the Virtua Simulazioni Mclaren mod, I was thinking the 2000 F1 car could be something similar. F2004 will be interesting though, takes me back to the RH mods for F1 Challenge =)

      • Ray Tozzi

        are you aware that ASR just released their version of the F2004 for free for Assetto Corsa? should be interesting to compare with Kunos’ car.

      • MC

        Interesting, I’ll download it before they get a takedown notice from Ferrari.

  • BucketCat

    I bet this SF70H will be another car collecting dust in the showroom for most people. Online people can`t even handle a gt3 car around the track, let alone a 2017 F1 car. I bet it`s hardly going to be used just like the other f1 cars currently ingame. Besides that, we already have the amazing RSS F1 2017 Hybrid mod for a few bucks that fullfills the F1 2017 needs.

    I was hoping for more trackday oriented cars like the F430 Scuderia, F355 or 360 Challenge Stradale.

    • MC

      It’s strange, I find F1 cars easier to drive due to the downforce, although the SF-15T can be tricky with its power delivery.

      • BucketCat

        I love f1 cars, but it`s sad to see they`re hardly used online due to the fact people just can`t drive them.

  • Olivier Maas

    I didn’t expected that one. I was hoping for one of the classic racecars that were on the list. But if most people wants this one..

    • Justin Schmidt

      2017 F1 was pretty obvious. There’s one big group wanting the newest F1 car and the other group that wants classic cars. Since the group wanting classics got split over many choices, the outcome was obvious.

      • Olivier Maas

        that makes sense

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