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Alpine A-364 – First Previews

Alpine A-364 – First Previews

After bringing us Nogaro and Charade for rFactor, Pixsim has started working on a new car project for rFactor – The Alpine A-364.

Below are first previews of the French Formula 3 car, the Renault-powered historic racer was a popular F3 competition vehicle in the early 70s.

Via Pixsim

  • morning_wood

    t’ats hot

  • David Wright

    An obscure car even for fans of Grand Prix Legends but the quality of modelling looks very promising. Passion and attention to detail is always a good sign for a mod IMO.

  • commodore

    Wow. I really enjoy mods like Formula Vee and now this. I will surely try it out when it’s done.

  • GeraArg

    I like old cars mods, but especially the formulas… I can´t wait !!!!! :sd: :sd: :sd: :sd:

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