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4-Way Battle – Brands Hatch Comparison

MotoGamesTV has put together another one of their famous comparison videos, this time looking at Brands Hatch in four different titles.

MotoGamesTV has put together another one of their famous comparison videos, this time looking at Brands Hatch in four different titles.

The video shows a lap around the track’s short Indy circuit in the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 as both car and track are available in all four titles.

There’s a difference to consider in terms of the tracks though as the Project CARS, iRacing & Assetto Corsa versions of the British track are laser-scanned while the RaceRoom version is not.

Which title does the popular British touring car venue the most justice? Watch below and decide for yourself!

  • Glenn Briden

    Well for me it’s between Assetto Corsa and Project cars.

    Iracing just seems to have weird coloring but track side detail is pretty nice and lighting is nice.

    Raceroom looks nice but the lack of accurate detail hurts them but for a NON scanned it is pretty good.

    Project cars as usual looks very nice I just felt there was not enough contrast I like more clear color separation with Pcars it tends to all wash together a bit more than I like. Accuracy and track side details are Great.

    Assetto Corsa just seems to look and feel more like a real track. The lighting is not as good as IRacing but the crispness just seems to suit my personal taste best.

    • Leynad

      Raceroom just have this Indy short track, no full course.

      • Bakkster

        On the one hand, that’s really weird not to have the GP track.

        On the other hand, I hate the GP track but love Indy 🙂

      • Hash

        They didnt actually get licence for whole track, the indy layout licence came bundled with the DTM licence (no idea why DTM dont race the GP) I had no idea when bought, I hope I wont have to re buy GP if they do release.

      • RacingLivery

        Brands Hatch can only use the GP circuit a handful of times a year because of the housing estate next door. I think its (roughly) 20 days a year.

  • todemanjack

    Project Cars with big grids, changing weather, day-night and best graphics, is my choice. I know others have their virtues. But pCars to me is best to me. Especially since the mod that allows mixed grid choices.

  • erictheking87

    For me it is AC or iRacing. I’d like to know what filter is used in AC because either AC’s colors are washed out or iR’s are oversaturated. But it’s the 2nd option I guess. Also this cloudy sky in iR looks nice to me but asphalt is better in AC.

  • Leynad

    This comparisons aren´t telling me much, because on my big screen i see so much more details. Surprisingly my GFX 770 is able to render Raceroom (medium) and AC (med/high/max) in 4k with >60 fps and Raceroom clearly wins because it looks crisp like 4k and not like upscaled 900p or whatever AC is actually using under the hood. pCars certainly looks the best with 4k ultra, but wasn´t so impressed by medium-high settings and it needs at least a GTX 980 to run this in 60 fps.

  • Babis Rataplan

    Assetto corsa and P.C. have both nice graphics. But I prefer to play Assetto corsa and Raceroom they have the best FFB for me ,

  • Mark

    From personal experience from physically going to Brands Hatch quite often, the iRacing version is the most accurate.

    • Yamin Namsan

      Is iracing the only one that laser scans their tracks?

  • Yamin Namsan

    Watching this video, I can’t really tell any difference w/out pausing and looking for details. I would need to try them each on my own hardware. It’s just too hard to tell about the physics looking at videos. But from what I see, they all got the track layout right. Brands is usually my go to test track for any car.

  • Deadlydeal

    LOOK I NEED BRAKE THERE IS CONER P CARS – i have still a lot of time i need brake in last 1m Assetto Corsa – Yeah its like i need to brake but i still can wait and step it on brake hard in last 10 m iRacing – Yeah i need brake and i start braking R3E – never player GT3 cant tell

    • quf

      Very scientific, such research, many wow.
      If you’re gonna question the realism in braking for corners, then make a better analysis with the sims and with real life.
      Or at least mention a corner from this video where what happened wasn’t realistic, so we could discuss what happened in that corner in specific.

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