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Assetto Corsa – Early Access Beta 0.8 Released

Kunos Simulazioni has released the next update for Assetto Corsa, bringing the tile’s Early Access beta to version 0.8.

Kunos Simulazioni has released the next update for Assetto Corsa, bringing the tile’s Early Access beta to version 0.8.

As revealed during the week, the update adds the iconic Ferrari 312T Formula One car as well as the Lotus Exige 240 to the simulation.

Furthermore, the new version also introduces AI & collision improvements, improved clouds and other tweaks as listed below.


– Lotus Exige 240
– Ferrari 312T F1
– Revised AI behavior
– Collisions performance improvements
– New sky box with clouds
– Fixed gui issue with spinner
– Improved x360 controller support at low speed
– Fixed gearshift sound on BMW M3 e92 Drift
– Improved rearview mirrors & added more rendering options in the launcher
– Default launcher theme: opponent skins are randomized from all available skins
– Default launcher theme: opponent setups are now set on a per-track basis
– Launcher: control configuration’s Xbox360 section revised
– Fixed end race chart display bug

Assetto Corsa users can now update their installation to include the new version simply by starting Steam.

  • Raphael Smith

    Wow the AI is much better for me so far! The 312T is really fun to drive too! I love using my new clubsports v2s and clubsport shifter with it.

  • vilivili

    damn, this means I gotta empty the house immediately

  • Cristianfx

    great car but the sound is terrible, and im foot injured so i cant fking play correctly πŸ˜› great game πŸ˜€

  • Deatroy

    Guys, delete all apps and wait for Updates if you have FPS Problems, Aris and AC Support stated on Forum. FPS Drops are caused by this.

    Great car, Lotus 240R just sucks at sound, still cool.
    AI is way better, graphic and performance aswell.
    Only the steering changed a lot..

    • joe pineapples

      I uninstalled the one app I had, ‘RSR Live Timing’, but I still got the frames drop. One thing that works as a workaround for me (and some others) is to ‘ALT-TAB’ out and back in again from the starting grid. Full expected frame rate comes back.

  • Anonymous

    I love AC but I have issue with the sounds. Is it just me or are they all weak to in depth? Also I would have thought that out of the gate that the 312T seems to be missing grip? Another note that I always have to add is why aren’t there in classes? though I know it’s still a beta, the content of classes is still missing. I don’t want to come off sounding like I’m ragging on Kunos but there needs to be classes. Not just “hey let’s make this car and throw it in.” I really do love the physics though the warning cpu usage 95% is annoying, the AI pileup at the first corner as well as the camera keeps only one car in focus only blur effect. Over all AC gets a thumbs up for me as one of the best racers ever produced.

    • Pascal

      Why you need classes?

      • Anonymous

        Why race the same model of car? Whats the point?

      • F1Racer

        Everyone in equal machinery.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not trying to argue or anything but that to me makes no realistic sense. It’s not historical and is a just a cop-out for not having content. Better off playing Pac-man multiplayer. Or Nascar2003. πŸ™‚

      • F1Racer

        Nothing wrong with Nascar 2003 πŸ™‚

        Classes would be cool but there are race series out there that all use the same car. But yes we need variation.

    • Deatroy

      Classes are there, some cars are missing. Just look next to Brand.
      Sound isnt finished as stated often.
      If you get 95% CPU Warning, turn down AI enemies^^

  • Jukka Karppinen

    New sky and clouds looks great and they improved overall looks of game nicely. Gotta love the 312T, great fun to drive and sounds great too…btw i just noticed that if i only rev it to 9000rpm it sounds almost like BMW m1 Procar πŸ™‚

  • wajdi nujeidat
  • Anonymous

    I love the new 312T, drove about an hour or so and felt very good to me, felt immediately at home with it @ Nurb GP. Slides were controllable (when reacting quick enough), downshifts with the shifter felt great…Kudos to Kunos πŸ™‚

  • Assetto Corsa Update
    • kahel grahf

      urrkkkkkggg…Sorry, I kind of throw up.

