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Ariel Atom 3 – Previews

Ariel Atom 3 – Previews

Ingo is working on bringing one of the most interesting driving machines currently available to rFactor – The Ariel Atom 3.

Powered by a supercharged Honda engine that exceeds 300hp, the street-legal open wheel car is built by British-based Ariel company. Due to the lack of bodywork and comfort features, the car weighs only 469 kilograms and is able to outrun powerful sports cars such as Porsches, Ferraris or Lamborginis.

  • Siggs

    😎 😎 😎 Sweet.

  • vrooom

    Sweeeeeeet!!! i cant wait for this!!

  • ForzaBarca88

    Bloody awesome!

  • Paul Kelly

    COOL! This will be fantastic. Always loved this car in TOCA 3.

  • DeDios

    WOW!! :happy: i love this car!

  • Hanzaleski

    Hurray, devil’s car on rFactor roads :happyevil: Cant forget Jeremy Clarkson’s face while he drove Atom in their Top Gear show 😆

  • Serg Funke

    this thing need good physics. the model looks great, like the original cad from the car.

  • DeDios

    i’m agree with Serg. We need top physics!

  • artcastle777

    hi, i’ve been looking for someone like you who could render a full scaled ARIEL ATOM 3 for years now, i’ve been busy trying to make something like this in 3DSMAX but I don’t have the exact measurements and dimensions of the car, could please in anyway provide me the Dimensions of the car?will you be able to do it in 3DMax?Is it possible to merge or export this 3Ddrawing into a 3D or CAD format?PLEASE HELP…I AM REALLY DESPERATE…THANKS! please email me: [email protected]

    Best Regards’

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