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Assetto Corsa – Early Access 0.6 Released

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new version of their Assetto Corsa Early Access beta on Steam.

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new version of their Assetto Corsa Early Access beta on Steam.

For the first time since the beta release, a new update comes without any new content as the guys at Kunos have decided to work on some of the simulation’s fundamentals instead.

For one, that concerns AI mode as the Quick Race mode is now available for all cars and tracks, even supporting multi-class racing for some interesting duels.

Kunos has also been working on improving the sim’s collision model, allowing opponents to realistic lean on and bump each other, the improved collision model also gets rid of track land mines.

New aspects also concern the simulation’s sounds as 5.1 systems are now supported along plenty of other changes as described in below.

As you might have guessed, we won’t release any new cars or tracks today. We understand that this might be a bit of a let down for some of you, but then again we have already released 35 cars and their upgrades and 12 tracks… considering AC’s physics engine depth, I’m sure there’s more to explore than simply jumping from one car to the other.
So what’s in this new update? Lot’s of core work to make AC better, some of it very evident, some of it under the surface but very important.

First of all we are enabling AI Quick Races for all cars, all tracks. You can select whatever car you like, whatever track you like and whatever number of opponents (up to the track limits). Most importantly you can select different opponents to race against. Multi-class, multi-era, multi-performances, multi-whatever.. err…no scratch that, multiplayer is not ready yet (we’re working on it, you know we do!).
So this is very important, we worked very hard to enable all cars and all tracks to enable the AI. Tons of data to process, but we didn’t just stopped there. We have laid out the ground to build a better AI that understands better the intentions of the player. On some cars you might see a better behaviour, on some others more or less the same, but the work is there and slowly we will update all of them. Your feedback is valuable and that’s what early access is all about, so thank you in advance!

What’s next? Collisions. You can lean on your opponents now, bump door against door, push and get pushed and the experience should be far better. Most importantly no more landmines and you can go over high kerbs with far more realistic behaviour. That also permits us to make the terrain collisions more accurate and this means more setup work for you, as you might need to make the setup stiffer, user bumpstops, or raise the car height to make sure the car is not bottoming out. If you hear strange scraping noises and experience unexpected spins on fast turns, it might mean that your old setup was way too low… AC is getting more mature and this means that it requests from you the drivers, more skills and more setup work. We are sure you’re going to have fun limiting bottoming, without affecting car balance πŸ˜‰

Sound engine. We have worked on the sound engine to improve the sound of the opponents cars in AI races as well as taking advantage of 5.1 systems. It’s been quite an extensive work, way too long to describe, but let us know what you think and if you find any bugs.

As usual lot’s of little fixes, bug hunting and optimisations as usual, but also new much requested features like steering wheel hiding, look behind, smoke rendering on mirrors with on/off option, penalties system selectable from UI and more. We are listening the community and working out all the small little details, one by one.

Last but not least, a very important and very complicated theme module management for the UI. What does that means? Modders can now write their plugins and connect them inside the User Interface (like the amazing “Rivali” suite). Theme modules are then saved inside the username/documents/assetto corsa folder. This is very important, as we can update the user interface everytime we think necessary and users will not lose their installed mods and UI modifications (if made following our guidelines). Also, users can now select which UI mods can enable from Options/General menu. There is also an example with documentation for modders. This is far more important than it might seem, and opens the door to modders to create amazing applications that work seamlessly inside Assetto Corsa User Interface.


