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Adrenaline Pack for Ferrari Virtual Academy Available

Ferrari has released the “Adrenaline Pack” for the official Ferrari Virtual Academy simulation, adding two new cars to the simulation.

Ferrari has released the “Adrenaline Pack” for the official Ferrari Virtual Academy simulation, adding two new cars to the simulation.

The pack adds the Ferrari F150, Ferrari’s current Formula One challenger, as well as the Ferrari F458 Challenge car to the netKar Pro-powered simulation.

The F150 comes with full simulation of DRS and KERS, the pack does not add any new tracks or other features though. The Virtual Academy only offers hot lapping as the title features no AI or online mod to race against other players.

The Adrenaline Pack sells for 9.90€ for existing Virtual Academy owners, existing owners also receive the Nürburgring & Mugello if they don’t own it already.

Sim racers who have missed out on Virtual Academy can buy a complete package for 19.90€, containing not just the two new cars but also the Ferrari F10 and three tracks (Mugello, Fiorano and the Nürburgring).

If you haven’t checked out Virtual Academy yet, make sure to read the VirtualR review of the initial release.

  • Eduardo Pimentel

    Looks awesome, but they have robbed me blind in the past and I’m not falling for it again. I payed full price when it came out… and guess what, when the second track was released, they made the hole thing half the price… And I who already had the first track and basic pack had to pay the track’s full price. And when the third one came out, guess what?? AGAIN… the whole pack was being sold for 20 euros…. and now the entire thing, all first 3 tracks and basic pack and adrenaline pack is all for 20 euros. I payed 35 + 15 + 15 = 65. This pack should be free for all customers who payed full price for all the content..
    This only goes to show Ferrari’s treatment towards their customers… Pay big and get f*cked!!

    Seems the same thing happens to their drivers… Massa has been with them since 2005.. Then they get Alonso and to Massa they say “move over… we’re giving him all the cards now”…

    Typical Ferrari..

    • Anonymous

      Ferrari’s treatment towards their customers ?   HAHA.    Sorry that made me laugh.

      You are not a Ferrari customer, you downloaded a game in their name.   When you visit their factory in Maranello to get a seat fitting and to choose the interior for your new 458 Italia, then you’ll be a Ferrari customer.

      • Alistair Heeley

        Haha, word.

      • M

        Being that this is an official Ferrari product (not just an officially licensed product), we are actually customers of Ferrari. Just because we’re not spending big on a 458 doesn’t mean we’re not customers.

        I agree their pricing model sucks, which is why I never purchased the Nurburgring circuit. Now, purchasing the Adrenaline pack has effectively given it to me for free.

        As for the pack, it’s good. Triplehead support is poor, options are poor but the car drives well and has moved one step closer to being the modern version of F355 Challenge that I’ve always wanted! I hope they bring some classics to the future updates but I don’t think it will happen.

      • noro ardanto

        With traction control off I can’t spin the rear wheels?

      • Anonymous

        Are you asking us or telling us noro ?   Hard to tell with the question mark at the end as it’s not really a question.

      • Anonymous

        Try calling them up and telling them your a Ferrari customer cos you bought a 20 euro game from an offshoot of their official website and see if they take you as seriously as you do.  🙂

      • noro ardanto

        If ferrari selling me candy and I bought it then I’m a Ferrari customer 😉

      • Anonymous

        Don’t stop believing noro. 🙂 

        You can argue this until doomsday but the point is simply that Eduardo seemed to point out that his treatment should be no less than some rich guy who walks into Maranello to pick up his specificially built 458 Italia and to have the keys handed to him.  
        Maybe he shouldn’t but this isn’t Disneyland, it’s the real world and if you rang up Ferrari and insisted you were one of their customers on the strength of buying their 20 euro sim, they’d laugh at you and hang up.    If you can’t see the difference then there’s no hope.

