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1973 Lola Formula Ford 2.0 – Released

1973 Lola Formula Ford 2.0 – Released

st-Dave has released a new version of the 1973 Lola Formula Ford mod for rFactor, bringing a full field of historic open-wheelers to the simulation.

Established in the 60s, Formula Ford cars are used in the several national series around the world, aiming to provide young drivers with a cheap base to start racing. Formula Ford cars are powered by 1.6 liter engines and use steel space-frame chassis without any aerodynamic parts to create downforce.

Download 1973 Lola Formula Ford 2.0 Here

  • gintonika

    Hey!, great mod, nice & small nimble open wheelers…, I did some laps at brands hatch and these cars feels at home there.

    Good job guys!!

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