– All cars AI enabled
– All tracks AI enabled
– Improvements on track AI lines
– UI quickraces enabled
– Added theme module management interface (see Options/General)
– Fixed position indicator changing in proximity to the finish line
– First lap time in races starts when the starting lights are off
– On screen time difference : (On/Off switch)
– mesh collider system and terrain collision boxes
– Reworked collision stiffness
– Penalty system On/Off switch
– Hide steer option
– Smoke rendering in mirrors improved (also On/Off switch)
– Look back buttons implemented
– fixed some gui issues in endrace mode
– Winning an achievement in special events unlocks the lower achievements
– Fixed ambience sound volume
– Improved positional audio for opponents when driving in cockpit or F1 cameras
– Fixed opponents overall engine volume
– Fixed distance scale volume for opponents engines and related extra sounds (skids, backfires etc…)
– Fixed backfires exterior volume
– Maximum exterior engine volume is 1.0 to prevent sample clipping and/or distorsion
– Lotus Evora GTE physics bug fixes and updates
– KTM X-Bow R aero modifications and setup fixes
The new version will be available on Steam this evening, players can update their game by simply starting Steam.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Hiding steering wheel and AI races with any car at any track. Just what I wanted. Only Multiplayer is missing before we can stick a fork in AC! Amazing work.. thanks Kunos.

  • Anonymous

    Just the list of improovments, makes me drool…these guys really read the customers feedback…THANKS Kunos, i’m begining to be a 100 fan!

  • GamerMuscle

    Funny but for me the biggest thing here is hiding steering wheel , Its amazing how more immersive a game is when you set the FOV up low and hide the wheel.

    If you have 3 screens or just a large single screen you can set things up so that the virtual scale lines up with your FFB wheel scale making things feel very linked and connected it can make a massive improvement with all simulators.

    Just hope multi-player comes along soon I don’t enjoy driving into AI as much as I do real people !

    • kahel grahf

      On the same note…you could also mention the really good tripple screens support…ingame tweak…fov,position seat, screen angle etc…every sim should provide that…(if they do my bad i mostly played rfactor)

  • Anonymous

    It’s really impressive how the Kunos guys listen to their customers.
    Very, very well done *clapshishands*

  • Sean van der Burg

    My pc (6950 + I7 2600k) completely dies when doing a race against Lotus 49s at Monza classic. Getting CPU usage warnings all the time, running the game on medium settings and horrible FPS drops…. I am impressed though.

    • Justin Schmidt

      u mean lotus 49 right?

      • Sean van der Burg

        Yes ofc, sorry!!

      • Justin Schmidt

        u had me there when i read it first. that 98t is the car i am waiting for the most. i thought i actually missed it’s release.

    • Anonymous

      Same here…
      Silverstone with 15 other GT cars and my AMD FX-8350 seems to die.
      Needs some more optimization πŸ˜‰

    • Shaddix

      they want to optimize the behaviour first and the the performance πŸ˜‰

  • Luciano Pacheco

    WOW. These guys can deliver. This SIM is getting more and more awesome. Cant wait to get home to try it. Guess MP is next.

  • therealPaulaD .
  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to test it.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU AC GURUS!!! Love the product!
    Warning cpu usage 95% is this dangerous to my system?
    12 cars on track, Sliverstone.
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1035T 2.60GHz.
    Win7 64bit

    • kahel grahf

      It’s not…dangerous… but i guess if it goes too often above 95% cpu usage with only 12 cars it may be the sign that for a full grid race, you should lower settings…but the games isn’t even fully optimize, so no worries there and no need to update your system just yet…

  • Paul Thompson

    Another brilliant job, that’s my weekend sorted πŸ˜€

  • John Krisfalusci

    Listen, is this really THAT good? I keep telling myself I would buy this game but I keep putting it off, putting it off. I want to know if it’s better than Nascar 2003/ Richard Burns Rally physics/graphics? I want to also know if the AI is way better than let’s say NFS Shift and/or GTR2. Yes I know those former two are old games by now, but something about it that still makes racing so satisfying! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      It’s well worth it. I have all those titles and more. AC to me is by far one I’m glad I have in my library. I’m happy with it and look forward to updates bi-weekly to see what’s new. No buyers regret here!

    • Adrian Herrera

      The graphics are top level. If you have a powerful machine, it will look a LOT better than RBR. Physics are still being worked on, but are regarded by some people as the best physics. Your mileage may vary. It’s still early in the development cycle, specially the AI, but in my opinion it is worth every penny, considering it will only get better with time.