      • Eduardo Pimentel

        no, I didn’t mean that. I’ll give you an example. Squire is a Fender Guitar brands. The squire guitar is a step down from the ones you get from Fender. The factory is the same, they are built almost the same, but the materials and the finish used is a bit different. Never do they try to sell you Squire guitars as Fender guitars, however they are both products of the same company and therefore signal the company’s image the same..
        Now it isn’t because you didn’t buy their expensive models that you don’t get the same attention if you need it so.
        Not only that, there are laws that state that treatment of all customers of whatever import and however much he spent on products of that company, must be equal. So if you buy a Ford Mustang you have to get the same treatment as if you bought a Ford Fiesta. Not only is this common to most western civilized countries, this is also applicable to international law.
        So by any standard and measurement, I AM a Ferrari customer because I BOUGHT a product belonging to the Ferrari group. And in fact it is BECAUSE this is Ferrari that I expected a little more appreciation… they get millions off of their cars, they can’t be a little lenient on the expenses of a game?
        And what I meant when I was mad they lowered the prices, let me clarify:
        Most games get their prices dropped after sales drop and after the initial sale period is over. I expected the price to drop 3 to 6 months after the release. But the way they did it was lower the price the very next month. There’s a penal code for that.. and it’s a form of malpractice on commerce. You have to maintain the price of a product for a period to keep the value of what you bought.
        If say Apple were to lower the prices of the iPhone a month after they put it for sale, they would get sued big time, because people bought the product and didn’t have time to enjoy what’s called “high value exclusivity period”. Another word for “look at me I have something expensive”. The law actually protects that, and they should.. should you decide to sell something you bought in a short time span, you have to get a similar amount then what you payed for it.. No one is going to resell their FVA serial numbers, but the concept is still applicable: it is still a product, I still have the right to be treated as a Ferrari customer, and I still have the right to enjoy my period of high value exclusivity..

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t you try ringing up Ferrari HQ in Maranello and complain about ‘their’ pricing of FVA and how unhappy you are that such an exclusive car company might be ripping you off.
        Lets see if you get treated the same that a car owner would if he rang up to complain about something on his car that he took personal pickup or delivery of a month ago.

        Ferrari will likely tell you to call another number (that of FVA tech support) because it doesn’t have anything to do with them directly.    They won’t say that to the car owner.

        I bought a Ferrari t-shirt years ago from a sports shop here in the main street.  In no way do I consider myself a Ferrari customer.   I would do if I bought one of their cars because thats what Ferrari do.  They make cars.   Anything else is something that other people take care of on behalf of them.  
        When they add up how many customers Ferrari had in one financial year they will NOT be counting all the FVA and t-shirt owners.    Just those that bought cars.    That’s not fair right ?
        Or it is just a slap in the face from Mr. Reality.

        You can expect whatever you like and quote whatever strange laws you want but in the real world it’s not going to work out as you hoped.

        Common sensed!

    • Andrea Candini

      You payed more and you’ve been able to drive more: compared to who bought the game later, you had more chances to win a prize.
      FVA had a life of 3 months, so price dropped pretty quick, but that’s normal: it’s the same thing you get with every other game on the market, except for the fact that it takes a bit longer for the price to drop.
      Ferrari treatment? No, normal market rule.

    • Anonymous

      “Then they get Alonso and to Massa they say “move over… we’re giving him all the cards now”

      A Ferrari driver that managed to not get into the first 3 in the WHOLE season, don’t deserve any respect.  His team-mate Alonso is 130 points ahead, serious. He’s lucky to still get a job on the team for 2012, hell he’s lucky to drive for Ferrari in first place. He was fired by peter sauber and never did nothing on sauber to deserve a place on Ferrari.

      Felipe Massa, one of the most overrated drivers of all time. His fellow brazilian Rubens at least proved to be a skilled driver with inferior cars.

