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Assetto Corsa – BMW License Announced

Kunos Simulazioni has announced their next car license for Assetto Corsa as the upcoming simulation title will feature vehicles from BMW.

Kunos Simulazioni has announced their next car license for Assetto Corsa as the upcoming simulation title will feature vehicles from BMW.

Assetto Corsa will come with several BMWs, including both road-going machinery and racing cars. Previews of the first car can be seen below as the BMW 1 M Coupe is the first of the batch to make it into the simulation.

The developers have commented that BMW was an important license to acquire due to ” the cars having exemplary balance and handling“.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Big Ron

    Upps….developers seem to outbidding each other with licensing announcements 😀 Cool BMW model, nice little sporty 1M Coupé

    In addition: the game looks similar to GT5 in some situations.

    • daz

      Big Ron said…. 
      In addition: the game looks similar to GT5 in some situations.

      Agree. Looking at Pic.1 it could easily be from GT5 or FM4 if the Assetto Corsa picture frame wasn’t there, lol.

  • Markus Ott

    Strange. Some shots look really nice. But some other shots look like rF1 with a little bit better lightning. Hope AC can keep up and stays seconds place behind pCARS in terms of graphics.

    • Anonymous

      I agree not the best outside shots. Were the cockpit shots are great. 
      Also not really fan of street cars. But awell. 🙂

    • Tomasz Zabłocki

      Honestly, it seems irrelevant if AC keeps up or not, it’s not like there are many contenders reaching for the 2nd place prize.

  • feels3

    Very very nice shots 🙂

    I wonder what will be better in terms of physics, AC, rf2 or iRacing? 🙂

    We know how rf2 and iR feel, now we have to wait for AC.

    • Luke Russell

      Going by the general consensus on the iRacing forum. nKP still has the best tyre and FFB feel. Being that A.C is completely built from the ground up, I’m sure it will have the best physics by a long way.

      • feels3

        Nkpro was my favorite sim :), but at the moment in terms of physics I like rf2 the most.
        FFB and tire model in my opinion are much better in rf2 🙂

        But as you said AC is completly new sim so I’m sure it will be better than Nkpro.
        I can’t wait to compare AC with rf2 and iR.

      • Steve Ford

        rF2 is pretty awesome.  Honestly with AC and rF2, I actually doubt I’ll be interested in any other racing sim since those two will scratch the sim racing itch.  For me, subscription fees have become passe.

      • Attila Kiss

        rF2 has subscribtion fees, and AC’s pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

    •árd-Hompoth/100002333117428 Szilárd Hompoth

      I hope that GTR3 will also have a round for this title >D

    • Anonymous

      We know how iRacing feels now. It’s completely different from how it felt 2 weeks ago, and even more different from 4 months or a year ago.

      The question is how it will feel when AC finally releases.

  • Theroro29

    Great car! It will be easy to compare to reality.
    Great job as always

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Hooligan’s dream………should be a cracker.
    Looking forward to finding out what racing BMWs they’ll licence.

  • gt3rsr

    Great news!!!

  • Jukka Karppinen

    Official BMW license = best news so far:) And 1M looks great…

    • Theroro29

      They will normally add BMW M3 GT2 car too

      • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

        Yep, would be the obvious choice.
        Wouldn’t mind seeing the WTCC car either.

      • gt3rsr

        And why not the Z4 GT3? Or the DTM racer? Or any historic car? So many models to choose from!

      • Anonymous

        I would prefer an FWD WTCC car, but if it has a RWD Bimmer to race against that would definitely get me racing. 🙂

      • Lachlan Salter

        hey I aint complaining bout that!

  • kr1nz

    Very good news! The cockpit is a true replica from the reality.

  • Anonymous

    Interior modeling looks superb! As said below, I think a few of the exterior shots look funky but I’m sure it’s still a ways away from release so I won’t be to critical there.

    I never got on board with NK Pro but it seems to be the consensus that it has excellent physics/FFB so I’m looking forward to the release of AC.

  • Anonymous

    Looks really nice although i would say it’s closer to SHIFT2 than the recent shots of pCARS i have seen. But feel and FFB is everything in a sim and that no doubt AC will 100% nail them, and it will still look dam good. I’m with feels though and i think rF2 is gonna be the one to beat. AC is gonna have to be REALLY good to beat it. Right now it’s the best of all for physics and FFB and mods are beginning to appaer that are graphically nice

    The outside shots do look a little different. The car doesn’t look part of scene, it’s odd, doesn’t look connected with the track. Maybe something to do with the shadows or motion blur. Also, it looks to have that sparkle effect AA on the chrome that SHIFT2 had. But who cares the cockpit looks great and that’s where i will be.

