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Assetto Corsa – Brands Hatch Licensed

Kunos Simulazioni has announced the next major track addition to their Assetto Corsa simulation: Brands Hatch.

Kunos Simulazioni has announced the next major track addition to their Assetto Corsa simulation: Brands Hatch.

The popular British venue will be the second English track in Assetto Corsa, joining Silverstone. As with all tracks in AC, Brands Hatch will be laser-scanned, joining the laser-scanned Brands Hatch versions of iRacing and Project CARS.

The 3,7 kilometer Brands Hatch circuit hosted 12 Formula One Grand Prix and is well known as a touring car venue these days, hosting both the WTCC & DTM as well as the British BTCC.

  • GamingCanuck

    I’m not a huge fan of Brands, but the more tracks the better.

  • Johnny Penso

    Good addition to the game, especially being laser scanned. Well done Kunos.

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Still waiting for the game’s official Suzuka *whistle* *whistle* *whistle*

  • punkfest2000

    Yay, love Brands, except I inevitably find the beach on that first right hander. Every stinking time.

    • MC

      Paddock Hill Bend… it’s a man’s corner 😉

  • AnklaX

    Good news. I’m not good at this track but I still like it. There’s a sense of danger driving here. Good selection Kudos. Really hope to see more tracks like this. Next Bathurst would be nice or an American track like Willow Springs or Virginia International Circuit.

  • Marklar

    My favourite racing track finally coming to one of my favourite racing games!

  • Leeman

    Excellent news. I’ve long felt the Achilles Heel of AC has been it’s track list. This will be a very welcome, and much needed, addition.

    Next, they need to jump to the western hemisphere and get some American tracks licensed (in no particular order of preference: Road America, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio, Sebring, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Willow Springs, etc.).

    • Bakkster

      Just remember, it takes time to build a catalog. iRacing’s list wasn’t built in a day. It took them over 5 years before they started getting the real crown jewels (Suzuka, Bathurst, Monza, Nurburgring, Le Mans, etc), it would be unfair to expect more from Kunos.

      • QUF

        Yea Stefano said in his last stream that AC will need to sell more before getting tracks from the American continent, and hopefully from the Asian too (about the Asian, is said by me, Stefano only mentioned American).

      • Bakkster

        Compare AC’s track list to the initial iRacing track list, and they’re pretty similar. iR had a few American club tracks, some major American circuits, and Silverstone. Kunos is wisely focusing on home to begin (which also helps give it a USP for those simply interested in laser scanned circuits).

      • MC

        I guess that’s the downside to laser-scanning, you have to think about the logistical side of things. IIRC iRacing didn’t get their equipment through Brazilian customs on their first attempt to scan Interlagos.

        I think Kunos has done a great job so far in getting big name circuits, and now it’s more a question of quantity (rather than quality).

        My next choices would be Laguna Seca and Suzuka, but if it’s cheaper to get a few smaller circuits then that would probably be better for AC.

      • Bakkster

        I’m glad we have options now, because for me the benefits far outweigh the downsides (especially if you’re patient and can wait for ‘the good stuff’ to get scanned).

      • Leeman

        Ok, now, to be fair, instead of comparing it to iRacing, compare it to PCars or R3E. Doesn’t look so hot now, does it? It’s more in line with rF2, which also has a pretty poor list.

      • Bakkster

        That depends how important laser scanning is to you. iRacing makes a good comparison because their tracks are based on the same capture technology.

        If you strongly prefer laser scanning, then it doesn’t really matter how many tracks a game provides if they aren’t ‘right’.

      • Leeman

        Honestly, laser scanning isn’t that important to me. I think quality tracks can be made without it. But, I’m certainly not opposed to laser scanning (except if doing so greatly slows down the rate at which tracks get released).

      • Bakkster

        Right, that’s why it’s good to have options. We each have sims suiting our preferences!

        From what I’ve seen, laser scanning doesn’t affect the time spent in production. Time spent collecting the data seems to be more than made up for in time savings of having good data to fit the track to instead of analyzing videos and stuff. The limit is just the logistical one, of getting exclusive access to the track with hardware.

      • Leeman

        Yes, of course it does. But, there are plenty of sims that debuted with a better track list than AC. It was fairly dreadful, IMHO.

  • joe pineapples

    Known already but great to hear an official announcement. Have they given an ETA?.

  • Kev

    Excellent add. Hugely popular track + excellent for sim racing. Well done.

  • Silvio

    Great news!

  • Leper Messiah

    great news! 🙂

  • MC

    I think this is the second best circuit in the UK… No.1 being Oulton Park =)

    • Bakkster

      Brands Indy and Oulton Fosters are two of my favorite short road courses.

  • 2tyred

    Cool, good track. Hopefully they will do a 60s version too.
    You can even see on google earth how Paddock Hill bend was different. The rest of the corners too.

    Mind you, they don’t seem to care too much about historical content anymore. They seemed to at the start but i guess the hype train of GTR and modern F1 and the success they have had as kind of run away with them.

    Instead there is just one circuit and piecemeal cars 🙁

    I would really like to see a modern sim try and do historical content properly.
    A grid of cars with their own pros / cons and a seasons worth of tracks. I don’t care if it’s 60s F1 or touring cars like P&G 3, just a series of content that’s all.

    Most of the historical track modders stay modding GPL as they don’t see any sim commited to historical content and sadly i can kind of understand what they are saying, even if i don’t necessarily completely agree.

    But to all the people that say “people aren’t interested in old stuff” well maybe they would be if they had the chance to discover it.
    I knew nothing about historical racing before I tried GPL and it was that that showed me how much more fulfilling the vehicles and particularly the circuits could be. For many it would be the same – they would realise what COULD be possible in a sim.

    It’s just sad that there are all these great sims but they are all focussing on piecemeal content that doesn’t really interest me anywhere near as much.

    Even if there were licencing issues, i wouldn’t mind falsely named / liveried versions like GPL did for honda and cooper.
    I mean they have the hardest licence in Ferrari. They have Lotus and Honda. The others are way easier to get – Rfactor 2 have Brabham and Eagle and they have far less budget. They also said that BRM and Cooper were quite possible to get. They verbally had Tecmo and Matra but then had to turn them into fake names when the people they were doing the deals with left.

    Heck, RF2 seems the best hope in historical content for me but even they seem to have given up. Their historical tracks are really good though – even though their Monza banking isn’t laser scanned like Kunos’, the surrounding track details seem a lot more accurate and detailed.

    • Kev

      +1 regarding historical content. The advantages are many:
      – Cars are fun to drive because more engaging b/c manual transmission and can keep them on the limit more + have to drift them (what could be better than that?)
      – Softer suspension + low downforce = Great for learning and also more movement + detail = Awesome
      – Vsync/input lag affects historical vehicles less
      – Wheels with lower torque range fit historic vehicles better
      – Better, more immersive, more dangerous, more meaningful tracks
      – Better combos
      – etc.

      I could go on but essentially anyone who drives modern vehicles just because they are young or see them on TV or their drug dealer is driving them should know that they are missing out because historic cars are better in every way there I said it.

    • JoeClapp

      Hey, don’t know if you realize this, but Stock Car Extreme has some really cool historical content, off the top of my head: F1 cars from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, old stock cars, and a bunch of old tracks including Old Interlagos, Buenos Aires, Kyalami, Jacarapagua, and Osterreichring.

      But I know what you mean – one of my favorite sim experiences of all time is Power and Glory 3 mod w/ full historical grid on old tracks like Rouen and the epic Targa Florio.

  • Glen Orpheus

    Awesomeness…..that is all 🙂

  • F1Racer

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