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2008 – A Year In Sim Racing

2008 – A Year In Sim Racing

As 2008 is in its closing stages, it’s time to take a short look back at what this year brought the sim racing community. It’s safe to say that 2008 was a good year for virtual racing as our favorite hobby provided to be alive and well.

Especially the modding community can take lots of respect for making 2008 a great year for sim racers. Many long-awaited mods like CTDP’s F1 2006 or the Historic Touring Car & GT mod for rFactor saw the light of day and took the community by storm. Aside from rFactor, the modding scene proved to be healthy too as great mods like the World Super GT mod for GTR2 helped to bring much focus to Simbin simulations.

Speaking of Simbin, the Swedish developers granted a big wish of many sim racers this year by bringing us GTR Evolution and the first professionally-made Nürburgring Nordschleife for the PC since GP Legends. GTR Evolution has also attracted some modding attention as countless cars have already been painted and many mods are currently being converted to Simbin’s newest product.

But modding wasn’t just about adding cars and tracks these year as clever modders proved that every aspect of the simulations can be improved. The HDR plugin and 6e66o’s new cubemaps are two examples how clever tweaks can improve the experience for everyone.

Outside of the popular gMotor-based simulations, the launch of iRacing has added some fresh blood to the community. Although controversial discussed, the online-simulation has helped bringing high-profile media attention and known drivers to sim racing. Furthermore, Simbin launched the V-WTCC which gave sim racers a professional base to compete against each other in a tournament that was even featured on Eurosport TV.

Keeping all this exciting stuff in mind, the question is will 2009 be equally good in terms of sim racing? Even though nobody knows what will happen in the next 12 months, some very interesting things are lining up as countless new mods & tracks are due to be released. Furthermore, Simbin has another PC title for us and quite some people predict that rFactor 2 isn’t as far away as many of you might think.

Whatever happens, you´ll find it all on VirtualR. Even though it has been stressful at times, I very much enjoyed covering all events in the past 12 months for you. Thanks a bunch to everyone out there, especially those of you who supported VirtualR one way or another.

Have a pleasant 2009 – Keep On Sim Racing!

  • aj_1986

    Thanks for all your hard work – it is much appreciated!

  • BSR-WiX


    My best wishes for 2009. Congrats with a superb year of SimRacing news coverage. i have enjoyed reading your news collums and loved the comment discussions with the users.
    VirtualR allready is the best of SimNews sites. Lets make 2009 even better.

    Thanks from Belgian Sim Racers.


  • F1Racer

    Ditto, thanks for all your work this year in keeping the sim racing world up to date in whats going on. I don’t know what I`d do without this site when it comes to sim-news.
    I visit multiple times daily.

    One of my New Years wishes is that we start to refer to the HDR plugin as the Bloom plugin as it contains no HDR at all.
    bah! 🙂

    Anyway, hope VirtualR continues throughout 2009 and beyond as its our haven.

  • Sheldon.G

    You do an awesome job on bringing the latest news on the scene. I am sure I can speak for most people it the community when I say its the first site I look forward to checking in my RSS feed every morning!

  • ApeX

    Thanks for all your work :happy: best wishes for 2009. only 4 hours left here in Holland :happy:

  • ijshute

    :happy: Thanks for all your effort!!!! I check out your brilliant site every day Thanks!!!! 😉

  • Vito54

    salut Montoya, merci et une bonne année 2009 :happy:

  • amgsport

    Congrats on a busy & productive year Montoya. You took big steps with VirtualR – and pulled it off nicely. Here’s to a great 2009!

  • stabiz

    VirtualR is a great tool in the simracing world, everything worth mentioning ends up here, so my hat off to you, Monty!

    Happy new year to all racers! (Even the trolls!)

  • Mr. A

    Happy new year! :sd:

    I visit this site many times every day. No other place comes close to having the same amount of interesting news about simracing! 😎

  • navalhawkeye

    Love this site, thanks for keeping up with it!

  • Arnold Carter Wong

    and 2008 was one of my best year on Sim Racing related things :happy:

  • Arnold Carter Wong


  • opc

    Vielen Dank für diese großartige Seite !!!

    Viel Erfolg für 2009 und möge diese Seite weiter seinen festen Standpunkt einnehmen !

  • Crowbar

    I’ve just discovered this site and it is “BRILLIANT” Thank you for it.

