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Assetto Corsa – Bonus Pack Details, Dream Pack 2 Confirmed

In a recent interview with Red Bull Games, Kunos Simulazioni’s Marco Massarutto revealed details on the upcoming Bonus Pack for Assetto Corsa.

In a recent interview with Red Bull Games, Kunos Simulazioni’s Marco Massarutto revealed details on the upcoming Bonus Pack for Assetto Corsa.

As announced before, the bonus pack will include five cars, one of which is the Audi Quattro, as well as a new track: Zandvoort. Unlike the Dream Pack, the bonus pack will be released for free:

“Currently we are working on the Bonus Pack, and that will be available as a free download for all users; we would like to release within a couple of months.We are still waiting for some approvals from our licensors, so I can’t go deeply in details yet, but I’m sure that Zandvoort and the five cars included will make our followers very happy.”

While the Bonus Pack will be free, Kunos is already planning to add more content to Assetto Corsa with the next paid DLC as the Dream Pack 2 has been confirmed to be in development:

“We are also working on the Dream Pack 2, and that will include cars from Audi, Lamborghini and more – with some surprises – and will also feature the Circuit of Catalunya, which is currently in development. There is some other important news that will be disclosed soon; I can only say that we want to surprise our players even more.”

For more on Assetto Corsa’s future, check out the full Red Bull Games article.

Via Red Bull Games

  • Coen VDN

    Zandvoort for free! That is certainly something to look forward to!

  • xTornado78x

    Laser scan Laguna seca please! 🙂

    • Patrik Marek

      very unlikely to even happen, since they scan the tracks themselves , too expensive

      • Dentykaffalatta

        maybe Goodwood then? PLEEEEEEEASSSSE? lol

  • deXXXa

    Wow, they are really working hard to bring the players new content. Assetto Corsa is the best bang for the buck at the moment. And still there are people complaining about why the DP1 (with the full laser scanned Nordschleife!) isn’t free instead beeing happy that the pack only costs 9,99€ if you pre-ordered. And Even 14,99€ is a fair price.

    I hope the new Dream Pack will be additions to already released cars. I mean … there are no real competitors for some cars. Something like a new old-DTM car (Audi?) to got with the M3 E30, E190 and the Alfa Romeo (and the Ford if you are into mods). Or another GT3 car. More group C cars for the Mercedes and the Mazda.

    • Dani .

      Game Stock Car.

      • deXXXa

        As much as I like GSC (or whatever it is called now): It is more for people who would like to drive some exotic cars (from a european point of view) on a outdated engine.

        But kudos to them for pumping out so much content for free.

      • The Associat0r

        The only thing outdated about GSCE is its graphics engine, but everything else is at least up to par or exceeds most other platforms.
        And its not for people who like to drive exotic cars, it’s for people who want a realistic, complete no-nonsense race simulator with good physics, FFB, AI, netcode and mature league support.

  • Gorka Barron

    I can only say… shut up and take my money Kunos! Cant wait for those free content to come. And nothing to say about Montmeló, or any Audi and Lamborghini for the GT series : P

  • mrtorgue

    Toyota TS040!!!

  • °_°

    Nissan GTR Nismo ? Isn’t a free car in the bonus pack?

  • stef4o23

    Zandvoort is one of my favourite tracks! Thank you Assetto Corsa Team! 🙂

  • GamerMuscle

    ZandVoort is an insane track and a nice contrast to other tracks in the game so should be fun !

  • HardRock

    Did they say anything about how they’ll go about preventing the community from splitting into small chunks with the paid DLCs? For example, from what I’ve heard currently I can’t play with others if they’re running with DLC cars I don’t have. Ideally all content should be available in everyone’s client, the game should merely limit access to it. That way everyone could play together, the game client could load all cars, even if I can’t select them.

    • S- mann

      yes like in iracing

      • erictheking87

        There’s a whole galaxy of difference between Kunos’ DLCs and iRacing policy… You cannot even compare the two. For stuff you’ve got in AC you would pay tons of $$$ in iRacing.

      • S- mann

        not about that what you say read hardrock again and then my comment

        and btw iracing is more real then AC despite i like ac also

    • David Wright

      Just remember 90% of the community don’t race on-line.

      • HardRock

        And that number will only increase after they release who knows how many other DLCs (which is absolutely fine) and nobody will be able to play with each other unless they all bought every one of them (which is absolutely not fine).