    • Anonymous

      nice use of 3 screens there.
      Oh no wait………………………….

      • kahel grahf


  • Roger Wallentin

    WOW, the 312T!!

    I know I said this 2 weeks ago about the Huayra, but the 312T is my new favorite car!! This time its with a larger margin though!

    At first it feels a bit “lifeless” when you just play with it and toss it around, but when you get into the grove and start pushing it and learning its limits and balance its just comes alive!! The response is amazing and its just the perfect mix of power, braking, grip, chassie balance, steering and downforce!

    Managing it out of fast bends at just a few degrees oversteer is just so subtle but full with feedback and reaction to your smallest input on steering and throttle!! It will bite if you overcook it, but that makes learning to be pro-active and smooth with the oversteer so rewarding!

    The sound, like almost all except the BMW GT3, lacks bottom end grunt. Other than that it does actually sound pretty darn good! Especially if you really crank up the volume to 11!

    Well done Kunos!!

  • F1Racer

    Collisions are far better now as is the AI but they still stall at the hairpin in Vallelunga and can sometimes pile into the side of you on a turn. But much much better overall.
    Getting distorted sounds too with the Exige 240R S2 in TV replay (Imola). Anyone else getting this ?

    Great update.

  • Clive Lomax

    Totaly in love with the 312T lovely, lovely power oversteer, drifting out of corners is heaven, as long as you finesse it! Watch out for those Kerbs on the power. havent tried a race yet because im just learning the car. sound is fine for me perhaps could be a little better. Replays are a bit strange trackside/TV as it certainly looks like I was going faster than that!! well done Kunos, love this new build.

  • Anthony Birch

    no template for the 312T?

  • Racing jason

    after racing for 1h i am happy the most about the AI development. before it was just unplayable…now its good fun, good competition!:) also the 312T is very unique in its handling and doesnt compare to any other car in AC. one aspect just underlining again AC has by far the best physics of all times…(sorry rfactor lovers…just admit it:)

    • Wally

      Hows about enjoying both titles for what they are instead of making unneccessary remarks that can only incite silly flame wars. Why bring rfactor series into this post about Assetto anyway.

      • Anonymous

        1. because they are 2 titles both claiming to be racing simulators in the same genre.
        2. one is objectively better than the other.
        3. they both drive very differently to each other, so one therefore has to be better than the other, when compared to reality.
        4. if one is better than the other, you will therefore enjoy one more than the other…..there is no requirement by anyone to enjoy both.
        5. no one is inciting any ‘silly flame wars’ – youre the one that brought this up in the first place.
        6. you dont have to respond to people who prefer AC to rfactor.
        7. this being an AC post does not mean that conversation has to be restricted only to AC.

      • Wally

        Are they, is it, do they, isn’t there, aren’t they/did I really ,
        don’t I (does this include myself), doesn’t it.


      • Anonymous

        I’m really sad I can dislike this comment only one time :C

      • punkfest2000

        Whilst I enjoy AC more than the limited time I have had with the rF2 demo, I don’t see how you can state :”one is objectively better than the other”. It is in fact the exact opposite: “one is SUBJECTIVELY better”.

        Additionally, just because they both drive very differently to each other it does not at all mean that one is better, particularly when almost everyone here has no real world experience in a race car, or even a street car driven to the limits, to be able to compare it to reality.

      • Anonymous

        no its not subjective, because they are both being measured against the real world. You can objectively say if something is more realistic than something else.
        Do you think Ridge Racer is more realistic than AC or RF2? Or is that subjective?

        the fact that people dont have experience simply means that they dont have an informed opinion………it doesn’t validate their opinions more, by not having experience – it makes their opinions more subjective – but not necessarily correct……….

      • punkfest2000

        Pastor Ted…I am in agreement with you that AC feels better than rF2, but that is my own subjective assessment. Many would feel rF2 is better.

        These are all opinions. These are not objective measurements. The opinions of those with actual real world racing would have the most weighting obviously.