  • Remus

    Happy new year :sd:
    Best regards from

  • mbeast

    Nice summary of what has been a great year for sim racing and indeed this site!

    I don’t often post but am sure to check this site every day for news. Keep up the brilliant work!

    Here’s to 2009!

  • Gopher04

    One of the best new sites to appear during 2008, i always check it out everyday, always well written and very upto date, keep up the excellent work, and have a very happy new year.. :happy:

  • maxs

    alcohol (tequila), sex, love, peace, rock n roll, simracing, and virtualR ,and for EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i love you alllll and i wish you FAST girls and BEAUTIFULL CARS !!!! and many health, luck, and MONEY :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Montoya

    Fast girls and beautiful cars? Are you sure that’s the right order? :sd:

    Thanks a lot for the kind words everyone – Enjoy New Year’s Day 😀

  • Togge

    Thank for a super 2008,,and good luck on to 2009..
    I have this site as my start upp site..awesom..



  • StefanDK

    I am very thankful for your coverage of simracing. I almost ONLY use this site and has become dependent on the RSS-feed. I hope you already now earn your living on this site.

    However, one comment: I know ads are important to the site, but I find it really annoying that one click on the site popups a window with a commercial. I almost find it to be spyware-like and I close the window immediately. Also, I have noticed the site asking for a microsoft extension that seems very strange to me …

    But all in all I love the site!

  • gtrNL

    Happy new year to all.
    2008 was one of the best years for sim-racing if you ask me.

    Hope 2009 will bring much the same happy faces with me and all of you fellow simmers.

  • maxs

    StefanDK to be honest i visit this site 50 times per day and i have never seen any popup 😮 :question: in my opinion you need some antispyware software :sd: and scan your HD :tongue: and use FireFox 😎

  • Montoya


    About me earning a living with this: No not at all, the advertisements don’t provide much more than whats needed to cover the costs of running this site.

    If I could ever spent all my day doing this, the site would be even better… I doubt that will ever be possible though 😉

  • Pugamall

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! To all my fellow Sim Racer’s and your Families
    Thankyou Montoya and all those that contribute to what has to be the best all in one site for news in this Virtual world,
    Thankyou for saving me the time of trawling around the net for the smallest scrap of news on all my favourite Sims,becoming my new homepage and breaking the Monotony of work as I can sneak on the site to lighten up my mundane day without it being blocked by our proxy.
    Things I’m looking forward to in 2009 are mainly to see what the ‘next Gen sims’ have in store for us from ISI and Simbin, Although I fear I may have to upgrade my current PC set up if they move into DX10 as it struggles to keep up with current titles,like myself its high end but feeling very old,lol
    As for 2008 what a year,great new titles from simbin Although still feel GTR2 is the Daddy for me,but the modding community still keeping the older titles fresh and alive, which I feel is one of the very best things about sim racing,and where do we go for news and opinion on the mods ?, this little ol site here !!!
    THANKYOU VIRTUALR for keeping my appetite wet 😉

  • sputnik

    Thank you very much for this absolutely brilliant site. I visit this site many times a day – it’s by far the best “simracing-news-feed”.

    Montoya, we salute you 😀 Happy new year

  • 6e66o

    Happy new Year to all!

    And big Thanks to Montoya for running virtualR,
    it really became one of the most important Sites in Simracing to me.

    I´m sure 2009 will be as great as 2008,
    keep racing! 🙂

  • maxs

    btw about commercials just PLEASE remove that girl with no legs 😮 it makes me sick when i look on her i ….ing HATE commercials based on mercy / compassion that is damn SICK :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :ooo:

  • jichi926

    Actually speaking I found the website at 3days ago but I have to say with me heart that this is really a fantastic website for sim racing and sim racers!!!
    As you delivered in 2008 we have got a lots of very excited matters like CTDP2006 realsed HTC converted to rFactor and so on Certainly as well as I want to express my honeset thanks to your!
    I was puzzled by a question about what power do your have and by surportted to put all into sim racing and brings such good surprise to us ?! Now I’ve got it it’s passion !
    Finally comeing to the new year I promise! I will continue to surpport VirtualR :happy: Bset wish to every body~!

  • maxs

    welcome jichi926 brother in our family 😉

  • GeraArg

    Feliz año nuevo!!!!!!!!!! :happy:

  • hoover

    Happy new year all, and a big thank you to the entire crew for keeping us up to date with new developments within the simracing community.


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