  • Traumahound

    “… If you hear strange scraping noises and experience unexpected spins on fast turns, it might mean that your old setup was way too low…”

    I find this detail quite innovative, and look forward to testing it. : )

  • Chris Wright

    KS’s ability to consistently deliver updates contrasts greatly with certain other competitors, who seem to spend their time in meetings and not delivering what matters most to their customers i.e. actual content/updates, not promises. Talking of which…

    • Jay Ekkel

      After a delivery like DTM. It is pretty normal to tidy up after yourself. Sometimes it is wise to stop, stand still, look back and reconsider the things you have done in the past. Can we improve or have we learned something in the past year that shows that means i did in the beginning of the project i can do a whole lot better now?

      It is called development for a reason, and with development comes the requirement to talk to each other. Its just fact. Besides that our pace in updates, 1 a 2 tech/platform updates a month, is quite alright. Content has been a bit slow but art was pretty occupied with the DTM deadlines. More to come from them soon enough πŸ˜‰

      If you or anyone else is ever int he area of our studio, you are most welcome to knock on the door ask for me and I will give you a studiot our and you can see that the team is hard at work and does not only sit in the couch eating cake!

      Lets swing it back ontopic. πŸ™‚

      • Chris Wright

        Hi Jay, I totally accept the point you’re making, but to be quite honest, and I say this as an owner of almost everything SimBin, it’s disappointing that there isn’t a firmer road map of milestones we can look forward to. Not looking for firm dates as such, just a broad brush statement of intent really. Right now no one really knows what’s going to happen down the road with RRE, save for some rather vague statements/images, and I think that’s a mistake and you’re consequently allowing companies like KS to steal all the limelight, which is sad because RRE/DTM are both so darn good. You will probably take an opposing view and, thanks, I’d love to pay a visit to SimBin, but 6000 miles distance makes that hard πŸ™‚ Alternatively may I suggest the opposite approach and a sustained and reliable series of YouTube videocasts to show us all what’s happening, whether or not we can pony up the air fare πŸ™‚
        And while I also accept your assertion that I have drifted off topic, it’s simultaneously nice to think that I’ve inadvertently made my point to exactly the right person πŸ™‚

      • Jay Ekkel

        HI Chris,

        6000 Miles thats just a ryanair flight (or 2) away πŸ˜‰ I am always open for a discussion or answering question when and where i can of course πŸ˜‰

        I can say 2013 did not turn out as we planned it early 2013. It is safe to say that acquiring the DTM license “damaged” our original plans for 2013. Although we knew we would attract large race series in the long run, none expect us to land the DTM experience that early in the development. AS cool it is partner with DTM it sure as hell put the pressure on!

        This meant that our planning was out the window and a lot of things had to be done in a tight time frame, just to ensure we could deliver DTM.

        Situations like that sadly makes it hard to go out and say certain things or be firm on your statement/planned roadmap. We had to beat around the bush a bit, we couldn’t say what we were doing as we were not allowed to at that point but complete silence doesn’t do you any good either!

        End of last year Marcus and myself have been discussion vid/pod casts, live streams to the office, weekly google hangout where people can come in and ask/discuss with us. Sonat is also part of that “plan”, in his role as QA Lead he has a feet into every department and should provide some well needed insight into the plans and production

        2014 will be a different year then 2013, hence the meetings now, we need to get a firm grip on our plans and the best and most efficient way to reach our goals.

      • Chris Wright

        Thanks for your incredible openness and honesty. Those communication developments you mention would absolutely transform your relationship with this community.

  • Justin Schmidt

    “already released 35 cars and their upgrades”

    it’s 35 cars when we count the upgrades. it’s far less when we don’t count the upgrades. the text suggests that its more then 35 when we count the upgrades.

    it doesn’t really matter to me but since it’s always a big deal on a certain console title. i deserves to be mentioned.

    • Kris Baxter

      Huh? I count 35 on their website but only 23 in game. I better go recheck, I don’t see that many Ferraris in my game.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like they need to work a little bit on the AI.

    • Franklin Silva

      it is like I feel at Pcars… I just dont know how other people set to avoid something like that….

