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WSGT 2 – New Megane Trophy Previews & Update

Team RMT has released lots of new previews and a development update on their Renault Megane Trophy Mod for rFactor 2.

Team RMT has released lots of new previews and a development update on their Renault Megane Trophy Mod for rFactor 2.

The mod will serve as a teaser for RMT’s full WSGT 2 mod that will be coming both to rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa.

The engine and chassis model is updated now. The backfire is implemented, and the light now work. Basic Disc glow is done.
The cockpit window is also implemented, and we are still working on the driver model textures. We did not decided yet, if we will use a custom driver model, and or helmet, or keep the stock one. Sound work is shaping up nicely.
We are slowly going trough the list of things to do, and next up are the wheels and tires. The Megane will get two sets of rims. both in black and silver. The Megane will also receive a new set of brake calipers. Once that is done , we can start concentrating on Bump and specular maps, and make it come to life.
At this moment we are also looking into the possibility to create some animated parts in the cockpit, but it has no priority at this moment.
The Megane is still using stock rF2 physics. There are two versions of the car planned. The sprint and Endurance version. If time permits we will make a little progress video for those who are interested.
Still lots to do, but surely the development of the WSGT2 Megane Trophy mod for rFactor 2 continues.

Powered Renault Sport Technologies, the Megane Trophy is a spec series using tubeframe race cars powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine that puts out 360hp. The cars weigh little over 1000 kilos and feature advanced racing technologies such as a paddle-shifting system, double wishbone suspension and adjustable dampers.

The car has been completely scratch-made and is not to be confused with the Renault Megane Trophy car that is available as part of rFactor 2′s stock content.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    this car is a MUST HAVE in ANY car racing simulator!

  • wajdi nujeidat

    The ISI Megan after the last update is one of the best sim car that I have ever driven!

    This WSGT2 Megan with the stock rf2 physic/ffb and a better engine sound would be awesome!

    • Brandon Miller

      Yeeaaah Buddy! The Megan is a beast after that last update. I’m with you, if the engine sounds were dialed in..we’d have a really great package!

      Took a spin at Mid-Ohio last night after watching BSNismo’s youtube video. Car is quick, responsive, and grips like crazy. It was great to have rFactor 2 hook me in again.

      Can’t wait until we get some better audio for this car. Need something like this –

  • Anonymous

    This group of guys RMT are in a group of the elite mod teams out there and any of their works is very welcome on what ever platform they choose to base it on. rF2, rF1, AC, NKP, Race 07 whatever I always look forward to their work.

  • Jim. C

    I love the ISI Megane but RMT’s version looks more detailed. This is one of my most anticipated WIP mods.

    • wajdi nujeidat

      Yep, graphically this RMT version is much better, especially the interiors(cockpit)!

  • Joca Mazalo

    Just give me AC, this beauty and 6 hours Monza race.. nothing more