      • Dentykaffalatta

        Yeh. Tried that with GTL/etc. What a joke. lol. Back on the comment, I don’t see it dividing anything as Race07 worked just fine with DLC add ons and even free mods, everyone has to have it in GTL, GTR2, Race07, rFactor, rFactor2, etc etc etc………

      • Rui Santos

        Right, 90% of community don’t play online because online is not even fixed yet and most leagues are just ignoring AC by now 😉

      • Toonces

        I keep hearing that statistic, but I don’t know the source, and I don’t buy it. Maybe 90% of everybody who ever bought a driving sim (including consoles) never went online, but I don’t know any serious sim racers who *aren’t* online at some point. And iRacing’s business model never would have worked.

      • David Wright

        The iRacing business model actually confirms the statistic. Why is iRacing so much more expensive than AC? Because it is limited to on-line racers, it only has a membership of 50,000. AC and other sims with AI sell in the low hundreds of thousand so they can be much cheaper. But which sim has the most people on-line? iRacing with its 50,000 members or AC with its 250,000 sales? Answer – iRacing, indicating that only a small minority of ACs 250,000 customers race online.

      • Toonces

        I’m afraid you’ve got it the wrong way around: the reason iRacing is limited to 50K members is beause they charge for their service. Sim racers are notorious skinflints. Like most netizens, they think everything online ought to be free (especially DLC). URD is dying on the vine because they have the temerity to charge ten bucks for a pretty impressive roster of DTM supercars.

        And the idea that 50K players represents 10% of the sim racing community indicates the overall size is half-a-million. No racing simulation has ever posted that many sales (unless you include Gran Turismo), including Papy’s own NASCAR Racing. Grand Prix Legends sold less than 30K…back in the days when sims (including flight sims, about which I wrote the definitive book) were hot properties. I doubt that hard-core sims today sell more than 50K each…which is about the overall size (unique users) of the hard-core sim market, IMO. By your logic, that would mean there only about 5K online players per game. In fact, there are more like 10K to 20K per game, or somewhere between 20% to 40% of the total market.

        Among the front-rank sims today, rFactor2 is crippled by having to limp along as a work-in-progress, Project CARS has been hijacked by console fan-boys (go to the forums and read the press releases if you don’t believe me), GSC Extreme is constrained by being marketed chiefly to a small Latin-American road-racing audience (and by pre-Columbian graphics). And Assetto Corsa is being hobbled by having extremely limited online capabilities.

        Finally, if it is true that online racers only amount to 10% of the total, then it would stand to reason that heads-up developers would spend 90% more time on AI. But they don’t. I was in one major studio the day they developed the AI. The one day. (Of course, they only spent a couple of weeks on the online component, but still….).

  • Dentykaffalatta

    Quite happy with the content I have so this is just icing! Thanks Kunos!!

  • toyvonen

    Yes, i already have read this some days ago…again although others progressing, AC is still my favorite game, and with another pack, it will probably be there for a long time…i’m sure they also have some huge surprises to announce…THANK you Kunos

  • Chris Wright

    Zandvoort extremely welcome. One of my favorite sim racing tracks. Given the insanely good value of the last Dream Pack I am really looking forward to that as well.

    • LogiForce

      Personally I would prefer to see the other Dutch car and bike racing track, TT Circuit Assen. Zandvoort is a bit overdone. Like Spa Francorchamps is overdone in comparison to Zolder when it comes to Belgium tracks.

      I just wish to drive something else that is, in the sim world, a pretty unique track. The only sim party to have licensed TT Circuit Assen is Simraceway, but that’s probably my least prefered sim to play.

      • JamoZ

        I would prefer the old Assen over any other track in the world, but after they destroyed one of the best tracks in the world i`d pick the current Zandvoort over the new Assen one anyday. Was at Assen 2 weeks ago and it still hurts to see what they`ve done to that track :'(

      • LogiForce

        You mean what they did to the part after the S-Bocht by basically removing the Madijk loop completely? Yeah, that was a stupid move and every pro driver in a car or on a bike agrees. Every fan as well. At least from what I hear.
        The track became smaller and smaller through the years, sadly. Which seems to be a trend it seems, a painful one that destroyed Hockenheim in my opinion.

        I just want to drive a different Dutch track, that’s all.

      • Toonces

        The ’67 Zandy in GPL was the gold standard. As was the chicane-less Imola. And Rouen. And Le Mans. And Kyalami, And Silverstone. And Suzuka. And Monza.

      • Steve Shears

        I’d argue Zolder is overdone. Zandvoort hasn’t been done properly in any game really.

      • fkkamil

        Then try iRacing’s version

      • Steve Shears

        Can’t justify it and i don’t have the time.

