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November 2008

Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Wheel Unveiled

Thrustmaster has unveiled another Ferrari-licensed wheel, adding the Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel to their PC product lineup.
The 28cm diameter wheel is pretty much an exact replica of the real life Ferrari F430 steering wheel, featuring a paddle-shift unit as well as start-engine button. The third unique feature is the Manettino, a unique Ferrari innovation first used on a gaming wheel. The backlit five-position rotary switch can be used to tweak various settings while driving, including brake balance or traction control settings.
The wheel comes with powerful Force Feedback enhanced by Immersion Touchsense Technology but without a clutch pedal. This is no big disadvantage as the wheel is not meant to be a pro solution but rather a nicely designed consumer product. It’s planned to retail at $159, making it an interesting alternative for first-time wheel customers.

VW Golf V GTI 1.0 – Released

Alexandr Balanesko and Hermmie have released the VW Golf V GTI for rFactor, bringing a powerful compact car to the simulation. The VW Golf V GTI is powered by a turbo-enhanced four-cylinder FSI engine, putting out 200...