        How do you measure realism? How did you come to the conclusion that AC drives more realistically than rF2? Where is the objective measurable data that clearly proves AC is more accurate to real world than rF2?

      • horrace

        I agree with you, I just broke down and bought GSC 2013 and I am happy that I did, I own rfactor 1 and 2, Gtr evolution,GTR2 and I plan on getting Assetto too. Why because they all offer something different, I feel that they are all great for what they offer me, I am a sim racing junkie, and sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I dont. Just enjoy them for what they are and support the developers.

      • Anthony Birch

        exactly wally, each game is what it is, so…….enjoy them for what they are, NOT for what they aren’t

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic job on the two new cars. They both feel so real to drive. Thanks for the quality work.

  • sketchyterry

    Fantastic update. Quite possibly their best one yet. The Ferrari is bags of fun, I just love the way it slides through the corners and I love being so far up front on the car haha. Can see right where you place the car.

    As for the AI massive massive improvement! I’ve done two races and they were both great fun so amazing work there to the AC devs. Couple of things still need improving regarding the AI, braking points, some lines through some corners and they still stick to you if make contact with your rear bumper. But hopefully these will be resolved, if so I would say the AI is right up there in terms of quality πŸ™‚

    • scottstev

      Agree completely. The 312T is a blast to drive and more importantly, it handles much differently than the other cars, but still is manageable. The performance tweaks are major, as it will allow run-of-the-mill pc’s to run this at medium settings which is still gorgeous.

  • mac46

    It’s terrible. Drives like a pig.

    • Wally


      • Robert GΓΆdicke

        It’s a quote from the film Rush… πŸ™‚
        When Niki signed with Ferrari and tested the car for the first time, this was his comment on the car’s handling. πŸ˜‰

      • Wally

        Gotcha, aint seen the film yet so I didn’t know that. Aint I a wally? πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Yes it’s a quote, but funny how the seven upvoter, voted the comment up, thinking the person that wrote the quote, was slagging AC physics off….LOL @ them

    • Paul Haworth

      Like a go kart….like a pig…driving a go kart

    • Anonymous

      It’s a shitbox! It under-steers like crazy and the weight distribution
      is a disaster. It’s amazing – all these facilities, and you make a
      piece of crap like this. *ugh!*

      It’s one of my favourite films too.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    This AC seems more like a driving simulator than racing simulatore! too many road and dream cars and few racing cars! It is GT with a better physics and FBB( the engine sound is good, but not that good at all!)!

    • Deatroy

      good mix and you need this to have good sales these days.
      Just wait for DLC’s and Mods.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Yup and the physics are just a little improved GT too. Only good with slow heavy cars.

  • MoorTT

    As expected, great update. Congrats to the whole AC-team.

    I drive with an old, slow turning, dfp-wheel and even with this wheel the 312T F1 feels very alive, controllable and last but not least: fun!

    My initial thoughts were: “yeah this is quite a nice simcar, but then again there are lot’s like it…”

    I was wrong. When you start pushing this car, and I mean really pushing this car, (Magione with only one AI opponent on 100% was nice for this!) then this car transforms into… sim-nirvana for me really.

    I’m not exaggerating, this car is probably the most fun I’ve had in a sim for a long time. The way you can place this car in a corner, accelerate it out of the exit to an insane speed only to step hard on the brakes, heel-toeing into the next turn-in point with a controllable shake of the chassis and maybe a little slide is simply… addicting.

    I always loved the GP1979 mod in Rf1 (and still do): great sounds, awesome cars and quite a challenge to say the least. But for me those cars were very hard to drive on the limit: one blip of the throttle too much and the car stepped out and was then 9 times out of 10 uncatchable for me…

    So, I feel this AC-version of a 70’s F1 car is, for me at least, a bit more believable representation of driving and pushing one of these beasts and therefore I say: Grazie mille KUNOS simulazioni!

    • Roger Wallentin

      Agreed, I had the exact same experience (see my post a few ones down). At first it feels “good” but not amazing.

