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1995 CART Season 1.0 – Released

1995 CART Season 1.0 – Released

After bringing us the fabulous Champ Car 2005-2006 mod, iDT has released another exciting season of CART racing for rFactor today – The 1995 CART mod.

The mod does not just includes all cars and drivers of the 1995 CART season, it includes many cars from the 1994 season too. All in all, the mod offers 55 drivers and over 180 skin variants.

CART 1995 brings back the time when American open-Wheel racing was on par with Formula One, offering exciting races and packed grids. The cars were powered by turbocharged engines, exceeding 800hp and speeds of over 240 miles per hour. The CART series raced on all kinds of tracks, from ovals to road courses and street circuits, making it one of the most challenging series ever.

As a bonus, iDT has released the 1995 version of the Cleveland Grand Prix, a popular CART airfield track.

Attention: To use the 1995 Cleveland version please put the files in the existing Cleveland location folder. If you don’t have one, please create one.

Download 1995 CART Season 1.0 Part 1 Here

Download 1995 CART Season 1.0 Part 2 Here

Download 1995 CART Season 1.0 Part 3 Here

Download 1995 CART Season 1.0 (Mirror 1) Here

Download 1995 CART Season 1.0 (Mirror 2) Here

Download 1995 Cleveland Grand Prix Here

Download 1995 Cleveland Grand Prix (Mirror 1) Here

  • stabiz

    Sounds good, but to post a three part mod on rapidshare is not that good. This might take some tiiiiiimmmmeeeee with the limitations on number of downloads.

  • Ryan Gilmore

    Rapidshare Links always rule 😀

  • 2point8

    Hit up for links to file front

  • 2point8

    LOL Montoya beat me to it

  • Montoya

    Added the Filefront mirrors in – They work quite well, although pretty slow.

    43 minutes until I can make screenshots 😕 🙂

  • Raikku

    Filefront slow? What is fast then, i get data from FF at 350-400Kb/s

  • Montoya

    Yep, it suddenly did speed up – Download finished 🙂

  • stabiz

    I have never had more than say 120 kbs from filefront, but hey its downloading. Thanks for the links!

  • Ryan Gilmore

    Have to say that after the tyres are warmed up (about 2laps) the car is alot of fun. Its a shame the never found another proper sound engineer after Damian left the team.

  • Bobby

    Thanks muchly iDT!
    Well worth the long wait!
    Great to see iDT coming up with the goods again, unlike other modding groups that are full of hot air. 😛

  • stabiz

    Great mod, congrats to iDT!

  • Dude101

    what a brilliant mod. had me grinning from ear to ear :mrgreen: dont think much of the Cleveland track but we have LAguna/Mid Ohio/Road America/Indy et all so nvm 😎

  • kankar

    is the physic better than the 2006 mod? if yes i might give it a try 🙂

  • Paul Kelly

    Default setup for road courses is crap. Otherwise a very solid mod!

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