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World Super GT for rFactor – New Previews

World Super GT for rFactor – New Previews

rFactor racers don’t have to be sad when RMT releases their World Super GT Mod for GTR2 soon as an rFactor version of the mod is already on the way.

Arnold Wong has released these three new previews, showing the McLaren GTR Longtail which looks every bit as good in rFactor as it does in GTR2.

  • Meclazine

    Wow. They look amazing.

    Hope the racing is similar.

  • Anonymous

    guys, come on, 2 years of pictures…too much is too much…really

  • Wix

    isnt it funny how stupid remarks always get posted anonymously 🙂 some people should get a life . this version of the WSGT started 1 august 2001. thats one year . hardly long for a quality mod. if you dont like it , then you dont have to wait for it. it would just be more fun for the rest of us if you would get a life , and would go and discuss things you actually like , in stead of trying to get noticed by being a …

  • Wix

    ofcourse i mean 2007 lol now i am the jackass 🙂

  • Fonzie

    no wix, you started in 2001 :mrgreen:


  • Wix

    Hi BSR-Fonzie .. 🙂 pulling my leg again ? lol

  • Anonymous

    Wix, i think you need help.I just expressed my opinion in few simple words, hurt on nobody, and you wrote 100 of words for nothing…Who need to “get a life”?…

  • steve

    he took you as an example for hunderts of people write the same thing over and over again . just make it faster and better if not stfu .

  • Anonymous

    This mod it will be available for GTR evo?

  • Freezer

    Wix : if you dont like it , then you dont have to wait for it.

    we can wait, but don’t make some news with “release soon” and 2 months after you begin again some news stuff on your mod … it’s ridiculous !

    just make your mod and release it one day … or in the next century but don’t flood all the web with some pictures every days.