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Anderstorp 1.0 – Released

Anderstorp 1.0 – Released

[dd]Baule has released an rFactor version of Anderstorp, bringing the Swedish track from Simbin’s GTR2 to the simulation. The track has been equipped with a new AIW, new cameras, working nightlights and some new textures and offers two different layouts.

Officially known as the Scandinavian Raceway, the 4 kilometer track is a former F1 venue and has hosted a variety of series in the past, the most recent being the World Touring Car Championship in 2008.

Since this track is a conversion of GTR2, the track is equipped with a check to make sure you own a legal version of Simbin’s GT simulation. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use this track.

Download Anderstorp 1.0 Here

  • RaYqUe

    Nice. Anyway, if someone needs GTR Evo Nords in rF … (Edit)

  • Uff

    It’s a very good conversion!

  • stabiz

    RaYqUe, whats the difference about a public link and saying in public you will provide a link?

  • Montoya

    RaYqUe, please don’t give people ideas on how to get unauthorised conversions.

  • [dd]Baule

    Thank you, Uff!

  • RaYqUe

    @stabiz & Montoya

    I knew that this was a bad idea, at least I tried to help people how to get the track. Sorry. 😐

  • Uff

    You’re welcome, RaY: even in the past I hoped to see more conversions from GTR 2 and other SimBin games (with a proper DVD check, obviously). This would mean better tracks to race on as their circuits are among the best out there (maybe not all of them, but that’s normal).
    Back on track, bye!

  • LensFlare

    Even with a check I still find this not very cool, but anyway… That’s how it is, right?

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