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WRC 3 – Spain Stage Video

Black Bean Games & Milestone have released a new preview video of their WRC 3 title.

Black Bean Games & Milestone have released a new preview video of their WRC 3 title.

The video shows a stage of the Spanish rally as we get to witness the Ford Focus WRC in action. Compared to the first title, the developers have come a long way in terms of stage design as this one looks narrow and tricky enough to mimic a stage of the Spanish tarmac event.

WRC 3 will be released on October 12th, coming to the PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the PS Vita.

  • Gabriel Tawiah

    Hopefully we get a playable demo that works with wheels properly.

    • Marco Conti

      Like allowing separate pedals for a change. I have WRC2 and I have never played it. I installed it, went to configure the pedals and realized it didn’t see them. 
      I looked at the mass of wires and guides around my desk and I gave up. Fired up RBR and went rallying.

      I’ll buy this one only if someone can confirm it allows more than one controller.

      • Anonymous

        Check the VVV Racing videos. He does them all with a G25/7 and seems quite happy with the feedback he was getting through the wheel. I am now trying to remember if there is a way in the WRC1 demo to configure the stick shift separate from the paddle shift on a lower-end Logitech, as that is how I like to run my handbrake.

  • Philip Samuelson

    Physics look awful, but I wonder how much of that is because they’re driving with a gamepad — They should do themselves some favors and make it look better by driving with a wheel and a better camera view, but I understand why they did this view.


    • Anonymous

       And why did they do this view? it is a work in progress.

      Quote from Alan Boiston of VVV: (  I can imagine the first impression from most people will be ‘meh’ to
      this but I had my first hands-on today with a wheel and it’s a radical
      improvement and a lot of fun, as ever…more soon.)

      • Philip Samuelson

         Yes I’ve seen that quote — Never did I say I think the physics will be awful… Not once :). I said they LOOK awful, that doesn’t mean a damn thing other than what I think it LOOKS like.

        I didn’t have WRC2 nearly as much as others did… I played the thing all the way through and enjoyed it. I am looking forward to this release. And thank you for the newsflash, I know it’s a WIP :). Hence, I said “I understand why they did this view.”


    • Stuart Fields

       Agreed, I never understand why these guys launch videos to promote their product and then have it driven by a 2 year old with a gamepad in his mouth. You wouldn’t launch a new car by having some learner driver bump it up kerbs and knock over rubbish bins. Get a steering wheel and if you can afford it get a rally driver (or if your skint just give a sim racer a couple of quid or a free copy of the finished game) and make it look like its cool to drive. Its not rocket science.

  • Anonymous

    The stages look promissing, narrow and challenging corners.
    About the physics, no way it will be a full on sim but that’s fine by me if it’s fun to play.

  • shumi

    I really like the look of the stage, narrow and tight corners, the graphics are improved and look very decent but the fact of the matter is that it’s not RBR and will never be! It’s a franchise that is released year by year which is addressed to the masses, not only hardcore sim racers, but also arcade racers. As long as is fun and a little bit challenging, it will work for me!

  • jswarthoff

    i agree with this youtube quote:

    “the sound is like my cat when go to toilet”

  • Anonymous

    Wow look at youtube rating 73 likes, 61 dislikes.. that’s really BAD because bad videos usually have at least 80% likes and good videos tend to have 95+% likes..
    Hmm let’s face it.. it’s not going to be even 1% less arcade than before 🙁
    But at least it does look nice with believable stages.

    • General Rush Hour

      Those 61 people probably bought WRC 2 😉

    • gt3rsr

       Many of them are just biased haters. Damn, the video doesn’t look SO BAD, certainly much better than the previous games of the franchise. I, on the contrary, don’t understand the praise that DIRT 3 gets.

      • Anonymous

        Well yes I’m surprised so many haters from arcade racers showed up.

        I don’t find the vid bad myself either.

