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1967 Formula 2 for Grand Prix Legends – Released

The 1967 Formula 2 mod for Grand Prix Legends has been released.

Another year has almost passed and the Grand Prix Legends community is still going strong, more than 13 years after the title’s release.

Below is the newest batch of content for GPL fans as the 1967 Formula 2 season has been added to the title. The mod includes the following cars:

  • MCLAREN M4A FVA / Bruce McLaren Motor Racing
  • MATRA MS7 FVA / Tyrell Racing Organisation
  • LOTUS 48 FVA / Team Lotus
  • MATRA MS5 FVA / Matra Sports
  • BRABHAM BT23 FVA / Motor Racing Developments
  • LOLA T100 FVA / Lola Cars Limited – FVA
  • LOLA T100 BMW / Lola Cars Limited – BMW
  • BRABHAM BT14 LF / Ian Raby Racing
  • LOTUS 41B FVA / Team Components Ltd
  • PROTOS 16 FVA / Ron Harris Racing Divison
  • FERRARI 166 / Scuderia Ferrari
  • COOPER T84 FVA / Cooper Car Company

You can find a video trailer and the download below, make sure to check out the carefully-made website of the mod as well as the developers have assembled plenty of background info on this exciting year of racing.

[boxdownload]Download 1967 Formula 2 for Grand Prix Legends Here[/boxdownload]
  • Diego Dário

    How can i get such nice graphics on my GPL install?? there is any mod that enhances the original game graphic settings?

    • Morre Diabo, éh nois.

      hi diego, you can have the car graphics with the f2 mod install for f2 cars.
      you will need gem+ to patch gpl for mods and igor for online racing.
      the original gpl gets updated with the gpl installer from the gpl preservation society:
      all major patchs, cars and track updates are in there.

      A major site to look for additions is this one:

      You should find all essentials and updates there.
      If you need help visit this forum and ask, very helpfull and friendly people there, its one of the biggest for gpl:

      Hope that helps!

      • 1337 1337

        You saved my day! THX!

  • Horrace Foster

    This is one live video I dont even play the game but when I heard the intro I stopped to look and listen, Folks if you want to learn how to stop someond in their tracks while surfing this is how you do it. Amazing Good work guys. The music is the BomBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!

  • Anonymous

    Great sim guy’s give it a try you will not regrad it  .
    End most important …….. take your time for it  .
    For the moment i’m racing the new 67-F2 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw super .

  • Anonymous

    Great sim guy’s give it a try you will not regrad it  .
    End most important …….. take your time for it  .
    For the moment i’m racing the new 67-F2 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw super .

  • Arie Beuker, de

    GPL, still a great sim. Have it here on the HD still, every now and then i drive it. But i hardly download mods anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Hallo Arie Beuker ,

      Really worth to try the mods that are  exist for Gpl .
      The 65ers 66ers 69ers/ 69extra GT Sportcar Mod Thundercars and now the new 67-F2 for Gpl.
      He He i must say i’m very amazed/surprised how good it is and it is also a little bit easier than the 6è to start with if you are new .
      Don’t forget the good Ai if you compair this with other sims , ok it is not perfect but bloody well done .
      greets of in het nederlands groet u .

  • The Dumpster

    I see some familiar names in the credits 🙂
    Thanks and Great job everyone!

    I have seen GPL (re-issue) for $15 in stores, Micro-center had it, and I just now see that it is $5 +shipping online:

  • Anonymous

    Use the latest improved version of the GPL Installer beta v1.04 instead:

  • Frodo Friedolin


  • Anonymous

    I tried to download this new file, but my norton anti virus program deleted it before I could install 
    this file.  Does this file contain a virus just want to know.  I really want to install new car mod on my

  • 1337 1337

    Wow, great mod. onething though… it qwas a bit tricky to understand the mod prosess as i just tried this game after 9years of hibirnation 😉

    Excellent Mod!!!!

  • Dawid Czwakiel

    Yes! finally a new gpl mod!

  • Anonymous

    Get the latest GPLPS GPL Installer (> 500 MB) to get
    GPL up-to-date with the latest garphic and sound updates here:

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