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WRC 3 – VVV Automotive Hands On

Alan Boiston of VVV Automotive has managed to get his hands on an early version of WRC 3 title, treating us to lots of new gameplay footage.

Alan Boiston of VVV Automotive has managed to get his hands on an early version of WRC 3 title, treating us to lots of new gameplay footage.

The videos show the title in action as Alan shows off an early build of the title’s Playstation 3 version together with a Logitech G25 wheel.

For more details on WRC and the title’s cover art, make sure to check out this story.

WRC 3 will be released on October 12th, coming to the PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the PS Vita.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest I’m not a big rally head so I actually enjoyed WRC2 for what it was (am not hardcore simmer in that aspect). This looks even better in everything, hope the final sounds are going to be good as the ones here (same as WRC2 I think) are absolutely aweful. It sound more like some drill than a car. 

  • Anonymous

    Besides the tarmac physics not looking convincing to me (too drifty’), the game actually looks pretty good. 
    Can’t be too bad if Alan likes the handling.

  • yorch sincla

    I really expect they’ll make a decent arcade/sim mix, like the old Colin McRae saga (or Dirt 2 rally stages), Mobil 1 RC, etc. I don’t expect a RBR2, it simply will not happen (althoug if tomorrow 
    Warthog start a kickstarter project, i would send them a lot of money).

  • Anonymous

    Cant they put in a different co-drivers voice, so you have a option on the co-drivers voices like on Dirt

    • Ondřej Čada

      The best thing would be to implement some kind of editor where you can import your own sound files and make real pace notes from onboard videos like in RBR. The feeling of ‘being there’ is then much bigger, as co-driver’s voice recorded in a studio will always sound more or less artificial and without any emotions.

    • Bo Skovfoged

      In WRC2 you have different choices.

  • shumi

    Those tight roads look very good, and finally hairpins are hairpins and as VVV said, wheel friendly. So far so good! A public demo before release would be very good!

  • Marcus Caton

    I was about to watch the videos until i noticed none are in cockpit view >.>

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      He mentioned that the cockpit views are not ready on his build just yet.

  • Nathan Robinson

    This actually has me interested. Have never considered the first two but just may pick this one up.

    • Mario Simoes

      the frist WRC is not sow bad then the WRC 2

  • Juhan Voolaid

    What I like in RBR and is missing in the arcade rally titles, as well in WRC3, is that it is the danger of damaging the car when driving off the track. In RBR there were some bigger rocks beside the track, but here I see 100% smoothe surface, which is not realistic. I wish there were trenches, rocks, trees, bushes, stumps, etc. Also the road should have more some holes and slopes to make the driving more challenging.

    It is great to see it is getting better.

  • Anonymous

    Notice you dont use the handbrake, is this game like WRC2 where you dont really need the E-brake?
    Whats the slip sensation like in this game? Ie: mud feels like driving on mud, snow, etc?

    • Bo Skovfoged

      How do you get round corners in WRC2? I handbrake all the time.

  • Mario Simoes

    lukes much better then WRC 2 hiven in work in progress