    • Theroro29

      RFactor 2:
      – good FFB but not the best
      – horrible graphics for a 2012 game

      It’s not very difficult to beat Rfactor 2

      and don’t worry about Asseto Corsa FFB 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Sorry but rF2 has far from horrible graphics, in the cockpit, it’s awesome. Yes, it has along way to go graphically but it’s better than any of the older sims. Maybe tv cams etc look naff but inside the cockpit they are very immerisve graphics IMO that will only improve. Just look at some of the stuff on the way. Anyway my post and comparison and what i was stating was that the physics and FFB of rF2 will be hard to beat. I didn’t mention graphics

      • vili vili

        I’m quite confident that both physics and ffb of rF2 will be beaten by AC as they already are beaten by nkPro

      • Anonymous

        Don’t agree whatsoever. NKP’s F1800 was my favourite sim car but rF2’s skippy just leaves it in the dust

    • Anonymous

      hard to judge AC until video is released…..

      about rF2 I really doubt it, I think ISI run as the best “go to sim” is coming to an end….during the long run rf1 had everyone creating mods tracks made it extremely popular…..

      now rF2
      -complicated mod and track packaging
      -poor graphics
      -heavily favoring that generous sim racers in free time create mods, tracks
      -lack of ISI created content
      -FFB is only plus for rF2

      meanwhile competitors
      -laser scanned tracks or gps data creating close as possible to real tracks
      -actual licensees not something created in someone basement entering numbers in notepad
      (not a knock against all rf1 modders some have gone on to work in gaming industry)

      • Anonymous

        AC is also going to have modding suppport so will also have cars that are unlicensed and made by someone in the basement. And alot of todays mod groups are very pro and are possibly more anal about realisim and getting everything perfect more so than some AAA dev teams and publishers out there. Remember it’s your choice what you install.

        Off course there will always be ametuer crap out there with a title like rF2 and AC that support modding but there will also be extremely HQ stuff out there. Wasn’t the PCC mod that was released for rF1 actually done with a guy that actually raced in a real life Porsche championship in charge of the physics

      • Anonymous

        How can rf1 modding team get things more “perfect” and “realistic” if they have no access to real data, real people behind the actual car.

        You can take any rf1 mod and mimic the data until you get something that resembles the real thing.

        As for PCC
        from GSMF website
        “Physics have been developed in cooperation with the real PCC driver Ralph Kalaschek and his team MRS Racing.”

        loosely translated

        “here we created mod tell us how it drives”
        “ah drives pretty good just like real car”

        release mod
        “our mod is realistic we talked to real driver”

        this is no different then pCars with Ben Collins, countless real drivers used in iRacing, and many mods for rFactor.

      • Steve Ford

        You’d be surprised how much REAL data is available by doing some research.  I’d bet officially licensed cars do more guessing on data than you think.  

      • Anonymous

        It’s hard to even find HP/Torque numbers on competitive race engines, let alone dyno pulls, but I’d love to see some if you have links 🙂

        But what you really need are accurate measurements of suspension geometry. Can get pretty close without it, but it won’t truly be ‘real’. It really requires someone on the inside providing data.

      • Steve Ford

        Eric Hudec seems pretty clueless at times.   Just saying.  😉

      • Anonymous

        We must not be thinking of the same Eric Hudec 😉

      • Steve Ford

        Probably not.  I’m thinking about the Eric Hudec who thought that the reason why the HPD was fastest on the outlap was because of the tire warmers.  lol. 

      • pez2k .

        Define ‘realistic’ if it doesn’t mean ‘drives like the real car’?

    • Ricoo

       The only title close of rF2 as a global package and physics wise is GSC. 🙂

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pls help me put my tonge inside!

  • Kris Baxter

    Only build so forgiveable I guess, but to me the exterior shots look like the car has been added via photoshop, it doesn’t look part of the environment like, not only Pcars, but most other sims.

  • Mike M

     The interior shots look superb! Anyone know if there is a timetable or released plans for a beta?

  • Rael Leurink

    Assetto Corsa looks much better than Rf2 but i think Rf2 comes out earlier than this game so i keep playing Rf2 in time. It doesn’t bore me at all sure it looks bad but my hobby is to collect racing sims and this one is gonna be in my collection as well. I mean just look at the Graphics they look amazing Assetto Corsa must be one of the best good looking Racing Sims in the world. Hopefully we can put as much mods in as we want. just like in Rfactor and hopefully some Pro modders will create mods like ALMS(American Le Mans Series)  ELMS(European Le Mans Series) Since 2012 known as WEC(World Endurance Championship) Maybe also F1, Porsche 997 Cup Series, JSGT(Japanese Super Gran Turismo) and FIA GT1 Championship as well as FIA GT3 And much more.          