      BUT when you push it hard and start finding its limits a new world opens up with so much detail and dynamics in the handling and feedback.

      It is not easy and you cant just drift it like an M3, but you can manage it on oversteer if you are really on your game and learn the cars balance.

      This is what I find unique about AC, within the narrow line around the limit there is so much fidelity in the input and feedback you get. On a car like this with enough power and balance it really makes for an outstanding driving experience.

      • Anonymous

        “BUT when you push it hard and start finding its limits a new world opens up with so much detail and dynamics in the handling and feedback.”

        “This is what I find unique about AC, within the narrow line around the limit there is so much fidelity in the input and feedback you get.”

        couldnt have said it better myself really. Its this that separates it from all the other sims, it baffles me how many people just don’t see or feel this. oh well.

      • MoorTT

        Exactly. Roger has put it very nicely indeed!

        AC finally gives me the feeling that the cars are controllable on, and sometimes even over the limit.
        I always blamed my driving force pro wheel for not being able to catch even the smallest of slides without snap-oversteer. Now my wheel sometimes feels really great at doing just that, allthough it’s still slow and noisy. So AC might make me switch to a G27 or something in that pricerange. Race on chaps!

      • Kendra Jacobs


    • Kendra Jacobs

      The ac’s rear is more controllable when flooring the throttle compared to gp79 like you said. But other than that it’s hardly better than that old rf1 mod lol.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        Correction : *You find it hardly better than that old rf1 mod. Your idea`s about the game are your opinion, and not a fact.

  • Anonymous

    312T …WOW! Brilliant physics.

  • Marc Collins

    AI is improved, thank goodness, but still has a long way to go. Based on how the AI make extreme and sudden direction changes (bounce around), they can’t be using anything close to realistic physics or the same ones as the player car (or a close dumbed-down approximation). I like a lot about AC, but the AI make it look and feel like a console racer at this stage.
    I love the FFB, once you get rid of the canned effects and just use pure feedback (thaks for those sliders!), but the cars are again, like a console, equipped with some sort of anti-spin “helper” because they are almost impossible to get sideways (within the context of normal racing behaviour). The pace of change and improvement is impressive, though.
    And before someone asks or tells, yes I have stability control OFF and the “helper” could be a simple as exaggerated grip, particularly at the rear of the car.

    • Jos

      Sideways in AC, impossibru!

    • SzilΓ‘rd Hompoth

      I get slides if I push a bit too much with almost all the cars, and I can certainly drift around with most cars if I want too, especially in the latest builds. We probably drive differently..

      • Marc Collins

        Likely just a language difference. I didn’t mean drifting or sliding, I meant literally sideways as in spinning out from the usual driver error/too much throttle coming out of a turn, etc.

    • Anonymous

      “but the cars are again, like a console, equipped with some sort of anti-spin “helper” because they are almost impossible to get sideways (within the context of normal racing behaviour)”


    • Deatroy

      I doubt your pc or any highend pc can calculate same accurate physics for the AI enemies.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Stefano has said several times that the AI cars use the same physics as the players car…just a few weeks ago 20 AI would bring all but the best pc’s to their knees and give the CPU at 95% warning message.

        They for sure have stability and traction control on and they still do a few weird things like brake really early but then put the power down like a boss and they will throw a block on you that will make you think you are playing MP online.

        With the new optimizations I can race against 23 AI at Nords GP with barely a microstutter here and there…Great job Kunos, AC keeps getting better and better…and the 312 might be the greatest sim car ever.

      • Deatroy

        thanks for clearing up.

      • Anonymous

        Assetto Corsa still needs loads more optimization for mid-low end pc.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Ancient computers (sadly, anything over three years old) are always going to have a hard time playing new games…part of being the pc master race is having to spend money every couple years to upgrade.

