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ALMS 2007 Mod 1.0 – Released

ALMS 2007 Mod 1.0 – Released

COLVIN35 has released the American Le Mans Series Mod for GTR2, bringing us the most popular sports car racing series in the United Staates.

The mod contains many brand new cars including the Porsche 997 RSR, Ferrari F430 as well as the Radical and Acura LMP2 prototypes.

Attention: Downloading this mod will not give you a full ALMS 2007 field but only the mentioned new cars above. In order to have a full, four-class grid you have to make sure to install all files listed in the ALMS 2007 mod download checklist.

Download ALMS 2007 Mod 1.0 Here

  • gtrNL

    very good… downloading

  • Fredonline

    Good Job 😎

  • Cuttlefish

    OH MY GOD!

    Work cannot go by fast enough today!!

  • Chris

    thank you mate

    some guy are lucky now

  • Dave

    I can only imagine how many mismatches will happen.

  • Raikku

    Omg, F430!

  • Octavarium

    Been waiting forever for an ALMS/LMS mod. Hopefully this will live up to expectations! From the screenies the models look a mixed bunch, certainly not up to the standard set by the Enduracers Epsilon mod. Of course the physics are the important part and I haven’t had chance to test them yet! Anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    I get CDT’s when I use the 997 & Radical. Any Ideas?


  • Chris

    hmm the Maserati is the only who dont work ??

    the wheel update iss installed

    have anyone an answer ??

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why some work and not others, it’s really wierd

    to bad


  • Anonymous

    Now, I went to a smaller resolution & windowed mode and the 997 loads fine. but when I go to higher resolution with fullscreen i get a cdt.


  • Anonymous

    alternative links?
    cannot download from filesfront!

    Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

  • Darman

    w00t. download #2 😮

  • Chris

    i have found the Problem of the Maserati

    need the Update´s from NoGrip than it works

    MC12 Chassis Update
    MC12 Backfire Update
    MC12 Big Wing Update

  • Raikku

    I have no engine-sounds in 2007 997 Porsche(?) Otherwise all cars seem to work ok.

    Nice mod, thanks dudes.

  • bdtj

    Looks interesting but the link from the Perfect Dark site to filefront does not work and the only prototype file I can find on filefront is 2.38 not 2.41. Any ideas/help?

  • Wix

    i like the mod, but the method of release, cant only end up in dissaster. There is no way to know what versions of the addon people will download, making it virtually impossible to say anything constructive if people report an error, or ask for help. in my humble opinion this is going to be frustrating for allot of users and the mod will eventually only be used by a hand full of hardcore ALMS fans. and even they may get frustrated before the entire field works. A bit of a pitty , because an entire ALMS field is a nice addition to the Sim scene.

    Would it not be better to ask the various modders to grant them the permission to include the guest cars in the download pack? that way it could be tested and could become a mod classic.

  • COLVIN35

    guys the download has been updated with the 996 and MC12 fixes, and the link taken down. You can only get it at the now. I’ll now read through all of your posts. Matt

  • COLVIN35

    Wix you are modder, why don’t you let me use the models in the mod you worked on, no? Why? It’s the same reason I won’t be granted permissions from JPBS or PerfectDark. Modders don’t give permissions for their models, and you, out of everyone, should know this. I don’t understand your remarks about the method of release either. What is this disaster you speak of?

  • Anonymous

    THe disaster its me not geting those f$%# MC-12 wheels!

  • phil23

    This mod is great, thank you Colvin 🙂

  • Chris

    the Mod iss working fine

    its a very nice Starting Grid

    to load all of the Mod its a little bit cumbersome

    but the endproduct its lovely

    (sorry for my bad english )

  • Ragster

    erm any reports on how the mods handles plse,

  • WiX

    Hi COLVIN35 : Dont get me wrong please, its not meant as critisime. I mean its just hard for regular users to get it all working this way, and it might scare of allot of them. This would be a shame bacause it is a nice mod, and i like the idea of having an ALMS field to run. As far as permissions are concerned i do not agree. Within certain rules for the BSR ( Belcar 2006 mod ) and RMT ( WSGT mod ) We will grand permissions for serious projects. Even before the mods are out we have such agreements. So it could not hurt to try. If you feel offended , i apologies . no harm intended. but it still is my view at the matter.

  • UKFireman

    Amazing mod, 1st class!!! many thanks for releasing this

    noticed 2 bugs? tho

    in the Ferrari F430 in cockpit view the scenery sometimes crops into the windshield mainky about the banner at the top. Also with the Corvette C6 in cockpit view the wing mirrors are not all shown. Could be my set up not sure as im running the game 1920*1200 everything up full, Nvidia Geforce 9800 GX2 card

  • klaasvh

    Have to agree with Wix here. I can imagine you can’t include some of the bigger things like the JPBS cars Perfectdark cars but what about all the small updates Mc12 and wheels updates? Also, I don’t think we at RMT would mind if you included the C6R. Talk to me on MSN if you’re interested.

    As or the mod itself, can’t wait to try it, especially the 997 and the Radical!

  • Mastersetter

    Can someone please put a link up for perfect darks 2.41 mod, also the new link at turn4 doesnt work either 🙄

  • Anonymous

    How about you up load the mod to somehwere where people can get at it? Your own website is shit…..ruined by poor distribution.

  • Anonymous
  • lvolz

    I have ALMS 2007 up and running and can see (and drive) all cars except for the C6R. They show in the list but no car to view (blank showroom as well). The WSGT mod I have is RMT’s 1.0 and I’m thinking the C6r’s are trying to pull wheels (or some other bit from a different WSGT mod. There’s a link to a WSGT on Esport but I don’t speak german and the site is a bit wonky if you’re english only.

    Is my WSGT mod the problem?
    If not, what is?
    If it is, can someone tell me where I can get what I need to run the C6’s without having to have two versions of WSGT?


  • CS21476895

    Where can I find the Viper CC skins?

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