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A Glimpse Into the Future

A Glimpse Into the Future

If you´re wondering what the ever rising computing power will mean for the graphical aspect of driving simulations, the following might give you an idea.

Imaging company Proper Graphics has created a virtual version of the Koenigsegg CCX supercar, made of 192.449 triangles. Even though the car is much more detailed than the vehicles in Gran Turismo 5, it has been crafted according to Polyphony Digital’s polygon and texture specifications.

Today’s systems and gaming consoles aren’t powerful enough to handle more than one of these beauties yet. Once the time comes, we´ll be in for some serious eye-candy as the high resolution pictures and video show.

[youtube 5fIqRk6pYQ8 nolink]

Download Full HD (1920×1080) Version of the Video Here

Via GTPlanet

  • Tifose

    GT5 Looks very good well the best i seen yet ingame!!! but this is something else WOW!!! am sure 3 SLI Nvidia 950 can do that 😮

  • stabiz

    Looks good, of course, but it will appear first in games that arent really interesting.

  • MrcL

    Genius monty! Very nice of you to pass this along. I’ve been curious about the real capabilities of modeling/rendering that could be applied to create digital counterparts of cars which could be implemented into racesims in the future. Only thing now is that you can’t really tell the difference 😀 lol.
    Thanks monty, keep em coming 😉

  • Arnold Carter Wong

    I would like to create such cars too……

    though the PC games cannot take it……for full field of cars..

  • TopChancer

    Looks fantastic, but close up you can see the limitations of
    the GT polygon specifications.

  • 6e66o

    I like the Lighting and Reflections on the Car,
    wonder when we will see something like that in a Simulation.

    It would make such a huge difference..

  • snowy

    Outstanding heads up Monty! :happy: This is awesome work and virtually indestinguishable from reality. 😉

  • ermax18

    “crafted according to Polyphony Digital’s polygon and texture specifications”

    What on earth does that mean?

  • MrcL

    Agree with 6e66o. Perfect reflections and perfect late afternoon time of day choice.

  • Mira

    Looks great!

  • snowy

    Polyphony Digital are a subsidiary of Sony and created Gran Tourismo, they obviously asked Proper Graphics to create this model to these very high specifications. The question is what do Polyphony intend to do now they’ve got it? . . .

  • MrcL

    1 scenario would be combining a bunch of PS3s for some kind of exibition again or whatever, and actually using this car in game just as a publicity stunt. They already did something like that by showing GT5 via projector in HD(can’t remember how many PS3s were actually in the assembly). And of course, eye-candy never fails to attract 😉 .

  • erale

    The average polycount for GT5P cars is 200.000 so this is nothing special.

  • MrcL

    like some would say “it’s not the size that matters” or amount for this occasion, i think this would apply here from the few things i know 😀 . It’s not about polycount in most cases, it’s about getting the best out of the less possible polys. If something as relatively flawless as this can be made with less than the average amount of GT5 polys then this gets my vote.

  • drowsy

    Yeah, it’s really the lighting that is making this bad boy look awesome. That’s the thing, polycounts are going up all the time and even the cars in Forza 2 or GT5P would look very lifelike if the lighting was better. Lighting takes a lot of resources though, and thus many developers opt to go with a simple lighting system coupled with a horrific bloom to hide the problems.

    Lighting won’t be getting anywhere anytime soon though, the only proper way to light stuff is by using “ray lighting” which probably won’t be seen in games for a generation or two.

    Not that it matters though, there’s still so much improvement to be made in the physics and gameplay department that we as simracers really shouldn’t worry about graphics yet. Too bad graphics sell games though. :p

  • MrcL

    “Too bad graphics sell games though.” lol, so true 😆 . And yeah as far as physics go, we’ve got a long way ahead of us. One of the chronic simracing issues is feel, which of course can’t be emulated somehow since everything is done through vision and anticipation. So it’s still pure theory sadly :sad2: . I love simracing, as do tons of us. But sometimes, the realization that i’m loosing input responce-time due to the lack of feel and general stimuli from a given simulator kinda makes me frustrated. But of course, at the end of the day, i’ll just go nerdy again setting up my little car to practice some more and praise the little wonder we call simracing 😀 . Ok, enough. Strayed way too far lol 😆

  • F1Racer

    Spot on drowsy. Lighting is a major role player just like in the movies.
    That CCX was rendered with proper HDRI (notice the difference between this and the so-called “HDR” plugin for rF (which isnt HDR at all) :D).

    Its a neat model but there are some quads in the wireframe. Dont game models have to be tri’s still ? Dunno about GT5 but if so that would bump up the polycount even more.

    Slick car, slick model, slick render. Nice.

  • Uff

    Uhm, the main article says “Even though the car is much more detailed than the vehicles in Gran Turismo 5”, but few posts before I read “The average polycount for GT5P cars is 200.000 so this is nothing special”: who’s right? 😀

    Having proper graphic effects would add a lot to the sense of immersion in our sims: yes, physic can always improve, but by now I think that it’s the graphics the part where the sims lack most, compared to other games (yes, I know that a FPS is different from a racing game, don’t worry ^^).
    I hope to see something interesting from Blim… ooops! I meant Slightly Mad Studios and their Ferrari Project. 😉

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