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August 2008

Alemannenring – Preview Video

After preview screenshots earlier today, here is the first preview video of the Alemannenring made by the Alemannenring Modding Group. The video takes us around the popular German street circuit in Singen, which was a...

Euro Truck Simulator – Official Demo Released

Four days after the German-only demo spread across the web, SCS Software has released a proper demo of their Euro Truck Simulator pc game.
Euro Truck Simulator puts you behind the wheel of several big trucks, sending you across Europe to deliver goods on time and complete other challenges.
The game has been an instant success in Germany where it instantly made its way on Amazon’s top 10 selling games list. Furthermore, it has just been released in the UK and eastern Europe with Russia, France and Spain following soon.
The demo is in multi-language format, supporting English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Download Euro Truck Simulator Official Demo Here

Legends Cars 1.0 – Released

Trellet.mod has released their Legends Cars mod for rFactor. Legends Cars are a popular racing series for inexperienced weekend racers, giving them a solid and cheap base to race with. All cars use the same chassis and...