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New WTCC Title Coming

New WTCC Title Coming

Autosimsport has the scoop on Simbin’s newest PC simulation as Henrik Roos recently revealed that the Swedish studio is working on another WTCC-based title.

Using ISI’s trusted gMotor engine, the game will offer cars and  tracks from the World Touring Car Championship plus more American cars and tracks to please the United States publisher.

It’s still unknown if this is the much discussed “Project Toad”. If it is,  the title will also be released as addon to GTR Evolution and STCC – The Game. The source article also reveals plans of Simbin starting to publish titles in 2009, helping small developers getting started.

Update: Unlike stated stated in the ASS news and quoted by me, Henrik Roos or Simbin have never confirmed that the new title will include content based on the 2009 WTCC season. Seems like something was lost in translation, we still have to wait for more info on the game’s planned content.

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