    • bduddy

      I don’t see the problem, it’s a highly realistic simulator of a public server!

      • F1Racer

        Right now it is. You don’t need MP right now as the AI simulate human MP behavior just right.
        But once AC’s AI is improved so I guess MP will be needed.

  • damys

    shame no cars or track :S

    • Anonymous

      Much as I love new content (and would love to have seen it – greedy me :P) I think it’s perfectly acceptable that they don’t have any for this update, given all of the extra race-content we’re being given.

  • fliCk

    great to see theye’re listening to the gamers, but AI need some more work now and collisions too….

    • F1Racer

      Yep collisions are not quite there yet…..

      • Nick1

        He got spun right round baby right round like a record

      • F1Racer

        haha, I should have dubbed that song over the top of it πŸ˜€

      • Vhr Stockcar

        LOL….that was funny, yes you should of laid some tunes on that video it would of been priceless.

      • Anonymous

        maybe AC wasn’t created to simulate cars sitting on their roof. also, if you spin out, you should hit the brakes, and NOT try rolling forward/backward in an unpredictable way so that drivers approaching you have chance to avoid you. this (dangerous) crash was 100% your fault.

        this is important, especially when you will race other players some day.

      • F1Racer

        I kinda think you missed the point by…. ooooh… a few hundred light years πŸ™‚

        Another percentage you’ve come up with though. How can you say 100% if you’re referring to the entire incident.
        That the car stepped out of line was because of the bumps in the road, but that I didn’t get it under control that ONE time, yes, was my fault.
        But with the AI in it’s current state you have no way to know if the red AI car would have hit me whether I moved or not.
        Also I have not only raced online before but won leagues personally and with a team. But thanks for your tip reminding me not to hit other drivers πŸ™‚

      • Keith H

        Brilliant smoke effects.

    • Shaddix

      0.6.1 improved this really good:

  • SzilΓ‘rd Hompoth

    Well guys, I must say, the AI got considerably BETTER! I just had quick go on the Tatuus-Monza race, alien difficulty, and I got past the first lap two times in a row! Didn’t make it through the 2nd, but that was my bad πŸ˜€
    The AI run so much better, keep their line, evade obstacles, and they brake much smoother. I even got to stay in row in Parabolica without a crash!
    I’m amazed, it is so much fun now!

    • Traumahound

      Glad to hear that. On the other hand, I tried mixing Zondas, P4/5s and MP4s together at Imola, and they were literally all over the place. : )
      Some work to do.

  • Anonymous

    Very impressed with the constant pace and quality level of the updates. Keep up the good work Kunos. I find it harder and harder going over to the other sims on my hard drive – the graphics, the feel of the FF, the internal sounds are really top notch and it makes some of the other titles feel old. Im just hoping for a dynamic sound engine for the external sounds and some nice multiplayer sessions, then ill only play AC! And Formula Truck ofcourse…;)

  • JBA

    Oculus Rift support? Nope…. πŸ™

    • Justin Schmidt

      i does support the rift

      • JBA

        On paper yes. In practice, no. Very broken support πŸ™‚

    • Roger Wallentin

      iRacing has very good Rift support, hope they add it and tweak it in time for the commercial version of the Rift. Once that is available I wont use anything else (currently have the Dev Kit Version)

  • Anonymous

    Good simulation of drunk AI πŸ™‚
    Can someone tell me where is the slider/option where I can set how drunk they are ?
    I would appreciate it.

    • bsurd

      posting a 0.5 video in a 0.6 thread
      (anyway ofc ai still needs work)

    • Nicolas Grignon

      so realistic, kunos really succeed beyond any doubt to give us “real arcade players trying a simulator for the first time” type of AI…. Awesome!!!

    • Chris

      While not the best showcasing of the AI, if you didn’t laugh at least once watching that, you’re no fun :-)-

      • Anonymous

        it wasn’t funny.

      • Freddie Seng

        Ahahahaha agreed πŸ˜€ That Ferrari managed a very nice dodging @2:20 though!

