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A Trip Down Memory Lane With Shaun Cole’s The Pit Stop

Shaun Cole of The SimPit has released his newest The Pit Stop news roundup, bringing us up to speed on the latest developments in sim racing & eSports and he was kind enough to mention the relaunch of this very site as part of his broadcast as well.

It was nice to see Shaun remembering the site and reminiscing about the past, his SimPit channel has of course often been covered on VirtualR and it all goes back much further as VirtualR’s years of growth correlated with the rise of Inside Sim Racing, sim racing’s first ever Youtube show.

It might be hard to imagine today, with a ton of streamers & Youtubers available on every single gaming subject including sims but back in 2008, professional-made gaming content on Youtube was still rare and premium sim racing video content was largely non-existing. All that changed with Shaun & Darin of Inside Sim Racing who were soon joined by Jessica Lopez for an even more professional magazine feel.

I still remember that for a while, ISR started live-streaming their newest episode which was all the rage, because back then, Youtube was still its infancy in many ways and live gaming streams were almost unheard of!

For the younger & newer readers who are now wondering what that old dude is rambling about, here’s a look at Jessica Lopez’ first Inside Sim Racing episode, all the way back in 2008 before streaming, lets plays and all that was a common-place thing: