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2005 Ford Transit for Assetto Corsa – Now Available

Gary Paterson has released his 2005 Ford Transit for Assetto Corsa, bringing a very unusual vehicle to the simulation.

Although a van might not be the first car of choice for many modders, Gary has put a ton of effort into the Ford Transit for Assetto Corsa as 3 years of on&off work has gone into creating a beautiful and very detailed model, coming with full animations, interior detail and a full set of various liveries:

If you think the idea of throwing a van around the famous Green Hell is ludicrous, it’s not. In fact, it’s actually rooted in reality as German Nürburgring queen once raced a Ford Transit around the Nordschleife in a now-iconic Top Gear segment:

Can you beat Sabine’s 10:08 minute lap? Give it a run now!

Download 2005 Ford Transit for Assetto Corsa Here

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