      • Daan Loos

        Take a look in the AC forum, there’s a scratch made mod of Assen being worked on.

      • LogiForce

        Thanks for the tip. Will have a look.

  • Matt Orr

    ‘Aight, who the heck is dreaming about that boring soulless track that is Catalunya? I say we track ’em down and get him!

    • HardRock

      I love that track. I’ll be waiting for you. 🙂

    • LukeMaple

      sorry!!! 😉

    • The Associat0r

      Doesn’t F1 test there because it’s a versatile track?

      • hexagramme

        Yes, and because it puts the F1 tires under great stress. It is a fun to track to race, but it produces boring F1 races more often than not. Lower categories, like GP2, never fail to deliver though.

    • Armchair Racer

      It’s fun in an F1 car at least. Hopefully they include the layout without the terrible chicane.

      • Fernando Deutsch

        The track was killed for be because that chicane addition. No passes on the front straight thanks to it.

      • QUF

        I raced a lot in the catalunya track when I was playing ps1 toca world touring cars, and I remember was a challenging track with some corners difficult for me, when you don’t have any track racing experience, but I remember it gave me enjoyable races.
        I haven’t raced this track since then, but I hope the chicane version won’t ruin it, though apparently it has already ruined most say.
        As I also remember that last corner was great for winning the race on the final straight, something like mugello is too nowadays, it has a curved corner into a long straight.

        Maybe Kunos can give us two versions, one more classic like in the good times of F1 racing from the 90s (I think), and one from modern times, depends on their licensing deal.
        Just hope this track won’t get ruined and forgotten, even in video games.

      • Mario Strada

        Let’s lobby Kunos to make available the no chicane version. The actual track is still there, so it’s just a matter of opening up the road and move some cones (of course it’s more complicated than that, but still).
        Or maybe some modders can come up with a variation. If I recall, GT cars and Motorcycles still race that version.

      • BC72

        Chicane totally ruined that track for me… I don’t drive it at all.

    • Fernando Deutsch

      I found the track pretty good for most different cars, from GTs to small formulas. Very nice flow and good combination of different corner types.

      Unfortunatelly, the last section chicane totally KILLS the track oportunity to pass on the front straight.

      I remember the GTR2 times, it was a fantastic section to drive, screaming on that last turn on that right hander double turn.

      • QUF

        I hope they include the 90s version and the modern too, but I had to search for a video to see how the last chicane is, after some many comments. Is it that bad in terms of racing? See the video below from onboard perspective.

      • Michael Springer

        They still use the old layout (until 06) for bike racing, so I hope they’ll include both as I don’t like the 07+ version… it kills the flow I think.

    • Ray Tozzi

      lol i found an empty box in the comments!!!!

    • Leeman

      Well, I may be in the minority but I actually enjoy Catalunya. There’s a mod version of it available that I like, though it’s not without issues.

      • Gui Cramer

        You are in the minority :p. BUT, as much as I don’t really like the track absolutely at all, in games it can provide fun racing on certain cars.

        See? I was able to be kind… kind of.

      • JamoZ

        I screenshotted it, for future proof…

    • David Dominguez

      I will certainly enjoy it more than Nordschleife 🙂

  • Daniel Cristea

    Audi and Lambo? SWEEET!!!

  • RKipker

    Awesome News, I’m all in Kunos! PLease go after Barber MSP and Mid-Ohio

  • Felipe Elias

    hey Kunos, how about a better multiplayer system and more openwheels? are you trying to beat GT? lol

    • kalle77

      multiplayer are only for 10% users …
      thank Kunos to update the game for other 90% users …
      if you want Multi play iRacing or R3E .

      • Felipe Elias

        that’s just what i’m doing… good call! 😉

      • Toonces

        Single-player only works when (and if) the AI works. The AI in AC is pathetic, more like bumper cars in an amusement park than the worst drivers I ever encountered in the SCCA.

      • Carlos Jorge

        Where did you read that only 10% of users use MP? We can see how many people are complaining in AC forums because of the online part…

        Now i can tell you the same way: If you only play offline go and buy a console with Gran Turismo or Need for Speed, nobody plays AC with AI the way it is now, so stop saying bullsh*t, you look like those comunists that allways bring those “numbers” to fool people…

  • Alexandre Martini

    Zandvoort! great news!

  • olddarth

    Hoping for a couple of open wheelers as the ‘surprise’ of this DLC – Formula Rookie, Formula Vee, Skip Barber and CART Indy Cars! Hey – one can dream!!!

  • gbill98

    So no Südschleife like they have been teasing us with on the track map on the select screen since Dream Pack 1?

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