  • Roger Wallentin

    It would be cool if they implemented the same “Look Behind” view as in GT5/6 where you have a true 3D in-car backwards view through the back window! This really adds immersion and realism.

    Should work really well with the look transition speed slider as well, would add some more realism to simulate turning your head to look behind and back.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      It would have been great, but as far as I understand it from dev post the cockpit that you see in-game is not the full thing, meaning that the details that should be behind you like rear seats and so on are either not rendered at all or in a very low quality so that they can put more stuff in front.

      • Mario Strada

        That’s going to have to change if Oculus Rift becomes popular. It would be weird to be in a car where only a bit of the cockpit is rendered.

  • Chris

    Loving AC, and the list of fixes, you are setting the bar for how it should be imho. Would love to see if they are working on sounds, would love to see F40 reworked sound and a bit more boost, which will be needed for the Huayra if you’ve ever heard that in-car. Pagani himself said he wanted it to sound like a jet taking off. Its definitely a different sound, hopefully something AC can nail. If so epic, I’ve already seen demo video showing the independent flaps working, but the sounds were nothing special (I know very early etc). Just wishing!!

    • Roger Wallentin

      Agree, I’m hoping for some progress on the engine sounds. Hopefully some major rework in the engine and most of all better samples for the cars.

      Hopefully in parallel with the work on AI and Multiplayer + new cars and tracks.

  • Andy Thompson

    Fantastic. Great progress, astonishing speed these guys work at. This sim is becoming more and more enjoyable.

  • Anonymous

    AI is bit nutty at some tracks. Wonder if they can add AI learning like rFactor 1 had. That way they won’t have weird racing lines at tracks.
    But can’t complain its just crossed the half way to release 1.0 so there is lot that they can improve before 1.0 hits.

  • MAKCorp

    The modding stuff on the UI is actually really smart, I’m glad they are doing that. Looking forward to more modding section info!

    • Anonymous

      And so have you guys started to dig in a little as to give us a professional opinion on how this game base may work with modding and the overall ease of doing just that and how in that respect does it compare to other platforms you have modded on?

  • Kev

    Gotta love the “great update. Too bad other sims are crap and slow with updates”. Why not just let it go? This news is about ac. Why not keep it that way. It’s bad enough to insult a sim every time news about that sim is released but pretty pathetic and desperate that you will talk bad about a different sim that that which the news is about. Weird.

    • Chris Wright

      Clearly you are unfamiliar with the concept of drawing comparisons. It may not be strictly “on topic”, but KS’s commendably relentless approach sets up contrasts.

      • Kev


  • Anonymous

    Good news but about multiplayer?
    My favourite X Motor Racing has pretty good MP.

    • Helldriver

      How can this be your favourite? I tried the Demo and itΒ΄s just bad. Are you the developer himself or do you get money to post things like that?

    • F1Racer

      You have 2 separate accounts and both have advertised X Motor Racing in this way. If you are involved in XMR then why not write up an article for VirtualR to post ?

      Otherwise please stop using the threads as an advertising platform.

      • Anonymous

        uhm? 90% of the posters here defend/advertise/praise _their_ game of choice, while completely attacking/badmouthing/flaming all the competitors, including the people who play them.

        it has become a virtualR commodity, and it’s the main reason the comment section degraded to a boring flamefest of fanboys most of the time. after this is happening for YEARS, you (the moderator of virtualR) ask THIS guy to stop promiting _his_ game?


      • F1Racer

        This is NOT the same thing and you know it. Where did you get 90% from btw ? That seems like a conveniently round figure.

        I know he doesn’t want an answer to his initial question about AC MP, he just posted that so he could advertise his game afterwards.
        Going by his posts so far he is only interested in promoting his game like some kind of in-line ad.

        Personally I’ve got nothing against him promoting his game at all, quite the opposite. But at least do it the right way and maybe write an article on it so we can all have the benefit of reading it giving some feedback.
        I’m sure Montoya would be all too happy to post an article on his game. I`d be interested to read it myself !

        But now it’s becoming a habit and not only that but making up a second account to post the same thing as last time. So no, it’s not the same as what you think 90% of people do.

