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Anderstorp for R3E Is Now Available

Sector3 Studios have added a new track to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as Anderstorp is now available.

Sector3 Studios have added a new track to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as Anderstorp is now available.

Veteran sim racers will surely remember the Swedish venue from being a stalwart in the GTR series as Anderstorp hosted tie FIA GT championship for many years early into the 2000s.

The track is now available, selling for 299 vRP and coming in two layouts, the full 4 kilometer track and a shorter south layout.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Another work of art from the S3S team…it is amazing how they get the tracks to look so good on DX9….anyway I will purchase for sure

    • melanieuk1

      Absolutely, their track artist are one of the best in the industry, while some struggle for years to make their content look modern, maybe a lack of skill from their content creators and artist.

      I don’t think it will be a hard transition from their current DX9 engine to the Unreal 4 engine when S3S are ready, I rate their artist up there with the likes of Kunos and Slightly Mad Studios and iracings coming fourth.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Has nothing to do with skill, rather than with art style. All RR3 tracks have a very worn out look wich makes them look a bit more natural. F33ls created Croft, Putnam Park and Poznan for rF2 and you can really see his style in those tracks. They were the first modded tracks that looked outstanding. Not saying he has no talent, but saying that other game devs have no talent because their tracks work different is a bit of a far stretch, don’t you think?

      • anonymouse

        Let it go, it’s a lost cause.

        AC/pCARS or bust amirite?

      • Marc Collins

        The only issue with art style is that it is kind of a fundamental premise that all digital track makers everywhere strive to make their creations look natural, authentic, realistic…etc. No one would purposely attempt to make a track look antiseptic, like a digital model or immediately noticeable as fake. The goal of almost all digital art is to ensure that the end result looks the least digital possible. Agree with posts above that R3E does an excellent job achieving this, especially since they are using an “outdated” platform.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Well, the word art style is very stretchable and as we are very far away from anything that I consider photorealsitic, it’s much more a matter of philosophy than talent from my POV. In the case of rF2 it was a concious decision to let the track evolve on it’s own and to have a dynamic world, so no fake skidmarks (or only very few) or other stuff that you see in most sims these days, tracks that look as if they were used for a complete weekend with skidmarks everywhere, on and off the track. Silverstone looks that clinical because it was repaved and freshly painted when they surveyed the track. Next to that we have totaly different working platforms wich has quite a big impact on how you can spent your ressources no matter how much people try to overlook the fact. When I am driving, I don’t find rF2 tracks any less realistic looking than R3E tracks or AC tracks for that matter – at the end of the day I allways instantly recognice them all as game art, in AC simply by those fake clouds that are all over my face and the over dramatic skies that you see in R3E paired with overexposure and a general plastic look. You will never get the same experience in those sims compared to rF2 when driving at changing conditions. When you are driving at sunset for two hours straight, or when you recognice the same fake cloud over and over again, it kills the illusion aswell. So much about the topic of the attempt to create “realsitic looking tracks”.

        Another thing that makes a big difference is, that the rF2 game devs spent quite alot on details that you won’t see at first glance and that aren’t really that noticable when racing (like the cows or dugs for example). I for one like those little details as they give the tracks their own character and lend life to the tracks. But they bring some other issues ofcourse. At the end, I see it more as different philosphies. I am pretty sure rF2 track artists could bring the same quality if it was a locked system like R3E and if it was really on their agenda to make every track look worn out. But they don’t do that for different reasons. 😉

      • GamerMuscle

        Normally when it comes to content creation for games assuming someone is employed by a AAA developer as an artist I can assure you as to why one thing might artistically look better or worse from one game to another when it comes to producing defined assets from a specif reference is almost always simply a case of time and project budget, rather than a specific artists skill level.

        I think it’s also the case that feels 3 has cracking eye for detail and especially nails the subtle texture work which gives the tracks he works on that extra shine, fortunately sector 3 have identified that and obviously give him the time and have the resources for him to then execute that talent.

  • Hash

    Waiting for a Swede track pack please.

  • Humberto Roca

    Are any of RRE tracks Laser Scanned?

    • Ernie


  • GamerMuscle

    Awesome track model !

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