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February 2009

Firefox Security Warning

Users of Firefox 3 might be getting a security warning when visiting this site due to be what seems to be a hickup between Google and my hoster. The message falsely claims that it would be unsafe to visit VirtualR due...

BMW M3 E92 Cup – New Renders

The International Modding Team has released a bunch of new renders, showing the GT class of their BMW M3 E92 Cup for GTR2. Based on wildman_fr’s semi-fictional BMW M3 E92, the mod will be split up in two classes...

Intl GT Open 2008 for GTR Evolution – Released

Ful4n0 has released a complete International GT Open 2008 carset for GTR Evolution, bringing all GTA class cars to the simulation.
Since its maiden season in 2006, the International GT Open is becoming more and more popular, including cars such as the Ferrari F430,┬ the Porsche 997 GT3-RSR and the Mosler MT900R.
Important: To use this mod, you must have SCCA1981’s Porsche & Ferrari mod installed.
Download International GT Open 2008 for GTR Evolution Here

FREX Canopy Screen – Video

From FREX comes something new for everyone looking to expand their sim racing vision and enhance their private simulator. The FREX Canopy Screen is an alternative to a three-LCD setup, comparable to the jDome concept...