      • Anonymous

        It’s been going on for months, also on Assetto corsa youtube channels, and on some Assetto corsa steam forums, agree they should send a write up to Rob about X-Motor Racing, so readers can judge for themselves.

    • Keith Horner Jr

      Xmotor racing has to be one of the worst racing simulators i’ve ever tried.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. Keep trying, champ.

  • Roger Wallentin

    I wish they did some more updates on the engine sound implementation. Currently I think this is the weakest link other than MP and AI considering how high level everything else is, unsure of Kunos view on completeness of it as well (we know AI and MP are early days and will get added with major improvements).

    Sound mods are now starting to appear and improving in quality but I would really want to see some proper samples recorded and the sound engine tweaked to produce a more dynamic sound.

    A few cars already have good sounds, mostly race cars (Z4 GT3, M3 GT2 and P4/5). But the rest are at an average/OK level.

    My view on priority of improvements:
    1. Multiplayer
    2. AI
    3. Engine sounds
    4. Tire smoke (more like GT5/6 and less like puffs of smoke)
    5. Content (cars and tracks)
    6. Mod support (packs/themes, cars and tracks)
    7. Physics (already so good)
    8. Visuals (already very good)

    • Anonymous

      Yes I agree I have quite a bit of positive outlook for the title but still much to be done before I can create an overall opinion of the title. Doing so is a bit premature at this point.

  • Anthony Birch

    no mention of any improvements to the drag racing element of the game, disappointing

    • F1Racer

      Not yet, but it will surely happened at some stage. Doubt it’s a high priority right now though as I expect the majority of us are not drag racing.

    • Shaddix

      because there are more important fixes and features to do/add. They are on the right way, so give them some time πŸ˜‰

  • Jack_NL

    From Kuno’s

    Hello guys, I’d like to thank everybody for the very useful feedback you’re giving us!

    We are listening very carefully and we are at work since yesterday night
    on trying to understand framerate and CPU overload problems relative to
    collisions. We are definitely going to nail down this problem at the
    core engine level.

    On a different level, we are fine tuning the cars to make them more even
    in terms of aggressiveness and using their grip on an equal way (some
    are managing to use their grip better than others). There’s tons of fine
    tuning left to be done (and more than fine tuning).

    After those two things are in place, we will work making the AI more
    player aware and making it more able to avoid “stupid” incidents.

    As usual, expect the ordinary quick fixes in the next days and I’ll keep you informed on the developments.

    You feedback is very very useful to us right now, so keep it coming and spread the word.


    so head over to the forum and post your findings

    • F1Racer

      These guys are so good at listening and responding to customer feedback.

  • Olivier Prenten

    THANKS KS! As usual! Still waiting patiently for MP… πŸ˜‰

  • F1Racer

    I am noticing quite a correlation between seat pos/FOV and laptimes.
    Now that AC allows us to hide the steering wheel I decided to do that and then adjust the seat too.
    Because I’m not yet on one of these fancy triple-screen setups or use a large screen TV, I have to make to with my 24″ monitor.
    So I let the car seat go as far forward as possible and changed from a 54′ FOV to a 60′ FOV.
    Chose my car and track and in hotlapping mode made a note of my current time on the Radiator Springs leaderboard. A time I obviously turned a lot of laps to get.
    Did my outlap, messed up my first hotlap on turn 2 (Vallelunga so go figure :)), then on my 3rd lap I was -0.8 quicker than be previous best. Next lap another -0.4s quicker again. I’m still a way off the alien times which, who knows what rig and car setup they have, but I got quite a bit closer today.

    Just the perception of the road and how precisely you can place the car based on the seat/FOV setup along with the apparent behaviour of the car.
    By ‘apparent behaviour’ I mean there are seat pos/FOV combinations you can have that make the car seem like it’s pivoting on the turns almost.
    But the setup I have now seems to be working for me. So looks like I may have to tweak this further along with the actual car setup for my ultimate laptime.

