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World Super GT 2 – Mclaren Sisters Render

World Super GT 2 – Mclaren Sisters Render

Quick question: What’s better than one beautifully modelled Mclaren F1 GTR? Right, two of them! RMT’s Arnold Wong has released a new render of his Mclaren F1 GTR Longtail, alongside the brand new Shorttail version.

Also powered by a BMW V12 engine, the Shorttail version is a less radical approach, featuring less distinctive bodywork, a smaller rear wing and smaller wheel arches. The short Mclaren F1 GTR won the 1995 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing ahead of the prototype pack.

Both cars will be available in the World Super GT Mod 2 by RMT, a platform for the new mod is yet to be announced.

Hint: To fully enjoy this high resolution render, click “Full Size” once the image opens up.


  • Mitos

    Bravo Arnold & RMT! Its surprise. I hope, there will be classical O.Z. racing wheels(Gran Tourismo 1997-98) for longtail! Thank U very much!

  • aj_1986

    Absolutely stunning. One thing I’m confused about though – are Arnold and RMT concentrating on WSGT 2 and getting someone else to convert WSGT to rFactor, or are they doing both themselves? I don’t have GTR2 so I’m obviously pining for the rFactor release!

  • Mitos

    By the way, why do sisters instead of brothers in arms? hahaha

  • klaasvh

    The conversion of WSGT 1 to rFactor is out main priority now. Arnold is just working on the McLarens because the has an obsession for this car and when he gets bored of the converting work. 😀

    I see this article is placed in the GTR Evolution and rFactor sections. We haven’t decided on the platform for WSGT2 yet, so I guess that just some speculation from Montoya’s side. 😀

  • Montoya

    Yes exactly. From what I understand, a GTR Evolution version is not out of the question. And since there is no rFactor 2 category yet (which seems another one of your options) I put it in rFactor too.

    I just have to place it somewhere….. can be moved once you guys make up your mind :sd:

  • paupau

    so when will World Super GT 2 be ready? anyone having a clue?

  • aj_1986

    As far as Arnold having a McLaren F1 obsession goes – I don’t blame him!! 😀