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ARCA Sim Racing – Development Update

ARCA Sim Racing – Development Update

The Sim Factory is hard at work improving their ARCA Sim Racing 2008 title and getting the franchise ready for the future.

In a recent development update, the team released a first preview of the Chevy Silverado truck, a new model to be added to ARCA 2008. The truck will be followed by another new car as the Chevrolet Impala will be added as well.

Aside from keeping the current title fresh, the team is already concentrating on the second version of their stock car racing simulator. Even though the Sim Factory acknowledges that their competitors in virtual stock car racing (mainly iRacing) have raised the bar quite a lot, the studio promises to meet these new standards and improve the physics to “lightyears beyond any stock car simulation software that has ever released to the PC platform for the sim racing and professional motorsports communities”.

That is quite a promise the team will have to back up with their new title, the ingredients such as laser-scanned tracks seem to be there though. Right now, ARCA Sim Racing uses ISI’s gMotor 2 engine, it is extremely unlikely that the new title will be using the same technical base for the new version.

Features of Version 2

– A complete roster of Laser Scanned Tracks
– Higher level of realism in regard to vehicle dynamics, tire modelling as well as aerodynamic protocols
-Far more stock car racing vehicle content: Asphalt and long awaited dirt content
– An immense library of tracks
– New and easier to use Front End System
– In-Depth Statistical Ranking Systems
– Far more complex lobby system
– Completely new User Interface system
– A host of new in-game features

  • Vapaaneuvos Johannes Rojola

    Does this mean we will have new NASCAR simulation featuring all three major series together with ARCA?

    • distorted1

      It looks like that is a no.

  • Chris Wright

    Unfortunately ARCA has somewhat disappeared in the tidal wave of marketing eminating from the iRacing offices. Even in its current form, it’s a more than competant stock car sim, only spoilt by poor AI in offline mode, plus the general lack of online action, unless you’re in a league.

    They would do well to slash the price of the current game to get the user base up. $49.99 is not an attractive price to newcomers, especially a game launched in 2008, although I would say to anyone that it’s definitely worth the money for what you get, AI excepted.

    Great news about the forthcoming developments for the current game. Extravagent claims for the new version, but these guys clearly seem to know what they’re doing except, it seems, when it comes to actually telling the World about it.

  • Chris Wright

    They don’t seem to have mentioned this, but the Nationwide car is coming soon to the current version. There is also a 09 Nationwide car set available via Arca Sim Central that’s really nice.

    As I indicated above, it’s a real shame that more people haven’t gotten behind this game. It’s an uphill struggle for The Sim Factory, in the face of the advertising spend at iRacing.

    Hopefully Inside Sim Racing will give these new developments a good airing.

    Above all, though, TSF needs to think about the wisdom of their pricing strategy. You can get two licences for the price of one, but the base price remains at $49.99, which cannot encourage newcomers.

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