    Also as my monitor is about 2-3ft away from my eyes it would be nice if we could move the seat in even further even if it obscures the dash. Cos right now the dashboard is too far away from my actual wheel than it would be in real life.
    The downside of a small-ish single-monitor setup I guess.

    • Traumahound

      Good dialogue. I’ve been turning more of my attention to POV setup lately, and I’ll be considering your thoughts for AC and sims in general.

      • F1Racer

        I’d be interested to know if other people changing their seat pos and FOV affects their laptimes and by how much.
        I’m guessing if I moved my seat all the way back and changed my fov to something like 45, my laptimes would be quite different and not in a good way πŸ™‚
        So there must be something in finding that right position in car and how you look at the outside world (FOV) that can push you to your optimum laptime.
        I would guess people with triple screens where they can pretty much put the car nearer to life size can feel more like its the real thing and turn out a better laptime than if they were on a single-screen setup.

      • Anonymous

        I find the same to be true. Was very surprised when I first discovered it in pCars. A combination of better road view ahead. And a slowing down of the appearance of speed. Allows for more accurate and quicker driving imputes. By the way. Where is the remove steering wheel in AC? I just bought it yesterday.

      • Anonymous

        Thumbs up for your last five words πŸ˜‰

      • brad
        i found this helped, not sure if it is the video you guys you mean.

      • F1Racer

        I believe its in the Options menu under the ‘View’ section.

      • Traumahound

        Emptybox has a vid discussing the importance of good POV setup; have you seen that?

      • F1Racer

        I haven’t. You have a link ?

      • Traumahound

        Yeah, sorry..

        Took a bit to get the right vid to show up.

      • F1Racer

        Thanks, should be interesting. Will watch it later today.

      • Justin Schmidt

        cant even drive without the correct fov anymore. im using 28fov on 3x 42inch screens. when the physics are good it still feels like a game with the wrong fov. real world dimension turns it into a simulation for me.

      • F1Racer

        3 x 42 ? Doesn’t that give you headaches ? πŸ™‚
        How far away do you sit from them ?

      • Justin Schmidt

        they are 1.15m away. no headaches. i find it very comfortable for my eyes. probably because all sorts of reference points on the track/trackside are really big and easy to focus on. like in the real world.

      • Jack_NL

        jezus 3×42″ ?? wow I have 1 42″ as a tv and thought I was a king, not lol

      • bsurd

        i have a single monitor too and i tried your settings(seat forwars and 60 pov) and it worked really good. i feel it to be more natural. i improved my laptime with f458_s3 in imola by 0.4 seconds. i think you can go as fast with the any other pov/seat settings. but with those values i think i can be much more consistent. also when racing ai i can judge much better how close i am to them and had much more fun racing AIs.

      • F1Racer

        Good to hear πŸ™‚

  • Racing jason

    i love kunos for the best sim ever…but the AI is faaaar away from being enjoyable…just tested a mixed class super sports race at imola with 13 cars….and in 10! starts the AI cars destroyed thereselves BIG TIME at every single start. cars were spinning & flying around 5m high!:))) just could go through the first corner by waiting at the end until the war was over…

    • Anonymous

      So then it really is not the best sim ever yet? Let’s allow them to finish it as so we can come up with an opinion on the full product. Me? Sure I love it so far but there are things that need fixing and mod compatibility as a platform to be seen and there are a lot of things still to be added.:)

      • Anonymous

        Anyone that thinks it’s the best sim, is deluded, it’s not even finished & missing a load of features.

      • F1Racer

        I would say it has the potential to be that and sure looks like it’s on it’s way to achieving it.
        The only thing that will stand in it’s way will be certain features that might not make it into the game such as dynamic weather, night racing/endurance racing etc.
        I don’t know what the deal is going to be with pitstops. None at all / available but no mechanics and just the car going up / static pit crew / fully animated.

        Physics-wise, even at this stage, I think it’s amazing.
        And it looks great too. Sounds do need improving quite a bit.

        I think ‘deluded’ is a bit harsh though especially if it’s just someones opinion. Feature wise it’s not up there even with rFactor 1 or GTR2 but in other areas it excels.