    • evil 1981

      Perhaps you should take a look back a the initial FVA review of virtualr. 😉

      Also it would be helpful to watsch the articles regarding the additional tracks:

      I just don’t know how you managed to pay 35 euros for the “game” and 15€ for each additional track? It was 15€ for the initial release and 10€ for each track. imho that sums up to 35€ for the complete package, if you bought everything on the first day, not 65€. After the nurburgring release it was possible to buy a complete pack selling for 25€. This was the first really price drop after 2 months.Final price drop for the old package to 20€ was at some time this year.

      Now all last year customers have the option to buy the adrenaline pack for 10€, no matter which package you bought last year. For customers like me this is great, because I only got the first package with one track until now.
      In this case I can understand a bit of your irritation, but you were able to race the F10 on all three tracks for one year now, no matter if you did it or not. 😉

  • Alex Sawczuk

    It’s really not much different to how most things work. Buy any game/cd etc on release day it’s full price. Wait some time and it goes cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    It’s great to drive and the replays, especially the F1’s look so like the real life counterparts.
    Shame you can’t drive the F150 at the Nurburgring (what’s going on with that ?).
    The 458 rear end is a little leary with the traction control off but you can get some nice slides if you catch it.

    Be nice to have some more content, as long as it’s not too pricey.   I’m happy to hand over the extra €10 for this despite knowing that I`ll never lap anywhere as quick as the top guys.

    If only we can change setups too but I get why we can’t.

    • Andrea Candini

      F150 can’t be driven there as F1 Championship used Nurburgring this year, so it’s a licensing issue (I don’t know if it’s related to the fact that Codemasters has the official license or if it’s a general rule).

  • Anonymous

    Tried tonight for about an hour. The F150 italia is more docile than last year’s car and a lot of fun to drive. The GT car was a blast, I drove it in all three tracks and once I dialed in the steering correctly it was probably among the top 5 sim cars I have ever driven.

    I am starting to think that Kunos should really up their prices and give us some more varied choices in NetKar. Or maybe Ferrari should have Kunos make FVS multiplayer and add a few more cars. I could see the vintage testarossa, a few older ferraris, some 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s F1 ferrari. I frankly wouldn’t care if I had to race spec series. FVA drives even better than last year.

    My only cons:
    1) No setup for the cars to speak of.
    2) the F150 can’t race at the ring
    3) pricing is screwed up. If you want to get the new releases right away, you will pay more than those that buy later.
    4) I’d like to see a couple of new tracks. Possibly F1 tracks. Or, at least, give us the variation of the existing tracks.
    5) If they cannot provide AI (kunos doesn’t even have the code) or online racing, it would be nice if they had ghost cars or some other activity one could do. Maybe the ability to upload lapsand play them as ghosts?

    But that aside, what a blast.

  • Luke Maple

    Just goes to show how good the netkar engine is, maybe kunos should sell the engine to more sim makers. Still no f1 round Nurberg – not kool…what a load of sh*t liscensing is, seriously, it’s a work of art, artists do not have to pay for a liscence when painting a picture, same deal in a virtual recreation in my eyes! just a bunch of greedy people trying to extract money from things they shouldn’t. Really we should have an offiicial product and unofficial product and rid of licensing all together but i guess it’s too late for that.

    • Anonymous

      You can take the F10 around Nurburgring, Luke, just not the F150 (unless there are some clever hackers out there 🙂 )

      • Luke Maple

        good point my man! still a blast!

  • Peter Machala

    This is really the best F1 simulation a “normal” person can buy I believe. I had only the initial FVA release, so 9.99 € for a complete package is OK for me, had to support nKPro development. 🙂 No Ferrari 150° Italia at Nurburgring is in my opinion due to some FOM licencing and is unlikely to change, at least this year – just IMHO.

    And, with nKPro currently having pretty good online code, maybe we will see more than one car on track in FVA some day?

  • Anonymous

    I did few laps with 458 Challenge, really really funny!!! 😀 love it.
    Sounds and graphics really good and..FFB is excellent IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else having problems getting on
    It’s been down all day today.

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