  • Steve Ford

    Kunos is King!!!  AC is going to be so badass.  

  • Anonymous

    continue to tell me this is an one man show ans I’ll LOL! this is a very big investment in the 1 million plus mark. ferrari might be the real investor we never know for sure for now but no way Kunos is the king! 

  • General Rush Hour

    Funny how so many smaller companies can get big licenses yet iRacing seems to struggle… 

    Been waiting for this announcement for a while. If the Mclaren turn out to be shit i´m jumping ships.

    • Steve Ford

      Hampus jumping ships?    No chance of that happening.  🙂

      • General Rush Hour

        How do you think i got to iRacing? 🙂 

      • Steve Ford

        I just don’t see you ever leaving iracing.  You’ve got too much passion for it.  🙂

      • General Rush Hour

        passion? passion for simracing yes. Passion for iRacing? Hell no. 

        I have a passion for playing the best games on the market. As a full package, iRacing is the best. It just is at the moment.

        But do i love it? Nope, rarely play and keep getting dissappointed more and more over the last few builds as it looks like iRacing have failed once again to bring the stuff they said would be ready and the fact that the build contains 100 fixes of problems then 2 new stuff. 

        Last build was the weakest stuff i´ve seen, when i read the build notes i just said right out: wtf have you been doing for 3 months!?

      • Steve Ford

        Hampus, iracing has been shit for awhile now.  We’ve all spent a tonne of money over there and want it to be great but after a number of years of waiting it’s still garbage.  I remember whenever someone brought up a issue with iracing the answer was”the new tire model will fix that”.  Now it’s “the new tire model has problems with this or that”.  I’ve had it up to here with the excuses over there.  Kaemmer’s new tire model is an experiment that has failed miserably.  I’ve lost all hope for what goes on over there.  

    • Anonymous

      Funny story, one of the iRacing employees who signs cars is former F1 driver Davina Galica. Once when trying to sign a deal on a race semi truck, due to a language barrier, they accidentally started getting a truck prepared for her to race!

      Maybe that’s the problem…

      • General Rush Hour

        I´m sure BMW employees speak English just fine. 

        I´ll go with the old theory that iRacing would not rush Europe because they already had 10.000 active european members or so. 
        Now it´s biting them in the ass.

      • Anonymous

        I was mostly joking.

        Looking at upcoming releases, it doesn’t get much more European. Their fault would be starting late, but better late than never.

  • Eric Zehnder

    Impressive interior but lacking a lot for the exterior shots. I’m always bored by BMWs in games until I play them and then I love the turn in understeer and power oversteer play that the real car owners enjoy.

    AC adding more ponies to the stable is always a good thing. Really hoping they release a video, though.

  • Ryan M J Callan

    Actually looks the poorest work KS have shown in AC so far.

  • feels3

    Onboard video please! 🙂

  • Ricoo

    I like very much pict 11. Maybe just a bit too much HDR, but very nice tho. 🙂 

    • vili vili

      me too but the reflection in side mirror looks bit strange..

  • Matt Orr

    Cool. A 1 series on steroids. Such an ugly car, but hey, it’s a wannabe E30 and that is fine by me. 🙂

    Now go ahead and show THE 1. And by that, of course, the M1. By doing so, I will soil my undergarments in joy.

  • Pascal

    Interior is beautiful, but exterior, not best shots. Looks like, car is flying and too much blur on track, I hope they work on it, but, exterior screens of old F1 were nice so …. 

  • General Rush Hour

    Now what we need is the M3 DTM. what a machine…

    • Anonymous

      GT4 Z4, please!

      • General Rush Hour

        GT3 you mean?

      • Anonymous

        Nope, GT4. It most certainly does exist.

        Slower means better 🙂

      • General Rush Hour

        The GT4 you speak of was never built by BMW.

        Check the list and notice there´s no GT4 after Z4.

        M3 GT4 is the car BMW built for the GT4 class.

      • Anonymous

        Either way they need a BMW license, but I’m not picky. More GT4.

      • General Rush Hour

        i agree, M3 GT4 all the way! 

        Fairly close to production, 420 horses and a 8.400rpm limit. It´s a beast 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        Yup, production cars with limited aero and upgraded tires and suspensions are the best.

  • Dylan H.

    Really hope for more GT cars.

    Definately buying this when it comes out, it looks lovely.

    • Philip Samuelson

       Considering it’s said to be modding friendly… I do believe we may both get our wish of more GT cars in this one :).

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