      • Big Ron

        Pretty sad for the developers. Can´t understand this “everything not being hardcore is shit”-attitude Yes, Richard Burns Rally was cool. But seriously, there is still a life after Richard Burns and it´s pretty entertaining. So some people should pull out the stick out of their butt. It looks pretty nice and they seem to improve some things to a positive. So why do people nevertheless rate those gameplay-videos down?

      • Anonymous

        Dunno, I don’t think all the haters are simracers, I would guess a lot of them are actually kid playing other arcades who think that bashing physics makes them look adult?

      • Eric Zehnder

        That is quite the assumption to be made.

      • Anonymous

        you have to admit though its pretty depressing that a game made in 2004 in many ways looks and  drives better both as a sim and a game than a product  being developed in 2012.

        Will this game offer better physics than RBR                                            –   No 

        Will this game have better graphics than Dirt                                           –    No 

        Will the track design and foliage placement be better than RBR – No

        Will the game have some clever original game play mechanics in it         – Unlikely 

        Will this game sell well to people with moderate interest in rally
        driving  and £25 to blow on a generic console game  -Probably 

        I think that is why people dislike it, its on a par with those official Olympic and IP tie in games , It might not be  “BAD” and from the video it looks quite solid and personally I like the car shader. But it does nothing to progress games or simulators as an art its simply well polished fluff like an instant coffy or a big mac. 

        Thats not to say all these types of games are always awful , every now and again a sport/event tie in game comes along that’s both well developed and genuinely offers something new.  

        When it comes to WRC 3 I wont hold my breath.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t played first WRC that much. WRC2 was really fun, but I got bored because it wasn’t really challenging. This one looks a bit more challenging with tighter turns and roads, so if they kept fun factor from last game I feel I will have some time spent with this title

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I actually kind of like what I see, miles away from RBR but it definitely seems better than Dirt. Im probably going to give it a chance.

  • Philipp Koch

    looks maybe better than WRC2?

    i think physics are much better than WRC2 😀

  • Anonymous

    “The video shows a stage of the Spanish rally as we get to witness the Ford Focus WRC in action.”
    Since when is Focus back in WRC and why is it Fiesta shown on the video? 😉

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Basically prety good but very bad rally car sound’s   :(((

  • Anonymous

    LOL, graphics-wise and physics-wise it reminds me of Colin McRae Rally 4! 😀


    The bollards look like they have convincing physics.

  • Eric Zehnder

    They’re going to need to release a demo, I think. Otherwise DiRT will continue to mop the floor with them.

    I’d give it a chance if I’m given the chance to.

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    It would be possible it is quite good for usual game. But this product was declared as a simulator according to the official license WRC and consequently it should be ideally similar to real rally. Unfortunately this picture hasn’t something in common with real races.

  • Anonymous

    imagine this game, right, but the physics and sounds from RBR. 
    and the graphics. infact, just imagine RBR. And then don’t play this game, and play RBR instead! done. 

    • Big Ron

      The sounds from RBR? No thanks, most annoying engine sounds I know.

  • Anonymous

    Alan Boiston from VVV has put up a three part preview of the game on his you tube channel. Worth having a look. He has good things to say about the game. He says the handling and ffb are a big improvement. I’ll be buying.

    • Tony

      Hes a liar

      • D

        * He’s

  • Matthias Lauer

    I don´t know why WRC is giving the license for this kind of crap! Better using RBR

  • Anonymous

    Sounds bad looks bad and can’t judge on the physics but I gues it will be in line with the first too aspects. Dirt will keep it’s offroad crown I think.

  • Sebastian Keijmel

    lol looks like pure crap

    • D

      As opposed to contaminated crap?

  • Anonymous
    • jswarthoff

       this game looks much improved, kinda looking forward to it now…

  • John Krisfalusci

    Something about WRC 3 just doesn’t seem right to me. It looks very artificial. I know I know its still a video game but there is something about the way the graphics look, maybe the physics, just doesn’t seem believable.