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A Run in Red Bull’s F1 Simulator – Video

A Run in Red Bull’s F1 Simulator – Video

Red Bull’s rFactor Pro-powered Formula One simulator is well known to sim racers thanks to Red Bull’s popular track preview videos that show the F1 drivers in action on virtual tracks.

In preparation of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, the BBC visited the simulator to experience the virtual version of Italy’s high-speed Formula One venue.

Below is a video, showing BBC’s Jake Humphrey, David Coulthard & Christian Horner in the simulator, including plenty of behind the scenes footage.

  • f12bwth

    A great demo of how hard F1 sim racing should be.

    If I can drive an F1 in a sim and immedialtely complete a lap. It isn’t realistic. I’m no F1 driver.

  • Jux

    Jake is a dusch. Coulthart is great.

  • GT3_RSR

    Oh, come on. F1 is no space shuttle. It’s still only a car.

  • f12bwth

    tell that to Richard Hammond.

  • racedriver

    lol funny video.

  • Walsh

    I want a go now to see how it actually compared to our standard versions of rFactor…

  • Steve Farrell

    Typical sim racer thinking that the car in a game is just as easy to drive in real life.

  • Ricardo Almeida

    Here’s the same video but with a better quality.

  • lemming 77

    To be honest, Richard Hammond’s first ever drive in a Formula 1 car is very reminiscent of my first time driving the BMW Sauber ’08 F1 car in rFactor. I’m sure had these three invested more time in it, like Hammond they’d have managed okay.

    Besides, I’ve seen much better performances from David Coulthard on this exact simulator in the past, in the pre show for the Monaco Grand Prix I think it was.

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