      • Deatroy

        CPU sadly didnt evolved since i7 2600k…
        GPU moved on well and RAM is still the same.
        So only upgrading GPU is enough for most intel core users^^

  • Anonymous

    First time drive – F312T. I wonder how i found it? Well watch the video and find out.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      “Driving on your own is tedious. Well you can still have SOMEEE fun driving on your own but after that is like ughh what are you doing”. Wow and you’re one of the ones that goes on about physics and driving and all this and that the most yet you need multiplayer to keep your interest and attention span going or else just the enjoyment of the driving and physics themselves aren’t enough for you?

      Good physics should never bore you especially on such a new sim like ac. I think you just don’t love racing sims as much as you think and claim you do. Nice call of duty mouse.

      The game is spot on in terms of physics? You cant see where they could further improve on it anymore? Yes that’s it, AC as the best physics of all time, there is no where for improvement it is just so perfect in every area on all times in every car. Lol man fanboy at it’s finest.

      • Anonymous

        don’t understand how you’ve come to any of your conclusions, so can’t even attempt to respond to them. Sorry.
        With regards to ‘fanboy’ – well…..if RF2 had physics which related to actual cars, or handled even better, then i would happily say ‘rf2 is better’.
        however after having driven both, AC allows you to drive properly, much more so than RF2. therefore i have to conclude that it is better. i genuinly cannot see where they can improve it, it drives and responds exactly to what i’d expect.
        if AC wasn’t good, i wouldnt say it was good…….i dont see how i am a ‘fanboy’ as a result.

        i dont see why wanting multiplayer means i am less of a driving sim ‘fan’…..i honestly cannot see how youve arrived at the conclusions in your post. You’ll have to elaborate.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        I didn’t say someone wanting multiplayer doesn’t make you a fan of racing a car on a track. Read it again. The part starting with “driving on your own is tedious”. Stop trying to twist things around, you know exactly what I mean.

        I never once compared this to rf2 so I don’t even know where you are going with that lol talk about random, but if you wanna go their than the cars in rf2 as well as iracing can definitely hold their own and even beat ac. Have you driven the new rf2 kart? Maybe rf2 isn’t your fave that’s cool but to say something ludicrous like it’s physics doesn’t relate to cars just shows your fanboyism and bias. The ffb in ac can’t hold a candle to the ffb in rfactor 2. In ac you either get your wheel shuddering to death as it attempts to try to tell you some kind of info, or you get nothing just some resistance as you turn and that’s it. Theres no info coming through its such a bland ffb. The only excpetion is on slow corner understeer you get some nice shudders. Then again pretty much all ac’s ffb does is shudder when it’s trying to tell you something. It’s so plain.

        The new F1 has no feel except for shuddering all over the place. Why in the world does it have massive front brake lock up and why the heck is the default setup’s brake balance set to 51 f 49 r, that’s ridiculous fronts are usually like 55 – 60 on a n open wheel. Then to have all the front brake lock up on such a low front bias? Messed up pal.

        I never said ac wasn’t good. Again stop twisting everything around dude. You claim its physics are perfect and there is no where left to improve on the physics. That’s ludicrous. Even 30 years from now a sim’s physics will have areas left for improvement. Stop twisting everything I say around. I got into so many slides with the new Ferrari f1 where I didn’t even have to countersteer lol, I just held the wheel completely straight and didn’t move it just like I used to do in F1 challenge 99-02 and some of the not so good rfactor mods, if that’s not bad then I don’t know what is. I cant even get any feel out of the car just plain resistance or shuddering to death in an attempt to give me info.

        Maybe it’s my setup, I don’t know anything about that stuff. Give me your setup and be honest about it don’t mess it up and I’ll try it again. Its at the nurburgring.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Kendra, get help. Seriously.

      • Smithaz

        Don’t be so cromulent. Kendra comes here with a point to make and in response he gets arguments over semantics and picking apart minutiae. Nobody on this forum can taken any kind of criticism of their sacred AC, let alone discuss it thoughtfully. It really reminds me of fanboys of PS or Xbox, cannot accept there are good points and bad points, only good points. So I for one think the fanboy accusation stands up.

      • Anonymous

        Reading all your previous post, it takes one to know one.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        I suggest you do a little bit more research about your friend Kendra and the history of his comments on VR. Then you’ll understand Michael’s reaction. Besides that I’m not getting involved in this again, I’m way too busy reading all these books…

      • Smithaz

        I am aware of Kendras reputation here. But I agree with him in being perplexed as to how AC is supposedly the best sim on earth when to me it feels as though the rear is on magnetic rails (very hard to lose grip and then it snaps back like a magnet) and hence the balance in every single car is absolute understeer.

      • Deatroy

        i smell ice.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        With all respect, but i`m starting to feel that people who say these things are most likely just not as a good driver as they think they are. Understeer is only present if you overdrive the car/tires and you`re simply just entering corners too fast. Besides that i have never experienced anything as “being on rails”. With a quick blip of the throttle i can drift almost every car quite easily and get is as sideways as i like without any magnetic tank slappers. Maybe it`s you, maybe it`s your hardware, but if i would experience the same, i would as easily admit it that AC felt wrong.

      • Anonymous

        i know, just watch my video for 10 laps. Chronic understeer everywhere!

      • Anonymous

        You can clearly say from the video that im using default setup……hence, first time drive.

        secondly, i’ll need to see a video of your driving and/or your laptime posted via the live timing + what setup was being used – otherwise i have no interest in discussing further. sorry.

      • Deatroy

        You really compared Mods with content (which have real data as background) ?
        Also these slides are normal on this f1 due his gearbox.
        Its twitchy and depends on your driving style and pushing to the limit.
        But telling you this stuff would be too much.

  • Alex Ventura

    I almost feel bad for the Lotus 240 πŸ™‚

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Credit to kunos. Nice sounds. It really has a 70s feel. Sounds like that movie rush. Its a beautiful car and kunos modelled it so nicely too.

    Physics are half good half bad. Love the ffb and i can feel the front and back really nicely but it feels slow and it doesn’t feel raw. I can control the car fine but it just feels lifeless other than some slides here and there. Does not feel like a raw racecar, let alone an F1 car. Just feels like a fun video game trying to feel part realistically.

    The amount of side to side wandering and floating in AC when you are sliding the rear is sooooo bad and kind of arcadey. Just look at 6 seconds and 33 seconds on this video what is that slow weird side to side wandering and floating across the track? That is not what cars do when the back of a car slides, that is simcade Shift and Grid stuff. Looks like a Project Cars video from 2 years ago. This happens on almost all cars.

    Or how about on this video look at 2:04 what in the world is that insande steering input? If you cranked that much input in a real car especially going over 250 km/h the car wouldn’t just gladly and smoothly keep following the. Its understeering but at the same time it’s not understeering, the physics engine is just allowing you to crank on all this ridiculous steering understeer with no reaction from the car, no sliding wide, no oversteer, no corrections, no plowing off the road, nothing, the physics engine just doesnt do anything, wow, just look at that.

    No matter how many builds it gets it still seems like parts of the physics are arcade and parts are awesome hardcore sim. It’s a mix of dog poop and beautiful women’s perfume.

    Kunos, please look at netkar pro. Look at how raw they where. Look at how they slide. Look at how they need to be driven. Maybe look at who did those physics. Didn’t the nk pro physics guy leave kunos? Maybe i’m wrong but If he did then they should look into rehiring him or finding someone else. I’ve never played a sim with physics that where half the best, and half poo arcade. How does that even happen?

    I love watching the Ferrari f1 in replays though man I have my stereo cranked and kunos I love your replays with a loud stereo. Iracing and pcars has the best audio easily but this still sounds really good and kunos did a great job with with sound and graphics and with some of the physics.

    It’s a cool experience to drive this car. 2 of my friends came over and had a lot of fun with it. 1 of them said he is going to buy ac just because how much fun he had with the Ferrari f1 the other night. I sold him on it.

    • punkfest2000

      So sayeth the book.

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