        As far as the Devs are concerned, their progress is good and they listen to the end users who post in their forum (well ok they haven’t put the 599XX bonnet on yet but we can’t have everything πŸ™‚ )

        I think this sim has potential in bucket-loads.

  • Anonymous

    Kunos has just released a new update 30.5MB

    – Look back fixed for some cars
    – Removed time parameter in replay.ini
    – No more need to attach race.ini or race_out.json since they are printed in log
    – Improved collisions with ground
    – Small optimizations in collision boxes on some cars
    – LOD fixes for Ferrari F40 to improve framerates

    • Anonymous

      They need to work on SLI support in SLI 33fps single card mode 105+fps

      • sketchyterry

        I think they have stated there is little they can do here. It’s more down to Nvidia

      • Anonymous

        I don’t believe that for a minute.

    • Eric S

      Hope to see LOD issues for all cars worked on over the next few months.

    • F1Racer

      They don’t waste much time these guys eh ? Kudos to Kunos πŸ™‚

    • Jack_NL


  • Mike Cimuchowski

    Just wanted to jump in and comment on the AI.

    Yes, they get crazy when there’s a large pack of them together (cars flipping and going everywhere). However, when they get a little spread out, I find them to be very good. defending lines, staying side by side with you through turns. I even had one fight me very hard through 3 corners, and when I finally had the inside line at a tight right hander, he backed off to let me have the line and charged up behind me down the straight. Quite convincing. I’m not getting any frame hits with 14 AI’s either, so that’s good.

    Keep up the good work Kunos. I’ve already sold you guys like 4 copies of the game by telling people about the fun I have.

    • Skytrill

      I noticed the same things with the AI. The worst is really at the start
      and the 1st corner. I guess they could reduce the aggressiveness level
      at the start of a race to avoid crashes. Couldn’t stop racing with the AI at Monza using Exige S, Scura, M3 E92 and Z4s =) Am I the only one finding the M1s impossible to catch using street tyres? Or are they using semi-slick by default?

  • Anonymous

    Warning cpu usage 95% is really bugging me.

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    Is it only me, or the menu system is completely non intuitive?

    • F1Racer

      It’s not perfect but no worse than any other recent sim out there.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      No it’s fine

      The one thing I really hate about it though is how it always shows you the result after you exit a race. It’s super annoying. It’ll pop up even if you’re just leaving the race to change a setting

      • F1Racer

        Yes and I find the car and track selection process could be improved a bit too.

      • Francesco Kasta

        I think rF1 has the best menu system (with the help of a few mods to add more options).

        It looks like crap by today’s standards but it is easy, intuitive and very quick to navigate.

      • F1Racer



      Not perfect, but looks nice, and is much better than the horrific rFactor 2 car/track selection screens.

    • Anonymous

      I find it extremely confusing, it’s especially buggy on triple screens.

  • John Karagiannis

    AI race: still a big No Go

    • Roger Wallentin

      I agree its to unstable to be anything else than a test so far due to the severe collisions in tight crowds.

      Though once the field has spread out a bit I think the AI is really good, driving the car in very much the same way and speed that a human driver would.

      Difficulty levels are spot on, easy is easy, medium provides a bit of a challenge, hard is hard but feasible and alien requires close to perfection to beat.

      Once they get the collision avoidance dialed in it should be one of the best AI’s I have driven against.

  • Guest

    Version 0.6.2 out.
    A little ~10MB update, any info about it?

    • Deatroy


      – Improved collisions detection & AI response

      – Cpu warning is the same for all the languages

      – Fixed somke on replay exit

      – Drift mode :: minimum bonus seconds

      – Difference displayer now display the difference on total time

      – some gui fix

  • Keith Horner Jr

    I went back to this last night after seeing the warning cpu 95% stuff the first time i tried .6, and i have to say i was impressed all over again. I had some really good races with a 16 car field of gt3 BMW’s at monza. Though the AI aren’t the greatest it sure was fun taking a break from Iracing. I can’t wait until multiplayer is released.

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