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World Super GT – Community Skin Previews

World Super GT – Community Skin Previews

RMT is busy wrapping up the World Super GT Mod for GTR2 and is currently adding in the community-painted skins.

Below are the newest previews, showing some of the community skins in game.

  • phil23

    Stunning, absolutely stunning.

    This is gonna be well worth the time taken to perfect these models.

    Bravo to those involved.

  • Anonymous

    Just bring it out already :/ Yes weve seen the screenshots, yes we know how it sounds, yes we’ve got the wallpapers…..
    GTR Evolution will be released before this mod I think

  • Kill4f00d

    Yeah. I’m growing very sick of being teased by these amazing screen shots. Just release it. You can always patch it later. If this comes out after GTR Evolution, than less people will play it, they’ll want the new official addon/game from Simbin.

  • AS-GTR

    We’d rather get it right at the first time instead of having WSGT Patch v2. 2 days after release. Those screens are to show those who sent us their beautiful creations (skins) which ones are chosen to be included in the initial release. So if you feel sick just by looking at those screens, go out for a walk, plan for a trip, take a nap or catch up with your sleep till the mod is released. 😉


  • Szuti

    Gim’me WSGT! 😈

  • Dietmar 63

    I dont now,how to make the FXX standalone,to see them ingame 😥
    Anyone can help me??