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Alpine A364 for rFactor – Lots of Previews

Lots of previews of the Alpine A364 by Pixsim, a historical French Formula 3 car for rFactor.

Back in February 2010, Pixsim showed us first previews of their Alpine A364 for rFactor.

Since then, the French Formula 3 car has undergone a major overhaul as the team has complete redone the mod, including and improved model, textures, sounds and more.

The nimble Formula racer is almost ready to be released and to shorten the waiting time, you can check out a full field of A364s in action below.

  • Anonymous

    nice car  😀

  • Sam Sturino

    looks like great fun.. well done and good luck

  • Chris McLellan

    Looks really nice, anyone know which track that is?

  • George Openhym

    Mod looks terrific. Thanks to all involved. What is this circuit?  Looks curiously like a backdated Toban.

  • noro ardanto

    like it very much! congrats to all involved creating this mod!

  • gt3rsr

    Where can I get those Toban textures?

  • Timpie Claessens

    Didnt know they had Thrustmaster sponsorship back then 😀

    Looks very good apart from that small detail tho!

  • Anonymous

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