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Assetto Corsa – Corvette DP Released

Tthe IER Modding Team has released a first version of the Corvette Daytona Prototype for Assetto Corsa.

The prize for the first working scratch-made addon car for Assetto Corsa goes to the IER Modding Team as they have released a first version of the Corvette DP for AC.

The car is part of the team’s Tudor Sports Car Championship Mod for Assetto Corsa, the mod will bring the newest American sports car racing series to Kunos Simulazioni’s title.

The beta version of the DP comes without a cockpit and other missing details but already includes a full field of liveries. Furthermore, the team has also released painting templates so users can paint up their own cars.

Current known issues:

The model is equivalent to the 2nd LOD, the first one will be much smoother around the edges, and nicer to look at, so keep that in mind. And there isn’t really an interior yet…..

The AI are wonky. If @Aristotelis could give me an explanation of the .ini for the AI via PM that’d be awesome (I’d add it to the physics questions database as well)

There are NO LODs at the moment, so the car will be much more taxing on your PC than any of Kunos’.

All driver errors…..We know them…..

[boxdownload]Download Corvette Daytona Prototype for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • 2Air

    Wow! Looks and sounds amazing!
    Will give it a go later today

    I hope the cockpit view will be as stunning when it’s finished

    Thanks you guys!

  • Pure Citrus

    Not really sure what to race it against at the moment, absolutely screams away from the GT3 cars on the straights, though the understeer in corners almost makes up for it. Great work.

    • SimRacer007

      In real life it races against other DP models and LMP2 cars (although I think the LMP2 cars are slightly modified for parity). This mod will contain these cars when it’s done.

      • Bakkster

        Yup, P2s with 5% more power and weaker tires.

    • Shaddix

      against Ferrari 599XX and Pagani Zonda R after the latest patch 😉

  • Dean Doucette

    Looks & sounds awesome in the video. Big thank-you!

  • Mario Strada

    Nice driving car, and great sound too for AC. I wouldn’t mind if this was the final release. Better than many other cars released as “final”.

    Can’t wait for the AI to get a bit better.

  • ftrracingtv

    This car is sexy one of the best modding cars iv driven in a long time on any sim

  • SimRacer007

    I love this car. Most importantly – it feels great, but it also looks great and sounds great. Cockpit should look great when it’s finished.

    Looking forward to testing the rest of the mod when it comes.

  • Bakkster

    Have to give this one a spin, I love the new Vette, looks like a beast.

  • Birddogg66

    Looks Good Y’all!!!

  • Professional Operator

    Top quality must have!

    Say thanks and download! 🙂

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Finally got to try this out and for an alpha release it is quite good already!

    • Bakkster

      Yeah, I’m looking forward to them getting the AI sorted. It was a fun, though, watching them sit in a train behind a GT3 car backfiring the entire straightaway.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Right now your experience with AI will be different with every car/track combo….and almost always end in disaster when mixing classes for now.

        Some of the quick converted add-on tracks don’t have an AI path included also; this will ‘break’ the AI everytime.

      • Bakkster

        Yeah, that’s what I was gathering, thanks.

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