World Super GT 2 – New Mazda 3 Render

Team RMT has released a new render of their Mazda 30 20B race car that is part of their World Super GT 2 mod.

The new render shows the car wearing proper racing colors for the very first time.

RMT will be producing two different models of the Japanese car, one for in-game usage in Assetto Corsa and one for promotional purposes as Arnold Wong’s work has been used in a variety of ways outside of sim racing before.

Successor to World Super GT for GTR 2, World Super GT 2 will bring some of of the most legendary GT cars of the 90s as well as Super GT GT500 class machinery to rFactor 2/Assetto Corsa.


  • Alexander Riman

    great work!

  • Roger

    Woah, that is some nice progress!! Looks great, looking forward to drive this rotary bad boy in rF2 or AC! 🙂

  • David Almiron

    lindo carro,

  • Anonymous

    just hope thew sounds are great as never heard a rotary yet in sim racing

  • Anonymous

    Another Wong bites the dust.

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