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Aosta for Assetto Corsa 3.4.2 – Released

durstboiler has released a new version of his Aosta Grand Prix Track for Assetto Corsa.

durstboiler has released a new version of his Aosta Grand Prix Track for Assetto Corsa.

Aosta has originally been created by Kunos Simulazioni for their netKar Pro title, the studio has allowed for the track to be converted to their current product.

The fictional Italian track comes with a variety of layouts, durstboiler has also included a bonus wet-weather layout that simulates rain racing in Assetto Corsa.


-Added new bonus layout : “Aosta Sport Intermediate Wet”.
Wet road simulation + spot light (only with post process enabled)
-Added new spot light object.
-Improvement Dynamique groove (works only online)
-Minor texture improvement.
-Opening stands doors.
Pending the possibility of opening according to the presence of drivers.
-Improvement oval sport AI.

[boxdownload]Download Aosta Grand Prix 3.4.2 for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • MC

    Kinda surprised Kunos hasn’t ported the nKPro tracks himself. They were pretty good, particularly Crema.

    • Frans Brink

      Not to forget the F1600

      • MC

        I’d love the Formula Fords in AC =) With tracks as AC hasn’t got that many having a few fictional ones might be a good idea. I’d be happy with updated netKar tracks.

      • Mario Strada

        Indeed, I think they should post the single seaters from NKpro and both the Vintage coupe they had. I liked all of them along with the tracks.

        Now that NKpro is (or will be) free, I see no reason not to port their old work.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        The vintage is one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven in simracing.

    • svdb

      Well they did Trento Bondone, but people were disappointed in the quality compared to the other AC tracks. That might hold them back. Also these tracks are not scanned of course and Kunos appears to aim for real tracks only.

      • MC

        IIRC the Trento’s from 2007 or something (despite being released years later). Could probably do with an update. Aosta was made after the other original tracks and was a noticeable improvement in quality.

  • QUF

    I think arcade, the Pine air freshener doesn’t move. #justgamermusclethings.

    • Kabonfaiba

      Agreed, just seeing that gives me this nauseous feeling. #cantdealwithit

  • Francesco Kasta

    Instant download, I loved this track on NetKar Pro!!!

  • RapidRefund

    IDK Bout Y’all but I thin k getting the NKP content in AC is a great idea

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Really enjoying this. Thanks

  • Carlos Panades

    So glad you used my video in the description, hope you all enjoy this great track!

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